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  1. Agree, this latest attempt at a update has reduced my framerates by more than half, Asobo needs to get their act together, one step forward two steps back so far.
  2. Exactly, also noticed AA/shimmering is worse with this latest update, KSC is bad now but it isn't the only place, warped buildings and roads, huge spikes out of the ground continue. It's a flight simulator but if they're gonna hype the areas at least get them somewhat right.
  3. What happened to Kennedy Space Center ??, early on before the updates the VAB and pad 39A were there somewhat, not perfect at all but somewhat there, now no VAB, no pad 39A, 39B is somewhat there, even the crawlerway isn't there for 39A.
  4. There must be some reason why Asobo will not fix the mirrored textures on the 747/787, why ?, it's a easy fix for them, would make a lot happy. Fix this bug please Asobo.
  5. Again with the "Not Planned" fix for the mirrored textures on the 747/787...
  6. Nothing planned with mirrored textures on 787/747, something simple for them, why not ??
  7. Two F-14 Tomcats, you actually saw this loading MSFS2020 ??
  8. As the title says...after this latest update yesterday are the textures on the 747/787 still mirrored ?,
  9. Did they fix the mirrored textures bug with the 747 & 787 ?
  10. No military at all in MSFS...yet, will it come ??, would think so, but down the road, SDK needs to be finished, P3D does mil fine.
  11. For me graphics are a little better, not much though, still some graininess and some jaggies, they can improve graphics more.
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