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  1. I would like to see something like a Aerolite 103. Low and slow to take advantage of the great vistas.
  2. Did that a lot with MS Flight, Land anywhere, exit the aircraft and just explore. You could walk or even run, Try and find where you parked the aircraft again, jump in and takeoff. Sorry, but it was a lot of fun. Would be great in the new sim.
  3. I do it by climbing to altitude, pulling the mixture back and pulling the nose up to stop the windmilling prop. Always an interesting experience to put the aircraft back on the ground. I remember on my PPL check ride in a C-150 the exameter did that to me. I picked out a field and was just going over the fence when he pushed the throttle back in. Luckily the engine was still running in this case. I too would like to see a glider of some sort in the sim.
  4. Just glad to see presets for the Honeycomb yoke flight controls. hope for the future throttle setup also.
  5. you are not the only one, I see plenty here already to keep me very busy,
  6. I have been waiting 40 plus years to see a sim like this. I got my PPL before there was such a thing.
  7. Yes that would be great. Also I wonder why we have seen nothing of sail planes. With all the great wind effects I would think that would be an easy and fun addition.
  8. I have the DR 400 from Just Flight for X-Plane and the DR401 from Aerobask ( a great free download) for X-Plane also... Love this little aircraft. Steam gauges or full glass displays, or a combination of both? Being a French aircraft I wonder if there will be more than one version available in FS2020? Same for the C-172. Guess we wait and see. Got my PPL with a C-150 just before the 1st Flight sims even got started, so I have seen the entire gambit.
  9. my trackIR is working fine in X- Plane. I see no reason it should not be just as good in MS Flight Sim 2020.
  10. Agree. That is what I am looking for primarily. Stick and rudder, low and slow baby. Just don't care about Tube liners, but of course many people do so there must be a balance..
  11. Yes, Minecraft came to mind also. My 8 year old grandson can build anything.
  12. I have not heard much about TrackIR. I use it all the time. Sure helps a lot in the traffic pattern. Loved to walk around in MS Flight.
  13. I do believe so. I would be a huge missed opportunity by Microsoft. I have seen way too many of those in the past.
  14. Very cool. Not only can I find My house but if I have a trike I can land on my street and park in my driveway? Maybe even get out and walk around. The possibility's are truly endless.
  15. gee, we had four seasons in MS Flight and it worked really well. Just saying.
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