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  1. Ya my big monitor is set as primary in Nvidia. I even deleted the other monitor out of the CFG and it comes back when u launch FSX. In DX9 it always launches correct as soon as DX10 is applied it tries to launch to wrong monitor.
  2. Hey Steve, I have traced the problem to running dual monitors. I went to single GPU and it still CTD. It tries to launch on my secondary smaller monitor and just crashes. My guess is cause the other monitor is smaller? Is there an Nvidia setting to force it to stay on my large monitor? If the other monitor is plugged in it tries to launch on it even though its not set as primary/default. I have my 21:9 for FSX and a 1080P monitor sitting next to it for charts etc. I only use FSX on the 21:9. I found this old thread? I dont understand what to edit? I feel you understand FSX alot better. Is there a separate CFG for DX 10? Theres gotta be more than me playing with more than one monitor plugged in. Thanks for any help!
  3. Just tried it. On some liverys it is now turning to green on others it is still saying update...
  4. Hey all, First of I want to thank PMDG and their hard work modeling these aircraft I have had several line pilots try the 737 and 74 and they were simply blown away at the accuracy of the sim and the systems. These have given me so much joy over the years with FSX its amazing. Any ways the only issue I am having is that when I install a Livery I will open PMDG Ops back up and I will see a Red Update button. I hit it and see it download assets but then it just stays Red and says Update after its finished. It seems that it is changing in the the skin in the sim but it never goes back to Green Installed button. So every-time I open it I don't know if theres an actual update or its just stuck cause I updated already. I have been just deleting the livery and starting fresh when there is an update to clear the button. But its kinda a hassle when theres 10 updates and I have to go through each variant of plane and regrab them. On the 74 it seems there are more and more skins being added and updated so everytime I open it it seems I have to reinstall most of them lol. Am I missing something?
  5. Sorry for late reply been busy in real life. I couldn't get it to work no matter what I tweaked. I am going to pull one of my Titans out so I am single GPU and see if it stops the crash.
  6. Rats no Swiss but a couple of other good ones I see. Are the home made ones safe to install?
  7. Ok. I usually just stick with the factory repaints cause it seems PMDG makes them correct to the carrier with A/C equipment etc. But I guess I can always go aftermarket. Just wish you could see the ones for A/C you don't have hah! Didnt know if anyone who had the expansion could point me to a list.
  8. Just wondering if there was a list of liverys available somewhere? I was looking at picking this up and just wondered what others it came with other then the plane. I know Eithad and Swiss Air has some cool ones for 300ER didnt know if they were included.
  9. Let me see if SLI will let it work at all. Windows 10 and DX 12 which is native to it changed how the GPUs are seen in DX which is why its now a huge pain for developers to implement it.
  10. Oh bummer. Even with SLI off? Figured it would just ignore the GPU that is off.
  11. No I didnt test it before purchase as I figured it was still broken as always which is why I purchased your patch. That being said I havent had it crash when trying to use it in the past. Is there a way to get a crash log? It does crash with DX10 Preview enabled at all. I do have multiple GPUs but I leave SLI off with FSX always.
  12. I noticed the diagnostics. I hit the button and it says all is well.
  13. I grabbed the patcher and read the instructions and am having a problem. I followed the instructions step by step. I loaded library made changes to REX and enabled DX10 in the controller. When I load into flight the game just flat out crashes. Screen goes black like its going to load then crashes to desktop. Windows reports it crashed. I only have REX Essentials Plus and Aircraft installed. Its pretty clean FSX install. Thanks for any help! My Rig is Win 10 5960X 32GB DDR 4 Titan X Dell 3415W 21:9 Monitor
  14. Thanks for both the answers! I will grab the patch and look at those mods! Does the DX10 Patch put more on your GPU? Right now I have been running it on DX9 cause I knew the DX10 was broken forever. So slick someone fixed it! I just grabbed the A320 and 747 V3 can't put them down! Have to quit my day job . I actually work in IT so I am not unsavvy but I am not a programmer at all. LOL I was looking at ORBX or GEX aswell. Sometimes those winter midwest FSX textures get to me at FL340 hah! Will read the guides and always open to more suggestions.
  15. Hey all I am a longtime FSX user I started before 3.1 haha! Anyways I stopped simming for a few years do to flight school in real life and jobs back in 2011. Needless to say its seems much has changed in the sim world. I am just getting all set up again. I guess Prepared 3d is out which looks slick but to be honest alot of my pay ware wouldnt work so that is a frustration and would stop me from switching. I also see its like $200... I just started FSX SE again and started installing my payware add ons again and needed some suggestions. I was actually dreading all the setup on a new machine for about a year cause its always a headache to get it all setup they way you like. I have like the original REX Ess Plus and have installed that. Rex told me they have something newer coming soon so I was going to grab that. That being said I had some good weather mods and ground texture stuff installed back then but I am sure there is alot newer stuff out there. I guess I will just post my questions. 1. Is DX 10 Fixer Worth Getting? Read it just causes more issues sometimes? 2. What is good ground water texture pack? 3. Weather Mod? 4. CFG File Mods? I did Highmemfix and Wideview fix cause I run 21:9 monitor but I am open to any others. 5 CFG File increase texture size? (I use PMDG Flight Sim Labs and Caranado Flight 1 stuff. I don't know if this will help the game textures at all?) 6. Seems my AA isnt working in sim anymore for some reason? I have a good rig. 32GB DDR 4 SSDs 5960X Titan X etc. So I would like some tips and recommendations on getting it setup as best as possible even though its 32 Bit game still.
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