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  1. In 5 years, or even 3 years will there even be a P3D version whatever ?, except versions bought in earlier years of course.
  2. This is what a sim should look like in the year 2020, finally no need to buy addons to make the world look halfway realistic.
  3. I agree, no more buying anything until MSFS is released, from the looks and what Asobo is saying, this may finally be the sim we don't have to buy anything for other than aircraft we may want, hopefully they deliver, it looks promising.
  4. Hello Google, yeah, this is X-Plane...how you boys doin' ?....
  5. I've flown plenty, and the default isn't close to reality, but if you like it that's great, hey could be by design to give business to addon devs.
  6. Vulkan was needed, a step in the right direction, will help framerates, yes, however XP is still the ugliest default sim, needs 3rd party addons to look halfway decent, whatever causes the default dull tint needs to go ASAP, all the fixes through the years and it still looks like it's the 90's in XP world,
  7. Don't see anything so different about V5 vs. V4, clouds look better, but the ground textures look like the same old FSXish ground textures we've seen for years, save your money for FS2020.
  8. How about some screenshots of US military bases ?, like Norfolk, North Island, more of Edwards, Tyndall etc.
  9. Hoping they will build a sim that we don't need to spend one more cent on, thanks MS.
  10. Same here, can't login no matter what I try.
  11. I wholeheartedly agree Matthew, (except the 3 fatalities with Saturn V, the largest most powerful machine man ever created to this day never killed anyone) the Shuttle never seemed to me to be a good idea at all, first the launch concept, putting it BESIDE the external fuel tank and SRB's, crazy idea, should have at least put it on top of all that, no LES either, Challenger may have had a chance that way, anyway it's hindsight now, NASA should have never done the Shuttle, kept Apollo/Saturn 1B & V, updated both capsule & Saturn boosters, slowing down launches to save money, but they would've be there when needed, instead they throw out the Saturn's, put all their eggs in the Shuttle basket, worst decision in spaceflight history.
  12. Proof Apollo got it right, look at Orion, Space X, and Starliner all basically copies of Apollo, should've kept the Saturn V, updated it.
  13. That's what I was thinking, being that MFS is coming, some folks are holding on to their money, I am.
  14. Yeah, plane is far too small in the pic, they will probably fix it though.
  15. All I'd like to need to buy for this sim is planes, no other addons needed out of the box, and please no subscriptions
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