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  1. Air1

    Free Mission packs

    I have the P-40. They tell me that they have to wait until after the 24th to do any further improvements like fixing the dark instruments. Blue Sky is figuring how to due it best without steam. Not dead yet.
  2. Once again for MS Flight you can get all aircraft, the entire world if you want for FREE including 3 additional aircraft. You just need to download the Flight toolkit. Everything except multiplayer. And you do not need to go through Steam.
  3. Thanks Tom, I do miss the fun of multiplayer. I have not attempted the whole world yet. Not the same in FSW. Maybe that will change. Steve
  4. That's what I did, works fine.
  5. I'm back also. Just getting back into MS Flight again after loosing everything due to a fatal computer crash. Any way, new system, OMEN 870se. 32G memory, i7-7700k, GTX 1080 8G. Everything maxed out for all flight sims, MS Flight, FSX, and FSW. Steam was being difficult with MS Flight so I downloaded a new copy outside of Steam. Using the 'FLIGHT TOOL KIT.' I got all my aircraft back. So after 500 hours in MS Flight I am starting all over again. Least I get to collect Aerocaches all over again including the 25 or so that I had submitted myself. Flight is still the best in many respects in my humble opinion. Best graphics, best water textures, best runways and the most fun to boot. I do wish FSW had a HUD like Flight uses, hate the whiskey compass in the Super Cub. Still have high hopes for FSW. On a side note, looking for repaints in the Avsim library to replace those that were lost, but have only found two so far. Am I looking in the wrong place?
  6. Air1

    Two New Tools Available For Flight Sim World

    Sure would like a map like we had in MS Flight. Very easy to navigate. Seems like a step back
  7. Air1

    Zenith 701 for FSW progress.

    My kind of aircraft. This is one I will pick up for FSW. Will there be a float version? I do have your Seabee for FSX.
  8. Air1

    Update 12 Is Available Now In Flight Sim World

    I lost FSW after update 7. Drove me nuts. Delegated everything and reinstalled a number of times. Just refused to start, very frustrating to say the least. I finally discovered that the Windows 10 firewall was stopping updates by interfering with my own installed virus program. I turned OFF the Windows 10 firewall and Boom, FSW is up and running like a champ again. This on my i7 laptop while waiting for a new system.
  9. Air1

    Dovetail Games Direction

    Has anyone seen "the Novawrap, Special Edition." Novawing24 interview with Stephen Hood from Dovetail Games? Very informative. A hint of things to come. Steve A
  10. have it on my ipad mini and it is very challenging and a lot of fun, many different approaches offered and all kinds of weather. yes it is also available for android tablets now. Not as easy as you would think, fly's like a brick! Steve
  11. Air1

    WAKE UP!

    Me too!
  12. I have flown many back and forth between Atka and Adak with the C-46. Steve
  13. Air1

    Let's speculate

    I used to rent a 4 place Grumman AA-5A Cheetah. It was easy to push back the sliding canopy and close it in flight with no problem. A fun bird, never had a bad landing with that aircraft but boy did it love to float. Steve
  14. Air1

    Almost there... :-)

    Glad to hear form you again Jack. Best of luck. Steve