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  1. I’ve had both, stick with the Extreme 3D Pro, best bang for the buck
  2. Folks that work for power companies that say it's all political feel good BS, the US power grid is nowhere near ready for such, updating the power grid is what's needed on a massive scale. If politicians are talking, they're lying.
  3. Hmmm, now my Nvidia Control Panel doesn't open.
  4. I've searched as well, no luck, the default is pretty bad, this base wasn't included after all the scenery updates, and no scenery dev has it either,
  5. As title says, Is there Edwards AFB scenery available for MSFS 2020 ?
  6. Looking good, need the Bridger Aerospace "Fire" livery
  7. Where are the AI (Assume) aircraft B-2, Global Hawk, C-130 etc. from ?.
  8. Maybe told the "When is X-Plane 12 coming out" is the one question not to ask, nothing burger.
  9. Is DLSS something Beta users can enable in the sim, or is this a Nvidia driver thing ?
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