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  1. Tried it, nope, didn't do a thing, the bad AA and shimmering is something Laminar is going to have to fix themselves.
  2. He has his opinion, you have yours, move on.
  3. Got this beta update today, changed the sim for the worse-far worse, buildings missing, scenery unrealistic, color off, what happened with this update ?.
  4. Also SU14 Beta update breaks animations with Miltech Supercarrier Pro, awaiting fix from Asobo
  5. Had this problem too, mostly fixed itself, I just wish Laminar would fix the bad AA and shimmering
  6. Fairchild-Hiller FH-227, Boeing 727 100/200, 737-200, Northrop HL-10 (Droppable by B-52B)
  7. A long shot, looked on the various photo sites, but would anyone have a clear photo of a Fokker F 27 panel with readable text ?
  8. GPU NV 2080 Super vid card, still bad AA and shimmering no matter what's tried, will they ever fix this ??
  9. With all the planes avail for FSX, anyone tried Legacy Converter by Touching Cloud converting FSX planes into MSFS ?.
  10. Agree, think the same thing, it needs to be simpler with fewer clicks,
  11. Yes, something very wrong with this patch, I click update I get "Decompressing asobo-airport-kord-chicago-ohare 0.1.54.fspatch", then nothing, have to CTRL ALT Delete to get back to desktop, Edit I'm just gonna uninstall, then re-install
  12. A little smoother, shimmering is still there.
  13. Is it difficult to convert aircraft form FSX to MSFS ?, despite having tools for it,(Touching Clouds Legacy Importer) doesn't seem to be many conversions from FSX.
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