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  1. Hi, I’ve replied also via email as this is not our support forum. The PDKSETUP.EXE does not install anything, it modifies certain files to prepare for using the PDK interface. The Press Key prompt is simply pausing the program allowing time to read the displayed information if needed, otherwise the window would close before anything could be read. You don’t actually need to read anything, it’s just in case so to speak. Run the software using the P3DSERVER.EXE. Best just to step through the Getting Started Guide. I will see about changing the PDKSETUP prompt to press ENTER if that is what is needed. Please don’t email back on this email as it’s not for support. Also we have no support forum on Avsim. If needed you can email me via, opusfsi@opussoftware.co.uk Or use our SimForums support forum. https://www.simforums.com/forums/opus-software_forum49.html Stay safe. Best regards Stephen
  2. OpusFSI Release Version 5.22.5 is now available for download on our website. Download from http://www.opussoftware.co.uk/opusfsi/downloads.htm Release version. Modified the handling of unknown departure and destinations within the Live Weather Engine. Regards Stephen
  3. No problem, sorry for not noticing your post sooner. How many joysticks, virtual or otherwise, do you have? and do you want to assign buttons from all the virtual joysticks to Live Camera views or other OpusFSI Shortcuts? The current software only requests events for the first eight (8) joystick devices so this would have to be changed if you wished to assign buttons from sticks 9 onwards. Regards Stephen
  4. OpusFSI Beta Version 5.22.4 is now available for download on our website. Download from http://www.opussoftware.co.uk/opusfsi/downloads.htm Improved Buttkicker response to reverse thrust and included provision for reverse pitch on piston aircraft using the 'Light Aircraft' as opposed to 'Heavy Aircraft' DHM settings. See our SimForum Announcements topic for further details of all releases and betas. Regards Stephen
  5. OK. I have posted OpusFSI Beta Version 5.22.3 for you to try, OpusFSI is currently restricted to accepting button events from up to eight (8) joystick devices, it was this that was causing the 'index out of range' problem. The new beta corrects this but still has the eight (8) joystick limit for SimConnect button events. Try the beta and let me know, preferably by email or on SimForums. Stephen opusfsi@opussoftware.co.uk
  6. If you have any problems either email me directly, opusfsi@opussoftware.co.uk or use our official support forum, https://www.simforums.com/Forums/opus-software_forum49.html Regards Stephen
  7. Found the problem, correcting it now. Stephen
  8. Mine works just fine. Again this is NOT our support forum, you should email or use SimForums. I plugged my Sound Blaster X-Fi ! Pro USB (not very expensive) in to my assigned USB port and restarted my Win10. Then after restart I set the Speaker (SB X-Fi Go ! Pro) volume in Win10 (via the taskbar) to 100%, I ran P3Dv4 and ensured the sims speaker sound was still ok, then run FSISERVER and enabled BK Control. I selected the 'Speaker (SB X-Fi Go ! Pro)' device and then the 'Test Audio' option (had to press the ON button on the BK Amp to get the green light and adjust its output volume). All works just fine. OpusFSI saves your settings in a file so you will have to have set the sharing and permissions to allow file access. Also do the usual and shutdown any AV and Win Defender. But all is working just fine here. Of course if your device disappears due to the USB powering down, or you keep unplugging and plugging it in again, then Opus will not be able to select it or its device number will keep changing. Make sure your Windows op sys is NOT powering down the USB port or hubs. You will have to check that via your Device Manager and tell your Windows not to turn off power to the hub. It may be doing this as part of your selected power management. Try disable powering down on all your USB hubs. Stephen
  9. This is NOT our support forum. You should post on our SimForums (or email) where I receive notification. I do NOT check this forum very often, only our official SimForums. If you email or use the official SimForum then you would get an immediate answer, and probably a fix within the same day. https://www.simforums.com/Forums/opus-software_forum49.html I will investigate the above and report back. Stephen
  10. Opus just goes by the DirectX device list which can become a bit muddled. So try using the Audio Test dialog in Opus BK control program and select different output devices until you get the audio coming out of the correct USB device and feel the response in the BK. Then stick with that selection. Also check your device selection inside the sim to make sure it isn't attempting to use the USB card. Stephen
  11. Glad to hear. Thanks for the feedback. Stephen
  12. No where near as well as the OpusFSI v5 software, especially the weather. Stephen
  13. The pop up may be totally out of my control if triggered within the Windows driver software. Nothing I can do to stop windows displaying it. In which case just close it and Opus will auto restart the BKCTRL program. No exception within the Opus BKCTRL software will cause a pop up message, it will just be handled automatically, but how Windows sees a wdmaud crash may be out of my control. Stephen
  14. Just checked my mods. Both the FSX and P3D BKCTRL programs attempt to handle their own program exceptions and Application errors (they take control of all Application errors). This includes all errors (crashes) within the Windows 'wdmaud' driver. So you should not be seeing any pop up notifications, none are generated by the software. Make sure your P3DBKCTRL.EXE program has been upgraded during the 5.22.2 install process. I will check if anything else on your system could cause these messages to pop up even though they have been disabled. In the meantime run the FSISERVER.EXE with your P3D program argument manually via a desktop shortcut and force the FSISERVER.EXE to 'Run in Admin Mode'. Stephen
  15. Its a known windows driver problem and nothing to do with OpusFSI. The wdmaud driver has a problem with handling audio loops. Nothing I can fix or change in Opus. Microsoft has refused to fix it. Just close the message box and Opus will restart and re initialise the BK control program automatically. I did modify the software so the OpusFSI software will not notify you of the crash (cannot stop windows doing what it does). Are you running the software in 'Admin Mode' and with AV and Win Defender shutdown. Stephen
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