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  1. I remember a few years ago some people reported problems in games that related to their SSD drive. The problems where similar to yours (stutters after a while, repeated). So have you checked if their maybe is a new firmware for your drive? Also installing a latency monitor for DCP (Deferred procedure calls) might give you more information ...
  2. Using MS Defender as well. No problems. Some people exclude their installation folders though.
  3. I do this sometimes for the same reason as you, but only in areas where I know it causes "trouble".
  4. Too late for me, didn't want to wait that long for them to arrive so got Thrustmaster TPR instead. And looking at a recent review of the Charlie I think I did the right thing ....
  5. With my 5950X I have "Core boost" disabled in the BIOS, so it only runs on 3.4GHz. And even that gives me enough power to reach 60fps (locked in NVCP) 95% of the time with 4090 and FG (4K).
  6. Make sure that when you unpack the file you put the folder "jplogistics-aircraft-c152" in your Community folder, not the folder "Cessna 152 2.0.0" itself.
  7. I thought there are no 767s in FS Traffic? 😉
  8. Should be under "Customization" in "Aircraft selection"
  9. Yep, same here. But I didn't clear the community folder to check, so might be a conflict. Need to investigate.
  10. Nothing wrong with Simple Traffic. Simple and works.
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