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  1. I'm very sad to hear this icon of our community has gone from our presence. He will be greatly missed. His passing runs a chill through me since I have stage 4 cancer myself. Our generation of flight simmers have paved the way for our community and helped to bring this hobby to the pinnacle it enjoys today - more professional, so much closer to actual flying, and for all of us so much more enjoyable. I send my condolences to Michael's family and hope God will bring them the strength to deal with his loss. Perhaps where he has gone, flight simming is as real as it gets. Frank Bass
  2. Well, you ask for comments - I can tell you without any hesitation that I DO NOT EVER want to be strapped to the wing of any aircraft that flexes as much as that glider in the video. I got dizzy just watching that. When you can bring immersion up to that degree you have accomplished a major step towards "its as real as you can get." Fantastic job Sir. Frank
  3. Danny,Great work. I've been looking for just such a solution for my setup. Could you send me the appropriate document. If it's not too much trouble, could you use my e-mail address to send. Thanks so much.Franktomega@knology.net
  4. I don't know what results you obtained when you tested this package. But, the results of the instruction you provided on my system definitely copied every file from my c:fsxsimobjectsairplanes folder into the folder c:fsxaircraft folder. NOTE: My FSX install folder is C:FSX and not the default one.The panel.cfg files were copied correctly into the appropriate A and B folders. The guage files are in the correct folders.I verified the established "elevated" link by changing a set of entries in the aircraft.cfg file as I had duplicate texture-set entries for one of the repaints. When I changed the entries in one config file the other one changed automatically.So, I have an aircraft but no cockpit. I also tried running the aircraft's configuration program but the system displayed an error message saying that it could not find the correct aircraft.cfg file.fb
  5. I established the link described in the install file. I thought this was going to be some kind of virtual link but the instruction created a folder under my FSX directory "aircraft." In this folder was every aircraft folder in my FSXSimOjbectsAirplanes folder. I'm just wondering why this duplication of files.Anyway, to a more important topic - the cockpit. I think I followed the instructions correctly but the aircraft's cockpit did not display. The aircraft was fine but there was no panel.Can you please help?ThanksFrank
  6. Are you kidding? Right now we don't have anything (Saab) for FSX so whatever you accomplish is fantastic. I don't know about any of the other users but I don't care. Bring it on sir. :-)fb
  7. We really appreciate your efforts. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm really looking forward to getting the Saab back into the air in FSX.Thanksfb
  8. Well, you have my interest. I was hoping this action would bring the 340 to life in FSX. However, I'm wondering what version of FSX has testing of applicability taken place. Will the aircraft work under SP2? What happens when you activate DX10?Thanks so much for giving us hope that the 340 will fly in FSX.fb
  9. Muchas grass sir. Much appreciated.fb
  10. Could someone check this zip file: cis_traffic_team_s
  11. fbass


    A couple of questions thrown in here:I use 32-bit Vista and almost all of my software from XP works just fine under Vista (I run everything under Admin). I also have all of my Vista 32-bit drivers installed.Question - are people using the 64-bit OS having problems with software that comes from the XP environment?Question - are the 64-bit video drivers keeping up with the requirements of FSX?Thanksfb
  12. I love it - the more "bees" the better. More than likely, I have the largest AI environment on the planet (over 7,000 texture sets, 350+ aircraft types, and almost 2,000 airline *.bgl files). I run my AI slider at 100% and I don't care if the sky is crowded. I love it. This configuration makes the global airports really come alive.Regarding KATL - I live near Atlanta (actually 160 miles) and you can't go any where from where I live to anywhere else, unless you go through Atlanta (one of the busiest if not the busiest airport in the world). So, I'm very familiar with KATL. I can tell you that on a clear day Atlanta does look like a flight of bees in the air. They have 4 major runways and they have aircraft taking off and landing at the same time - on the same runways. Separation at KATL does not just mean in the air. :-)fb
  13. I have just the opposite experience with hardware-implemented protection. I've had a Linksys router for many years (upgraded several times) and had no problem what-so-ever. I have a high-speed router connected to my cable modem and it works flawlessly, without any connection or configuration headaches.I would tell you what else I've turned off but that might invite intrusion attempts and I don't need that. Suffice to say, the router's firmware/software protection works very well.fb
  14. OK. Thanks Scott. Your help was much appreciated. I guess I can cancell my purchase at SIMMARKET.COM via my credit card.Regards,fb
  15. OK, I received an e-mail with a proper order number and downloaded the B-17. It is now installed. Thank you Shockwave for staying on top of this problem and providing a solution. Your assistance is much appreciated.Now, I have one more question. The "personalized" download I received from Shockwave - was this the result of an order from my original purchase on the Shockwave site or does this come from SIMMARKET.COM purchase I tried this morning? Since I've done this twice in an attempt to get the aircraft installed, do I now have two purchases.Again, thanks so much for staying with this.Regards,fb
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