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  1. I'd just like to have a mission where you are asked to deliver some deliverables.
  2. Thank god no raytracing. Tbh I didn't see a single game that got it right. It was always over the top with too much and too clear reflections. A floor is not a fu...ntastic mirror god word not allowed it
  3. I Support thus requests. Would really Love fitting Vegetation and buildings. Especially in Europe with the historical City Centers. Bit Slums in Others Regionen would ne good too. The world ist Not a beautigul place everywhere
  4. Me too, give me an preorder early Access and im all in 🙂
  5. The Isle rèunion. Seems top ne a real pretty place and since its french IT would fit somehow. And Seconds the German northsea isles.
  6. I thought I am too old to get overly excited about a video game. But here I am on board of the hype train, ready to sacrifice my firstborn to get into the alpha. U here me Microsoft? Firstborn, my eternal soul, what ever you want... 🙂
  7. The guy from helosimmer at least sait they where running 4k with a rtx2080 at very high frames. That makes me optimistic for my 2k monitor with a gtx 1080ti
  8. I vote for this beauty. 😁😁😁 No licensing issues since Minecraft belongs to Ms. They won't have to care about flight model too
  9. I noticed a Little black box towards the end of the vid (circle). it flickers somehow. is it a bug, is it a reflection from a Building (that would be wow) or is it a advertisement Panel showing somethign (even more wow) no idea how to upload a pic, so here is a link https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AP1ICQQxQOVfNfg&cid=98D9F38CCEC5C7D4&id=98D9F38CCEC5C7D4!108484&parId=root&o=OneUp
  10. Why stop with flamingos and rodents. Since I like seaplanes I want to see water fleas. And I want them lifelike, which means breeding season in July and August. If Ms need optical input: I've got some pics when I tried my New camera macro lens :D :D Oh almost forgot. I want them oversized too. Wouldn't it be cool to crash into a pair of giant waterless, who are getting it on while trying to take off ;D
  11. I would love to see the antonov an2 but i guess thats very unlikely. But it would bea great plane. Easy enough that Beginners van learn a start up Routine.
  12. Just gimme Weekly aerocaches to interesting spots. Enable 3rd Party devs to include aerocaches to their scenery addons would be great
  13. Do u have a MS Account? I just logged in with that
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