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  1. My method is to import the full FPDatabase.xml into either MS Excel or MS Access File Location ..\aig-aitraffic-oci-beta\Traffic Files\AIGFP\FPDatabase.xml This gives a handy list you can filter by type and or country of origin You can also sort the flight plans by type in AI Manager Online Tab for the ones you have yet to install. TIP: It is much much quicker to delete flightplans than to re-download them (especially if one of the servers goes offline for a while) My uncompressed AIG full folder - 60GB - Compressed 7zip file 4GB My Active folder is 45GB
  2. @tup61 I started with a full set (took a while waiting for some servers to become available) and then reduced it to what I considered useful for Europe & Asia Deleted nearly all the US Corporate, Military and Government flightplans (they are predominatly US based) The Full set has 1631 flightplans - reduced set has 870 flightplans If you really want to get down and dirty - there is a very useful tool 'AI Companion' available on the AIG forums You can dig through the errors list and remove airlines that have no paints and or models (Clue - no one seems to have modelled russian aircraft) Finally I keep a compressed backup so I never have to do a full download again.
  3. I only use the save flight option on some long hauls - otherwise it is gathering dust
  4. Its been confirmed as a Bing Data Server outage - no estimate on when it will be fixed.
  5. As far as I am aware LNM just extracts what is in the .bgl Arlanda has 2 bgls - 1 in the generic folder and 1 in an arlanda folder - not sure how the LNM priority works. I am more concerned by the 2,000 + 'dummy' MSFS idents that were obviously created with an autofill. Mount Isa has 11 seperate codes / Nhulunbuy Airport has 34 !
  6. Quick check on WU 15 shows that in addition to the 5 'hand-crafted' airports there are 3 new generic airports BGUQ, BIMK, ENAS and 135 Brazilian airstrips - they also removed one wrong ident for a US airfield Actually 134 in Brazil and 1 airfield in South Dakota
  7. Well the initial MS Store failed and deleted my entire installation plus the OneStore directory with 325 GB of files - not impressed at all. No error codes or warnings.
  8. I use addon linker for all my addons (over 2TB) organised in a similar way to ark4diusz shown above - though I also divide by continent. Its essential for me, as a do a lot beta testing - can't afford any possible extra sources of failure 🙂
  9. I think the most telling comment was that the P3D userbase is now so small that it is not worth 3rd party developer's time to update existing products, let alone create new ones.
  10. I have spotted a couple of 'dubious' advert slots - one is from a driver update site that is notorius for malware. Be careful where you click. I used to enjoy browsing the site for new and unusual addons - not anymore.
  11. I believe the designer of the 'new' layout is overdue for an eye test
  12. Fast, great rate of climb - does chew through the coins quite fast
  13. Just a reminder that NZA Simulations have released 2 freeware updates post WU12 "Our Westport and Rotorua website product pages will be updated following the World Update to contain two new World Update Expansion Addons that will add more NZA Simulations goodness that could not be included in the World Update including animated people, accurate GSE and more." Now available
  14. The tool I have used for over a decade https://www.karenware.com/powertools/karens-directory-printer The orignal creator has passed on - but the project has been kept alive.
  15. I hope Ethnicfs finds somewhere to upload his libraries soon - removing them from f.to is going to break a lot of other people's sceneries.
  16. @darshonaut Thank you for posting that link - I hope others removing content will do the same.
  17. Hans Harmann was one of the team that developed the Flight1 ATR - to date still the best ATR released for any flight simulator. Even then it had a high level of system depth. I am sure the upcoming release will not disappoint.
  18. @Killieboy64 The 'eye tracking' is theoretically limited to 28 inches - but seems to work fine on my 32"monitor. The 'head tracking' is not subject to the same limitation and I have seen people using it on 42" monitors without any issues
  19. @iFlySimX I have identical specs to your cpu and gpu - just bought an ASUS ROG Swift PG32UQ - managing minimum 30fps maximum 48fps on mostly utra settings. Limiting factor is still 'Main Thread' and not GPU. The GPU fans are having to work a bit harder but thats about it. The difference going from a 27" to a 32" is substantial - I can actually read all the gauges - going to 4K - sublime 🙂
  20. I can confirm I had a similar issue with my streamdecks - simconnect appeared to be connected, and worked with button shortcuts but not with AAO scripts. Reinstalled both AAO and Elgato software and still the same issue - and then it suddenly started working again, I have no idea why.
  21. ICAOs shows on map but LNM no longer seems able to extract airport name, country, state, city data from the generic airport bgls. This also applies to some but not all of the 'OneStore' bgls Used to work in WU 10
  22. Seems to work fine on SU 11 Beta - with the PMS GTN
  23. Also big price reduction in the UK (though still more expensive than USA) - currently selling at £350. Wonder what AMD are about to announce.
  24. Interesting result: my i9-9900k + 3080 OC gives a substantial bottleneck on the CPU at 1440 - however if I switched to 4K, cpu and gpu would be perfectly balanced. Gives me an excuse to pick up a 4k monitor 🙂
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