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  1. AZsoccer

    Fun landing on mountain roads

    Seeing these pics made me remember when I used to do multiplayer with you all the time. Man those were fun times. Wonder whatever happened to our ATC friend that always flew with us?
  2. AZsoccer

    Status of Flight\Flight Toolkit

    Flying a 747 at FL380 never was something that I found fun in a simulator. Spending hours seeing what you can find in Alaska, and then googling and learning about what you found is what made this game so amazing. I am not sure why there was not a bigger connection. I guess more people want to fly a heavy rather than an RV. Not me; I like to explore and learn at lower altitudes. While not the most appropriate forum, I found this today while exploring and it reminded me of why I love the game so much. If you go just southwest, you will find a bridge and a pink highway! Where else do you find a pink highway?
  3. AZsoccer

    MS Flight Unlocking Planes & Liveries

    Worked for me no problem.
  4. AZsoccer

    Status of Flight\Flight Toolkit

    The closing of Microsoft Flight really stung as it was by far my favorite. Lately I was thinking about the amazing times I had in Flight so here I am in June 2019 reacquainting myself with the sim and it looks as amazing as ever. Flying around Homer, AK brought back great memories. I am not sure if I am one of a handful of people or if there are hundreds now flying. I am using the non-GWFL version and preferred not to overlay FlightSimX. Thanks for all the hard work! kyle