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  1. TonyD

    Every airport, every Country....

    Let me point you at : The airports.csv is really all you need...and if you use excel you can filter down by airport size. This is the most comprehensive list of worldwide airports that I have found so far.
  2. TonyD

    Droning on...

    European air traffic management group Eurocontrol said the runway would remain closed until 11:00 .
  3. TonyD


    I have had the F1 GTN 750 installed for some time and just got the RXP version based on excellent reviews. Do I have to uninstall the F1 version first or can they co-exist on the same computer? Any gotcha's I should be aware off?
  4. +1 for the DSD boxes - have lights and most autopilot functions mapped either directly or using spad.neXt
  5. TonyD

    Shorts 360 released!

    Some old ATC jokes ATC: "Keep the speed up." Shorts pilot: "We're pedalling as fast as we can!" - Citation pilot to Shorts pilot: "Nice airplane. I'll bet it goes faster when you take it out of its packing crate." Twr: XY123 number 2 to a Shorts 360. Do you have him in sight ?123: Affirmative. No wait, he just flew over a trailer park. We lost him
  6. @Ray Proudfoot When I want to input a flightplan to LNM I use the "Flight Plan > New Flight Plan from Route Description" and then copy and paste from the PFPX flightplan (adding the dep and arr ICAO), then selecting the "Read Route Description" button. Very quick and easy! e.g. ELLX N0180A160 DIK3X DIK M624 BUB Y28 HELEN HELE1A EHAM (By copying from the PFPX flightplan it also automatically picks up Speed and Altitude)
  7. Save 50% on all USA airports and regions
  8. TonyD

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 - Released

    Anders - there is a 30 day fully functional free demo period - give it a try - it is a seperate install so will not intefere with your current installation I have only done 3 flights so far so cannot comment on all the changes - however I do like the vertical path tool and the chart presentations. I have disabled sound notifications
  9. @orbmis - only through simMarket
  10. TonyD

    Electronic Flight Bag v2 Released

    @ ryabbatcund - short answer - a lot It has a 30 day free full function demo - try it and see
  11. TonyD

    Electronic Flight Bag v2 Released

    You can't update the Navigraph Airac as the EFBv2 version is not available yet. Aerosoft Navdata can be updated. Drove me mad for an hour before I checked on the support forum
  12. TonyD

    ground problem at Toronto

    This conflict occurs with both FlyTampa Toronto and Sydney - simplest soluton is to disable the FlyTampa landclass. I can confirm the issue remains in v4.3.
  13. TonyD

    Floating Houses

    Can't give you an explantion for the cause - but can offer you 2 working solutions 1. Assign a key or button to the REFRESH_SCENERY Event. 2. Change camera view to "Nearest Tower" and then back to "Virtual Cockpit" - buildings should have landed Orbx PNW region is the worst offender I have found for this.
  14. TonyD

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    Updated FSUIPC version 5.132 has already been released