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  1. Thanks for that. I own the others and like them, so will defintely add this to my library.
  2. Just had the same problem. (Starting from the Startmenu) Starting from the "Xbox App" worked ...
  3. Trains! Hope we see more of them in the future (and native in the Sim itself).
  4. Regarding to the latest "MARCH 16TH, 2023 DEVELOPMENT UPDATE" there will be a limited alpha next month. But agree, there is not a lot of info at the moment.
  5. Nice find. I like that you can select min/max distances.
  6. Jack, another shot: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/solvedpc-stutter-every-one-minute/5bdb4103-95c4-4bb1-90b7-4dc5906e42d2 Have you got a screen saver or energy settings that might interfere?
  7. Surely a nice video, but videos like this give me headache ... why can't they stay on a scene for a bit longer?
  8. I remember a few years ago some people reported problems in games that related to their SSD drive. The problems where similar to yours (stutters after a while, repeated). So have you checked if their maybe is a new firmware for your drive? Also installing a latency monitor for DCP (Deferred procedure calls) might give you more information ...
  9. Using MS Defender as well. No problems. Some people exclude their installation folders though.
  10. I do this sometimes for the same reason as you, but only in areas where I know it causes "trouble".
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