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  1. Along the bottom of the MFD screen look above softkey 10 for 'DCLTR' (declutter) and cycle through the options by tapping the softkey. If 'DCLTR' is not visible, press softkey 11 'BACK'.
  2. Some things to try to remove the TER ERR on the PFD. The Carenado CT206H G1000 expansion pack is used as an example here. Yours should be similar. 1. The simplest (and therefore not likely to be the answer!) is to go to the 'panel'cfg' in the panel folder of your Carenado aircraft, scroll down to the [Vcockpit01] section and delete or comment out with // this line referring to WebSimSVS: //gauge04=Carenado_G1000_SVS\WebSimSVS!WebSimSVS,1,1,1,1,C_G1000.ini 2. A delicate 'precision guided missile' method is to unpack the CAB file in your flight simulator 'Gauges' folder, convert the '.spb' file to '.xml' and delete the section on SVS Alerts as follows: Make a backup copy of 'CT206H_G1000.cab' Double click on 'CT206H_G1000.cab' then 'Extract' to a folder with the exact same name as the cab file - 'CT206H_G1000'. Convert 'G1000_PFDT206VC.spb' to 'G1000_PFDT206VC.xml'. Open 'G1000_PFDT206VC.xml', 'Edit', 'Find' <Element id="SVS Alert"> Delete all of that section down to but not including <Element id="Not SVS Alert"> Save. Convert back to '.spb' if desired, but that is not necessary. Delete the unused '.spb' or '.xml' file. Delete CT206H_G1000.cab. 3. The 'Grand Slam Bomb' method works too and no unintended consequences have been noted so far. This totally obliterates all reference to SVS. Make a backup copy of 'CT206H_G1000.cab' Double click on 'CT206H_G1000.cab' then 'Extract' to a folder with the exact same name as the cab file - 'CT206H_G1000'. Convert 'G1000_PFDT206VC.spb' to 'G1000_PFDT206VC.xml'. Open 'G1000_PFDT206VC.xml', 'Edit', 'Replace', Find what: SVS, Replace with: SSS, 'Replace All' Save. Convert back to '.spb' if desired, but that is not necessary. Delete the unused '.spb' or '.xml' file. Delete CT206H_G1000.cab. Fly!
  3. The Carenado G1000 in the C172SP Skyhawk appears to have been developed for use in one of their 'high performance' aircraft. This collection of files will adjust the appearance of the PFD and MFD to better match the screens as seen in the Cessna Skyhawk. The changes work in both SVS and non-SVS modes. There are two corrected faults. The Vertical Speed scale is changed from plus/minus 4000 feet to plus/minus 2000 feet and the GPS CDI (the magenta line) course indicates properly on the PFD. Some of the visual changes: 1. Solid (non-banded) blue and brown PFD background. Horizon position adjusted. 2. Removed the Speed Selector box above the airspeed tape. 3. Brown hash-marked segment removed from the Altitude tape and replaced with 'clear'. 4. Altitude tape lightened. 5. 'DME' removed, 'ALERTS' added on the PFD softkeys bar. 6. Corrected titles (GLIDE, Vx, Vy) in the TMR/REF box. 7. Where possible, green and magenta colours were 'standardized' across the PFD and MFD. And 8. A Cessna logo is added to the yoke. 9. The blue colour is revised in the Standby Attitude Indicator - for day and night. Send a PM [private message] with an e-mail address to get the package. This was tested in FSX. Feedback and suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. A flight plan can be made in the MFD and the aircraft autopilot will follow that planned route from the departure airport through an approach procedure to the destination airport. Waypoints, IAF etc. and the route will show on the MFD screen. I could write up a step by step example of how to make up a flight plan if that will help someone. The Carenado G1000 fails miserably however in showing the correct and actual data in the flight plan. Now and again it will surprise you and get it right, but don’t count on that! Desired tracks, times enroute, enroute safe altitude, etc. are generally just random useless numbers. Sometimes it shows a proper transition to the next leg and sometimes it just does a 180 to return from whence it came. Totally random and thoroughly unreliable. BUT, the aircraft will happily carry on with the expected flight planned routing despite it all. My hypothesis is that the Carenado C172SP G1000 was put together as a ‘showcase’ for the intriguing ‘synthetic vision system’ and the ‘new and improved G1000’ based totally on Navigraph data. Yes, it is a mess, however there are some good qualities. A key factor in getting some enjoyment out of any Carenado aircraft is to change or alter what you can, and work with or work around what you can’t. The G1000 screens can be revised to at least look like the ones in a Cessna 172 and with that it makes for a very nice VFR touring aircraft.
  5. Unpack (unzip) the '[aircraft]_G1000.cab' file to get to the 'G1000_config[aircraft].xml' file.
  6. I have the same issue with the disappearing mouse click spots in the Duke V2 and it seems to be a relatively recent development. I do not have hard facts nor researched info to support this, but my theory is that the problem is a result of a change within Windows 10 and/or a .NET Framework.
  7. The G1000 in the C172SP is different from the older version used in the Cessna T206H G1000 etc. The default flight planner and a Reality XP GNS 530 pop up combination works well in the T206H but not at all in the 172SP. My suggestion would be to use the G1000 MFD pop up <Shift> + <2> to make flight plan entries. To make the button larger on the MFD try this: 1. Open 'panel.cfg.' in the Panel folder and go to the [Window01] section. 2. Add // in front of 'window_size=0.49, 0.59' 3. Remove // from 'window_size=0.8597, 1.0' 4. Add // in front of 'window_pos= 0.500, 0.350' 5. Save Try making a simple flight plan using the example as per the Carenado Navigraph G1000 Manual that came with your aircraft. Good luck! WS
  8. Thanks! Looks good. Works with the Grand Caravan EX V1 and V2. WS
  9. Lots of possibilities, but try disabling the windows 8.1 error reporting system. 1. Open the Windows 8 search box: Win + Q 2. Type: choose how to report problems 3. Select: Never check for solutions (not recommended) WS
  10. Colin: Adjusted 'specs' can add more vivid colours to your repaint. I'd suggest downloading 'c208b_ex_cfgpa.zip' from flightsim, then compare the differences between with the modified specs and with the original ones. Regards, Wayne
  11. An outstanding repaint Ron! Thank you.
  12. Two suggestions: 1. Watch the Carenado Proline 21 tutorials for flight plan entries and operation etc. 2. Use "P" for 'pause' whenever changing or tinkering with anything. The aircraft pauses but the Proline 21 does not, so it can be reconfigured or reset the way you want it - the thing tends to forget and/or do odd things if adjusted while 'live'. Much has been written about the Carenado Proline 21 deficiencies and faults, but it can be a reasonably functional and effective unit if looked at from the perspective of what it CAN do rather than what it cannot do. WS
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