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  1. I believe the OP was asking for opinions - not a sermon.
  2. I have been suffering numerous Kernelbase.dll CTDs with the AS Beta on P3Dv 4.5HF3. So have other people according to AS forums, I have now reverted to AS for v4 and all is well again. I guess thats why they call it beta.
  3. Be aware that Win 10 v2004 currently breaks the Garmin Trainer required by Flight1 and RXP
  4. FlyLogic did release Sion for v5, and then LM broke it with the hotfix. Lugano has a large new default building which ruins it in v5, but Bern-Belp seens to be OK.
  5. What exactly is "Dynamic Texture Streaming" ?
  6. Just hope it is enough for the 3rd party developers to release their v5 compatible versions - looking at you - FSLabs, pmdg and ActiveSky
  7. Reading throught the orbx forum there are multiple issues at the moment, for me it is the default airports showing through the region airports. Back to v4 for mainstream flying for the moment.
  8. Vanilla install with no Orbx - and I see what you see - a total mess
  9. Should probably note that if you previously purchased any of their other Airbus Pro series you get a slightly better price....check the upgrade-service tab
  10. It's still "alpha" - I imagine MS can lay their hands on a few more servers if required 🙂
  11. Basically both are plug and play. I would avoid the Thrustmaster drivers and software altogether. I use Prepar3Ds own calibration tool and remap buttons to my own preference. Keep an eye on the joysticks twist axis performance...it is a known point of failure. My first one lasted for just over 3 years but I have heard on them failing within 6 months.
  12. Conspiracy Theorys: Caused by Governments to wipe out the old and frail and reduce healthcare costs Caused by Extinction Rebellion - to save the earth Caused by Microsoft - to stop people speculating about MSFS
  13. Corfu without a doubt. They have included the whole island in the scenery and it's one of their best works.
  14. I have a few but the only one I currently install is the PA-44 Seminole. It has Flight1 GTN integration, which means you can also shoehorn an RXP version into place.
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