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  1. I would just like to see their Cub with floats back for the current MSFS. I think that was like the first A2A aircraft release and the only one I own.
  2. Please a float plane, enough with the tubeliners. Even FSW had a great Super Cub on amphibian floats, All this water and only the Icon?
  3. I have had my honeycomb yoke for over a year and love it. Only problem has been the yoke started to work loose on the shaft. I had to take it apart and tighten 3 bolts that were becoming loose. Not worth returning it for this slight problem. Many other people have had this problem also. I would think it has been remedied in later production.
  4. Mine stopped loading at 1.49 GIB. Just left it sit for about an hour and it suddenly backed up a bit and finished loading. Seemed to have trouble with one of the airports.
  5. Always had the (checking for updates) with the Alpha and Beta loadings.
  6. Hard wire. After about a hour it backed up a bit and now is down loading again.
  7. Stopped at 1.49 GIB. WON'T GO ANY FARTHER. May have to reboot and try again. This happen to anyone else?
  8. Would be nice to move them to the my other screen, Like I do with the VFR map.
  9. I do love low and slow, so happy with that aspect of the sim. IFR, I do try to avoid controlled airspace as much as posiable. I follow roads and rivers. So glad I finally found your interesting Youtube channel, I will add it to my aver growing list.
  10. I'm 75 and doing ok with it, thank you. But I don't do airliners. Love the small GA aircraft. For me that it where it really shines.
  11. First thing I did this morning was look for Squirrel on Youtube. He sure makes it look easy.
  12. Funny, same experience here. Always something interesting ahead.
  13. I think the 1080 will work pretty well, don't worry so much. Give it a chance.
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