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  1. Almost everything they make is either a fullblown slideshow or noticeably degraded performer for me. It appears to be their signature characteristic. My machinery is pretty beefy and nothing made by no one else receives the beating that Inibuilds gives it. I hope someone there figures out how to act nice, or they're ordered to by Microsoft. I do not fancy a base game heaving with their products with things as they are.
  2. It's been long gestating and is indeed part of a push to get the products on the marketplace. I seem to recall there were some mods that he wasn't completely satisfied with performance-wise, such as the marinas, so expect improvements. And there's this direct from the source
  3. Are your Falklands landmarks progressing? Or maybe you want to keep it under wraps and I've blown your cover
  4. Even if I went flat out to get on the marketplace, they might totally ignore the application or take decades to process it. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to who they let on there or when. And I think to sell commercially you have to account for the creation or ownership of every single texture. Gawd knows where many of mine have come from. Half of them might be nicked from Marlboro adverts for all I can remember. I get that marketplace freeware would be a nightmare for them, but equally a proper application to it shouldn't be a lottery or black hole. And I cannot lie, ultimately there's more satisfaction in saying 'get stuffed, it's free' than making trillions of dollars.
  5. Yup. That's all going in there. Every airfield also has one of these trailers. I'm trying to find pics of every shack that they live in too as they're all unique.
  6. Thank you. Those two need a major spruce up too. I went there last summer and crawled around every single island, though Foula was denied me due to airline laziness. Buildings might be the decider for the Falklands. I may leave replacing them for a future update as an awful lot need replacing. And I've yet to figure out gorse which seems to be very popular there.
  7. I'm slowly working on it. No idea when yet. It'll be all of them and a few that are missing such as the odd dead helipad. Plus I need to refine my elephant seals. It's a very strange setup. You can call the council, tell them you'd like an airport, and they'll send you all the gubbins to set it up. I assume by the time you've established your 20th they'll have run out of enthusiasm.
  8. Flight simulation airport interiors have killed my dog, devalued my car by over 83% and cost me my hairline and kidney function. Despite this I vote for the 61Tree Livingstone one too. The NZA Simulations interiors are right up there as well. Theirs are the first where I've heard airport announcements which is very cool. Pyreegue must have an awful lot of spies/ micro drones to be able to gather the detail they make as well.
  9. No idea what the difference between them is, but I do a contented 45 fps ish in 4K with a 1080ti when I fire up my ancient desktop. Settings aren't radically low.
  10. I was under the impression it stopped 'learning' in 2021 which means a lot of MSFS has changed. I tried it with a couple of things relating to it that were tormenting me but it spat out generic and useless answers.
  11. Give it a download now. There was really only one option that worked and it's a bit piddly but it'll throw some light.
  12. You don't get many options with approach lights, and once again I've no idea what was actually there, but I'll try something steady.
  13. ILS is present, and it's 3.6 degrees which is the one AIP ish detail I could find, but for some reason it rarely shows up. There's absolutely nothing about approaches etc out there, but I could never figure out how to add that to scratch built airports anyway.
  14. For anyone who is interested there is one EGCD Woodford by Skell300 and someone else - https://flightsim.to/file/67120/egcd-woodford-aerodrome-reactivation
  15. I'm going to redo that fairly rapidly. It's still too modern and there are more differences than I expected. I have found one single aerial pic of the airfield from 1982 from a documentary about the mission and that'll have to do despite it being largely fuzz. Might add some military stuff to Stanley in the same file so you have something to feel like you've really travelled through time after rotting in your chair for most of the day.
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