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  1. I have found that my internet provider (BT) has a habit of blocking IP addresses for no valid reason. Rather than use a VPN I use Nirsoft QuickSet DNS to change my domain name server - it's quick easy and free - and often a lot faster.
  2. @omarsmak30 Hans Hartmann was part of the team that produced the Flight1 ATR some 16 years ago - and that is still the most detailed version on an ATR released across any platform.
  3. Uninstalled the latest update as the throttles are not working for me (T1600) - either this was missed in beta testing - or something changed in the SDK. There are various"fix" suggestions in the aerosoft forum, but I think I will wait awhile for a definitive answer.
  4. Was this meant to be announced on the 1st April ?
  5. Many thanks for the quick reply - yes definitely genuine - now downloaded and installed fine. Just a small suggestion, you might want to consider wrapping the installer in a zip file - Google Chrome point blank refused to download it - Microsoft Edge downloaded ok but gave multiple warnings.
  6. I purchased the RXP GTN750 through F1 in 2018. Decided to reinstall today and downloaded the installer via the F1 purchase agent - but the version I received has no option to install into v5. Any suggestions ?
  7. I have yet to find a single positive review of the 11-900 series of cpu's. The common criticisms are; Retrograde step from i10-900 Overpriced Very high power consumption Also noted that this is an end of line cpu socket - Alder Lake will use a different socket and may be released later this year.
  8. You do not need a supercomputer or a fibre connection to run MSFS well I have just put together a back-up rig with an i7-7700K + GTX 970 + 16GB RAM - and that drives a 24" 1080p monitor over a decidedly dodgy internet connection. Great graphics, stable 30 fps frame rate - works well.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised to see an interim hotfix - World Update 3 really messed up taxiway lighting in pretty much every addon airport and a number of MS airports from World Update 2.
  10. There are only 2 plugins I know of https://github.com/Touch-Portal-MSFS/MSFSTouchPortalPlugin https://github.com/IslandJohn/StreamDeckFSUIPC Not sure if one of these is the one you want
  11. Quote "If you're changing the gamertag we created for you at signup (meaning you didn’t choose it yourself), you won’t be charged. For all other gamertag changes, you’ll be charged (fee varies by region and currency)."
  12. Thank you - that worked perfectly. A vey useful set of gauges to use as templates.
  13. I have upgraded to the new v2.03 of the software and installed the SD plugin - all seems to be fine and the various buttons show up. However the sample profile "lorby_export.streamdeckprofile" is refusing to install, any suggestions ?
  14. nVidia keeps the best silicon for their own products - the AIBs get a range of qualities for their various SKUs nVidia's own designs don't really overclock that well, if at all. The AIB boards tend to have (not always) better cooling and can overclock more as they also bump the power draw. However, look at the prices and compare - can you justify a $250 premium for a possible 3-5% boost.
  15. The stutters are caused by FS2020' implementation of simconnect. This is proving to be an issue with multiple 3rd party apps, including I believe the FSUIPC Beta. Spad.next' main value is that it greatly improves the way in which the Saitek (now Logitech) flight panels work.
  16. I may have to buy through steam if my patience runs out. Went to preorder from MS only to find my store security code referred to a dead email account. Updated to a new code but now have to wait 30 days for it to come into effect - never come across this before and there seems to be no way round it.
  17. Thank you Microsoft for a very nice surprise birthday present 🤩
  18. I believe the OP was asking for opinions - not a sermon.
  19. I have been suffering numerous Kernelbase.dll CTDs with the AS Beta on P3Dv 4.5HF3. So have other people according to AS forums, I have now reverted to AS for v4 and all is well again. I guess thats why they call it beta.
  20. Be aware that Win 10 v2004 currently breaks the Garmin Trainer required by Flight1 and RXP
  21. FlyLogic did release Sion for v5, and then LM broke it with the hotfix. Lugano has a large new default building which ruins it in v5, but Bern-Belp seens to be OK.
  22. What exactly is "Dynamic Texture Streaming" ?
  23. Just hope it is enough for the 3rd party developers to release their v5 compatible versions - looking at you - FSLabs, pmdg and ActiveSky
  24. Reading throught the orbx forum there are multiple issues at the moment, for me it is the default airports showing through the region airports. Back to v4 for mainstream flying for the moment.
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