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  1. Icons that I can see without straining my eyes - a big thank you! (2560x1440 - icons set to 24)
  2. Import directly from SimBrief - brilliant new feature (once I had remembered my alias)
  3. What are the current recommended Autosave tools - I know FSUIPC has an option but is there anything else that is worth considering ? Mostly using pmdg 738 these days.
  4. It takes a while to find the settings you are comfortable with - the huge difference to TIR is the eye tracking - I needed to dial that right down, It works just fine Another video I would recommend is SimHanger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3Y4eySt3Yk
  5. There is a special 20% discount on the Tobii eye tracker- ends on the 12th I think. It was not having to wear anything on my head that sold me.
  6. I had to reposition the angle of the tracker bar a few times to get the 2 white dots centered in the middle of the box - that helped a lot. The rest I guess is going to be trial and error
  7. Thank you both. I bound it to a joystick button instead of the keyboard and it works perfectly.
  8. Do you have any forward / backward motion? Everything else seems to be working as expected but when I lean forward nothing happens on the screen.
  9. I have a Tobii tracker due to arrive tomorrow. I have been warned to remove any traces of TrackIR / Opentrack from my system as they are known to interfere with the Tobii software and MSFS.
  10. I have over 20 hours in this aircraft and I havn't had a single instance of fps degredation that is not directly attributable to scenery (SU10 beta). The fact that only some people are affected is going to make this hard to nail down. As regards the 'Arm' function - I have only had one instance when the gauge failed to arm otherwise it has worked perfectly.
  11. I have the same 'droop' issue - best solution I have found so far is to set initial altitude and v/s on the gauge, this sets the flight directors. Manual climb following the flight directors and trim until stable. Then engage IAS mode. Once stable I find the Alt/Vs gauge works without issue for any further altitude changes.
  12. Despite it's shortcomings I really like flying this aircraft - good range, relatively fast and very stable on approach. It will get better but probably not until SU10 has been finalized and released. I am one of those lucky people that are no suffering any fps issues with this aircraft (SU10 beta).
  13. Electrical system - constant drain and non-functioning Invertor Alt/Vs guage is not giving accurate readings - Set to 5000 - actual flight at 5100 - simconnect monitor indicates altitude is set to 5100 Excessive Take Off distance (not sure if this power or lift related) When using Tablet Start Options - Fuel is automatically set to 100% overriding any existing settings The more I fly the more I find - do they actually have any beta testers ?
  14. You will get a beeping sound when you are within 1,000 ft and 250 ft of your target altitude.
  15. I have about 6 hours in it so far and the only real issue I have is the lawn mower sound that can occur when first starting. It doesn't happen every time and disappears once airborne. From reading the MSFS forum I can see this is a fairly common problem. I have no issues with performance - it stays at a locked 48 FPS no matter where I test. The other weird bug I found was the the 'Fuel Used' gauge started showing a negative value after about 2 hours on one flight. No regrets, I am having a ball with its short landing ability - take-offs maybe not so much.
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