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    radar showing terrain

    Hay thanks so much I'll take a look!!! CaptMac
  2. Capt Mac

    radar showing terrain

    How do I get the terrain to show on the radar? I noticed in a u-tube video it was showing the surrounding terrain. Could not find it in the manual. Thanks for any help. CaptMaC
  3. Capt Mac

    [02 Mar 18] Release 1.0.4

    Great update. My Load Manager is still very small. Am I missing something to get it larger?? Thanks for any suggestions. CaptMac
  4. Capt Mac

    Autopilot Problem - Cant engage

    I have had the same problem at times. My solution was to jiggle the joystick a little and then it seems to come on with not problem. CaptMac donmcdaniel
  5. Capt Mac

    2D panels black / inactive on 2nd screen

    Here is what works for me with a second monitor:1. Make sure you're on one monitor only to start. Your primary one.2. Start fsx3. After fsx loads and your at your departing airport go to windowed mode.4. Start your second monitor.5. After the second monitor is up go to full screen on fsx.You should now be in full screen mode on both. The only glitch is that if you have to do any adjustments on the second monitor you will have to go to windowed mode. I'm using electronic flight bag on a second full screen. I use the key bindings to send commands to EFB and doing it that way I can stay in full screen on both.Anyway, just one idea.CaptMac
  6. Hi, I also had lockups and freezing. I found that I had some enhanced audio settings for noise cancellation and auto level areas checked. I unchecked them and I'm now golden on operation. Anyway, that was my solution.CaptMacDon McDaniel
  7. Hi,Is there audio or video associated with passengers being upset if there is a drastic change in flight that is abnormal?Capt.Mac
  8. I have some questions.What's the benchmark for the passenger satisfaction index? I notice it goes up on each flight. what's the criteria?What's the criteria for the in-flight passenger approval rating? Not sure how the score is arrived at. What elements are included in scoring?Thanks,Capt.Mac
  9. Thanks that works. Great little program.Capt.Mac
  10. I'm having the same problem on two monitors. When I go back to a single monitor everything works ok. Capt.Mac
  11. Just a couple of questions:1. If your in full screen mode within FSX how do you get back to Xpax to see videos or run added announcements without having to go to windowed mode first?2. How do I add more announcements to the auto messages?Capt.Mac
  12. I love it!! It looks great and performs really well for me. The detail seems to be much more aligned with real life. Capt.Mac
  13. Capt Mac

    Eaglesoft Piper Twin Comanche for FSX

    Eaglesoft Guys,Got a reply yesterday and have the solution in hand. I also was directed toward a solution in the manual that I read though but missed in my original try at finding the answer myself. So give me a D grade for reading.Thanks guys for staying with me on this.It's a great aircraft and I love flying it. I'm also getting really good frame rates.Capt.Mac
  14. Capt Mac

    Eaglesoft Piper Twin Comanche for FSX

    I'm registered as CaptMacCapt.Mac