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  1. I've just finished 3 Skypark missions (over 6 hours of flight time) using the TBM and Bonanza, each in VR and had absolutely fantastic flights. I did restart the sim between each flight. I'm enjoying the best performance I've had since the sim was released... settings somewhat maxed, no stutters, smooth, no CTD's. I fire up the sim, enter an IFR flightplan based on the Skypark contract, crank up Jumpseat radio and off I go. I'm not thrilled with the overexposed clouds and have had a couple of hiccups with ATC but nothing I couldn't overcome. I've been able to complete each IFR flight all while using live weather. My specs are below. Why is it that I'm able to get so much enjoyment out of this sim after the latest update yet others are struggling so much? My system is not that special when I compare mine to others. It might be helpful if more folks would include their specs in their signature. I can't see that I've done anything differently than anyone else posting here. I don't have a lot of addons in my community folder and the ones I have are updated to work with this update. I always start by renaming my Community folder before updating the sim. Why am I not suffering the same problems as so many are? There is no question there are issues but I'm certainly not struggling to use this simulator. I've had to adapt and overcome at times but I'm having the time of my life! I hope that others can get past their issues and find the same level of enjoyment that I have.
  2. I completely disagree but that's just me. With this update, I've maxed out my settings and I'm having the best VR experience I've ever had less the overexposed clouds!
  3. I'm very pleased with this latest update with the exception of the overexposed clouds. Bumped most of my settings up to ultra/high and everything is smooth as silk. I may be one of a few that really likes the highlighted dials/button functionality. I find I have much better control using the mouse wheel for spinning the dials and knobs. I also believe my loading times are improved as well. This is by far the best performance I've experienced to date! Very important to start with an empty Community folder initially then begin adding back updated mods.
  4. I just noticed that version 7.2.1 of Pete and John Dowson's FSUIPC7 released today.
  5. Thanks for the prompt response... throttles are throttling! One other question. How do I remove a "Key Up Event" if one is added but needs to be removed? It seems it can't be deleted once added, only changed. I've been deleting the button assignment and adding it back with only the "Key Down Event". I've read through the manual for a solution and filtered the simulator events for a "None" event but didn't find one. Not a big deal, just thought I would ask.
  6. Good morning, Not my intention to tattle on anyone but I need to know if AAO is supposed to be playing nicely with a CJ4 throttle axis as of r2.05? If so, someone needs a timeout! I'm still not able to bind an axis to any TQ6 throttle lever. The spoiler axis however seems to be getting along fine with all of the other TQ6 levers. Thanks in advance for any info! Regards...g
  7. I appreciate the information and need to reverse my sliders as well. I was not aware that these sliders would specifically affect outside/cockpit clarity in this manner.
  8. Thanks for the update! I am really looking forward to the release of your 310R!
  9. Agree completely with Gordon... start with the CJ4 with WT mod first. Workflow is much more involved than GA and you can easily find yourself way behind the jet which is not a good place to be! Best part you already have it. Aerosoft CRJ is nice as well but the CJ4 is a good tooth-cutter. Enjoy!
  10. Just finished my first ILS flight in VR using your eBag! Fantastic! What a tremendous benefit to be able to refer to charts while in VR. I've really been hoping someone would develop a tool like this. Thanks for your efforts in improving our flight sim hobby!
  11. I can highly recommend MSFS 2020 in VR! Despite some shortcomings, the flight experience through a VR headset is absolutely spectacular!
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