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  1. I'm very sad to hear this icon of our community has gone from our presence. He will be greatly missed. His passing runs a chill through me since I have stage 4 cancer myself. Our generation of flight simmers have paved the way for our community and helped to bring this hobby to the pinnacle it enjoys today - more professional, so much closer to actual flying, and for all of us so much more enjoyable. I send my condolences to Michael's family and hope God will bring them the strength to deal with his loss. Perhaps where he has gone, flight simming is as real as it gets. Frank Bass
  2. Danny,Great work. I've been looking for just such a solution for my setup. Could you send me the appropriate document. If it's not too much trouble, could you use my e-mail address to send. Thanks so much.Franktomega@knology.net
  3. Muchas grass sir. Much appreciated.fb
  4. Could someone check this zip file: cis_traffic_team_s
  5. fbass


    A couple of questions thrown in here:I use 32-bit Vista and almost all of my software from XP works just fine under Vista (I run everything under Admin). I also have all of my Vista 32-bit drivers installed.Question - are people using the 64-bit OS having problems with software that comes from the XP environment?Question - are the 64-bit video drivers keeping up with the requirements of FSX?Thanksfb
  6. I love it - the more "bees" the better. More than likely, I have the largest AI environment on the planet (over 7,000 texture sets, 350+ aircraft types, and almost 2,000 airline *.bgl files). I run my AI slider at 100% and I don't care if the sky is crowded. I love it. This configuration makes the global airports really come alive.Regarding KATL - I live near Atlanta (actually 160 miles) and you can't go any where from where I live to anywhere else, unless you go through Atlanta (one of the busiest if not the busiest airport in the world). So, I'm very familiar with KATL. I can tell you that on a clear day Atlanta does look like a flight of bees in the air. They have 4 major runways and they have aircraft taking off and landing at the same time - on the same runways. Separation at KATL does not just mean in the air. :-)fb
  7. I have just the opposite experience with hardware-implemented protection. I've had a Linksys router for many years (upgraded several times) and had no problem what-so-ever. I have a high-speed router connected to my cable modem and it works flawlessly, without any connection or configuration headaches.I would tell you what else I've turned off but that might invite intrusion attempts and I don't need that. Suffice to say, the router's firmware/software protection works very well.fb
  8. OK. Thanks Scott. Your help was much appreciated. I guess I can cancell my purchase at SIMMARKET.COM via my credit card.Regards,fb
  9. OK, I received an e-mail with a proper order number and downloaded the B-17. It is now installed. Thank you Shockwave for staying on top of this problem and providing a solution. Your assistance is much appreciated.Now, I have one more question. The "personalized" download I received from Shockwave - was this the result of an order from my original purchase on the Shockwave site or does this come from SIMMARKET.COM purchase I tried this morning? Since I've done this twice in an attempt to get the aircraft installed, do I now have two purchases.Again, thanks so much for staying with this.Regards,fb
  10. I thought I would try this again just to see if what I had input to a site selling this B-17 was correct. The following is a direct copy from the order page on the SIMMARKET.COM site. The first part is the order and the second is the download page.*******************************************************Your order has been successfully processed!Please check the INFORMATION BOX in each product description page for detailed delivery information of each item.Depending on the Delivery Method of the product(s) ordered you will:- Direct Download: see a Download Link in your Account- Key Registration: receive an Email containing your Key- CD Delivery: please allow 18 days for delivery.You can view your order information by going to the 'My Account' page and by clicking on 'History'.Please direct any questions you have to the Customer Service Center. Thank You for shopping with us!***********************************************Your Order #: 408441Your Customer ID: 4964Your download should begin shortly. If it does not, click on below link**********LINK REMOVED TO PREVENT SOMEONE ELSE FROM DOWNLOADING THIS PRODUCT**********This download link is only valid for a limited time!As you can readily see - there is no registration key information. I don't know what the folks who said there was a key when you purchased this product are seeing; but neither the Shockwave nor the SIMMARKET.COM sites have a key available at the time of purchase. The indication is that the key is sent via e-mail after purchase.Since this is my second attempt, I am now awaiting a key from Shockwave. We'll see how this one goes.fb
  11. Thank you Scott. Finally, someone to look into this problem. Thanks.I ordered, via credit card purchase, the B-17. I ordered it this past Monday. My state is Alabama USA.Thanks again for checking on this. I apologize if my frustration seaped into these posts. All I really wanted was someone from Shockwave to respond.fb
  12. First, there is nothing wrong with my e-mail. I checked with my ISP's mail box where my mail is pulled and there was no message from Shockwave - no trash, no spam, no user mail, nothing.Second, I used my user_ID and password for the Shockwave site and a message told me that my account was inactive. So, I can't get into the forums because the user's e-mail address is linked to any user information such as password and user_ID. Catch 22 don't you know!My only recourse was to send an e-mail to Shockwave via their technical support address. I've sent three messages and they have failed to respond.Regarding the registration key - I appreciate that some people were given a key via their download screen, but I was not. As you can see, at least one other person was not given a key when they purchased a product from Shockwave but received an e-mail from Shockwave. I have not received any messages from Shockwave.So, your experience may be favorable but, as I said, mine has not been.fb
  13. I don't know what everyone else has experienced but I have not seen any evidence of a key - not at the time of purchase nor as a result of several e-mails I sent to the company. Shockwave has just not responded.So, you may find that unfair and you are certainly entitled to your own opinion. However, when I click on the B-17 installer it specifically calls for a key that is supposed to be sent to the user once the product is purchased. It is right there on the screen. There is nothing about printing a statement out.BTW - I found no evidence of this problem in the Shockwave forums. The reason I posted here is because I was looking for user responses and not some company line.The bottom line remains the same - I purchased a product I can't use and I believe I have followed a responsible course to obtain a key or a solution to the problem. Right now my only recourse is to cancell my purchase. I've tried contacting the company to no avail.Is that fair - not from my point of view. Is that harsh - I don't think so.fb
  14. Anyone know if these folks are still in business. I purchased (at least I think I did) a product from them a few days ago and have yet to receive a registration key. Without the key I can't unlock the software.I've e-mailed them several times with no answer. Maybe they only come in once a month or something. It wouldn't surprise me in the least. Seems lately there are a whole bunch of so-called developers that are long on taking your money and short on providing product service. For that matter, charging someone for something that can't be used is fraud and in my recollection is against the law.fb
  15. Look at your load pairs. You have an incorrect statement starting each pair - There is no "-" dash in the statement. Delete the dash and the space and put these entries on the left margin.- <====================this is the starting entryFSDiscover!FalseFalseD:FSDiscoverFSX.dll <====================this is the termination entryNOTE: The above launch section opens FSDiscoverFSX during the main FSX program load.ALSO:- Addon ManagerFalsebglmanx.dllNotice this last entry. This is the addon manager some developers such as Cloud9 are using to add scenery packages to FSX. Make sure this is the current version of this manager. Go to the Cloud9 site and download the latest version. The "bglmanx.dll" file can cause all sorts of problems if you are using either an old version or a corrupted one. Uninstall the Addon Manager and replace it with the very latest version.One more issue - make sure all the paths listed in these two files point the program towards the correct location. For example:D:FSDiscoverFSX.dll - Make sure FSDiscoverFSX is on disk drive "D:"Someone asked if FSX repair would fix this - I don't think so unless the repair action placed a default file in the folder. If you're going to do a repair - MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP BOTH OF THE ASSOCIATED FILES so you know what addon programs you need to place back into the files.Someone also asked about editing these files - I indicated you could open both of the associate files using Notepad.fb
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