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  1. The windows in the Dreamfleet B58 Baron went from opaque to tolerably transparent by adjusting the 'DFB58_GLASS_T.bmp' alpha from pure white to 70,70,70 and saving as a '.dds' file. WS
  2. Peter Not a problem. Enjoy your Phenom 300! WS
  3. Peter: The blue, brown, green and magenta colours can be adjusted in the pfd and mfd 'xml' ('spb') files within the gauge 'G1000 cab' file in other Carenado G1000-equipped aircraft, so perhaps that method would work in the Phenom 300 as well. A photo of modified files is in the '172SP G1000 Panel Appearance Revision package' thread in the Carenado 'C172SP Skyhawk G1000 FSX/P3D' folder. WS
  4. If you are using Windows 10, the missing clickspots problem can be overcome by running in compatibility mode for 'Windows 7'. I check 'Run this program as an administrator' as well for good measure. Uncheck to return to normal when not flying the Duke V2.
  5. I recall seeing behaviour like that when trying to load an aircraft with the Reality XP FLT and FLN gauges a few years ago. Try this: Disable Error Reporting in Windows 10 Open Services from the Run dialog box. You can open the Run dialog box with the Windows Key + R keyboard combination. Enter services.msc to open Services. Find Windows Error Reporting Service and then right-click or tap-and-hold on that entry from the list. Choose the Properties option from the context menu. Next to Startup type, select Disabled from the drop down menu. Click or tap OK or Apply to save the changes. You can now close out of the Services window. WS
  6. Yes, the sun may be setting on grand old FSX, but it is still quite capable of doing that for which it is intended - and putting on a show while doing it.
  7. Receiving no replies to my question hatched the theory that perhaps this fault is peculiar to my installation of FSX, and after much trial and error, by jove, that is the answer! Removing the ORBX scenery ‘Objectflow.dll’ file smoothed out the Stationair G1000 PFD Horizon Line as desired! A resounding success you ask? Well, in this, the year 2020, you can probably guess the answer to that one, for disabling ‘Objectflow.dll’ also knocked out the Carenado C172SP SVS! Crazy, eh? With Carenado’s facebook announcement on November 4 that all SVS subscriptions are extended for another 5 years, it looks like it will be for the Skyhawk only for me, unless I want to revisit this mysterious challenge again – in 2021.
  8. This is a question directed at those who have – or had, the Synthetic Vision System and the Stationair G1000 Extension Pack installed in FSX or P3D: “Does SVS function correctly in the T206H G1000?” The reason for asking is that installation of the C172SP G1000 with SVS caused the horizon line on the T206H G1000 PFD to constantly fluctuate vertically approximately 3 degrees even though that version of SVS is not functional in the Stationair. Any replies would be appreciated. Thank you WS
  9. An October day flight over the Adirondacks, from KMAL via SLK and KLKP to KPBG in C172S C-GBUG - "The Bug". Microsoft FSX, Carenado C172SP G1000 and REX Sky Force 3D.
  10. Imagine the fun if this game was blended into MSFS! https://store.steampowered.com/app/658600/Lawnmower_Game/
  11. Bundled up and sent to the library. WS
  12. Here is G-FDGM for the Duke V2. The repaint can be uploaded if you still want it. WS
  13. Setting FSX properties to "Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 7" and "Run this program as an administrator" resolved my click spot issue with the RealAir Duke V2.
  14. Removing FSUIPC - and everything else, from dll.xml has no effect on the RealAir Duke V2 missing click spots. WS
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