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  1. Anyone notice that the bindings for nav, beacon and strobe are not correct?
  2. Rob, I wax my airplane once a year.
  3. How true. The Garmin Aviation Trainer runs very slow installed on Win 10 2004. The result is a slide show for the GTN 750. So bad, its unusable.
  4. Thank you Midnight, I uninstalled and reinstalled with a fresh download fromAlabeo. they work fines now.
  5. Has not worked for any Alabeo or Caranado aircraft that I have installed. All missing panels: Alabeo Cessna 170 Carenado Cessna 182T Carenado Shorts Caranado Aero Commander Alabeo M20R Alabeo Piper Tri Pacer
  6. gpf3m

    V5 F-16

    Anyone notice that the default F-16 is a fps hog? Most default aircraft I can get 50+ fps but with the default F-16, 23 if I'm lucky.
  7. gpf3m


    Inexplicably, V5 is now running very smooth. Not sure what I did. Now to attempt a fix for the blurry scenery.
  8. gpf3m


    If I disable Godrays in the weather, the stutters are significantly reduced. Has anyone noticed this?
  9. Mine is a stutter feast. Ive removed and reloaded several times. No addons. Stutters badly, using settings on install. Nothing fancy. 4.5 was much smoother.
  10. gpf3m


    I just triedV5 with refresh set at 30hz, used nvida to set fps at 30 and departed of from KMRY using orbx addon. Again, a stuttering mess. Never had this stuttering in V4.5. Settings with V5 are the same as those I used in V4.5. The stuttering destroys the immersion. I guess I can return this software.
  11. Anyone with V5 noticing stutters? I'm getting many.
  12. I’ll buy v5 when it’s released. I’ll also buy MFS when it is released.
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