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  1. Ranger75

    Carenado Knob Arrow Removal Kit

    Good in the C90GTX.
  2. Ranger75

    Carenado Knob Arrow Removal Kit

    Thanks! Looks good. Works with the Grand Caravan EX V1 and V2. WS
  3. Ranger75

    FSX Load delay

    Lots of possibilities, but try disabling the windows 8.1 error reporting system. 1. Open the Windows 8 search box: Win + Q 2. Type: choose how to report problems 3. Select: Never check for solutions (not recommended) WS
  4. Colin: Adjusted 'specs' can add more vivid colours to your repaint. I'd suggest downloading 'c208b_ex_cfgpa.zip' from flightsim, then compare the differences between with the modified specs and with the original ones. Regards, Wayne
  5. Ranger75

    Beaver repaints

    An outstanding repaint Ron! Thank you.
  6. Ranger75

    Add-on paints

    Bottom right of CACNGTE_EXT_7.
  7. Two suggestions: 1. Watch the Carenado Proline 21 tutorials for flight plan entries and operation etc. 2. Use "P" for 'pause' whenever changing or tinkering with anything. The aircraft pauses but the Proline 21 does not, so it can be reconfigured or reset the way you want it - the thing tends to forget and/or do odd things if adjusted while 'live'. Much has been written about the Carenado Proline 21 deficiencies and faults, but it can be a reasonably functional and effective unit if looked at from the perspective of what it CAN do rather than what it cannot do. WS
  8. Ranger75

    Best C172 for FSX?

    Functional freeware Garmins are here: http://www.fs2x.com/Freeware.htmUnfortunately, the '3D' knobs on the 172 VC panel will get in the way.