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  1. thanks good to know. first thing i will turn off, when i made the update. was a little worried 😄 Imagine having played this sim and then you have to go back to fsx just because your stupid brain cant handle motion blur 🙂
  2. they added motion blur. can someone please check if you can deactivate this? i cant start the sim right now, but motion blur is the one factor that makes many games unplayable for me, because i get heavy motion sickness from it.
  3. and one thats not bricking itself because of faulty capacitor design decisions….
  4. Time for a rtx3090. Lets fill that 20gb of shiny new vram with Cockpit Shadows 😄
  5. Tried a trackball yet? Could do at least for work. Needs a little time to get used to
  6. did someone understand the part about the microsoft china team and something with voice stuff? was very cryptic
  7. Thanks for adding the link. I really was in a hurry. had to get to work 🙂
  8. I need to head off to work, so no time to analyze this in detail. Maybe some other german simmer can step in and do the work 😄 Its an interview an Jörg and hes speaking about the future. Mostly stuff we already know, but he teases a few project he cant speak about in detail. one is a possibility for freeware creators, to make small adjustments in the world and share them instant with other player (he speaks about "building the world together"). The other is something they are doing with the Microsoft china team. I really didnt get that, because wifey was speaking to me. Something about voice simulation/recognition? Jazz
  9. Yep. WiFi ist fine. It's faster than my internet connection. Speaking of a proper WiFi router and WiFi card here. You will get problems when u use a potato with antennas.
  10. What i wonder: Is it only tube liners or ga traffic too, that is live? I landed in vigo (spain) yesterday and got my clearence an everything. There was no other plane in atc. But right when i landed there was a ki plane (some 2 engine turboprop) atthe f*** runway. I landed anyway (dinner was ready 😄 ) and the other plane rolled of the runway and headed to a parking spot...
  11. It's there. You just have to assign buttons to it
  12. If you coul tell us how to reduce the sensivity for the hat switch in external view that would be great. ATM not usable for me
  13. i have the gamepass abo and i can install games from the gamepass on multiple pcs. I dont think, ms would change that politic. Buying through Windows store may be different though. I dont buy games on windows store usually, so i can not speak for games, but all the apps i bought in windows store (not many) can be installed on more than one pc if i recall correctly. only MS Office works different and has a limtited number of licenses. I can simply switch off a license for one pc and activate on another. But i dont even think, they will go that route. I think (pure speculation, but reasoned speculation) tyou will have to buy through store (or get gamepass). MSFS will be linked to your MS Account and and you will be able to install on as many pcs as you want, as long as you logged into your ms account with that pc. Why do i think that? Well because its common practice in game industry now. we dont live in the 90s no more. Every single game launcher software, that i know (and i literally know all of them: Steam, Uplay, EA Origin, Epic, GoG and so on) works exactly that way.
  14. You bet. Just tell her that another guy on the forum bought a kayak a couple of weeks ago because of midlife crisis and now needs a new pc too. My wife is gonna kill me. Slow and painful
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