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  1. BigG433

    No ATC-Chatter-Sound in Pilot2ATC

    Eberhard, I ran into this issue and this is what I did to remedy this problem: In Pilot2ATC, click the Configure button, go to the "Speech" tab and check to see that the correct output device is selected in the "Speech Output Device" dropdown box. Hope this helps! Regards, G
  2. BigG433

    Pilot2ATC in VR - X Plane 11

    I don't use the Steam app for flight simming. However, I did try running X-Plane in VR using the Steam app but was not able to open in VR unless I first fired up the Oculus app. As I understand from the information I've been able to find, OVRDrop will only work with apps that use Steam native VR. I even tried a suggestion to set the .exe to win 7 compatibility but this only triggered errors when starting X-Plane. Will continue looking for other options...g
  3. BigG433

    Pilot2ATC in VR - X Plane 11

    Thanks Dave, I'll take a look at OVRDrop. Appreciate your prompt response!
  4. Howdy! Nearing the end of my trial period using the P2A application and would like to purchase! However, I primarily fly using a Rift in VR. I've spent the past several days trying to utilize P2A in VR. It is probably not intended to be used in VR since it's interaction occurs in separate window but I was wondering if anyone has managed to integrate P2A's use while flying VR. It's possible to bring an external window into your FOV in VR, just haven't found a way to interact with P2A as you would in 2D. Thanks in advance for any advice! G
  5. I can second the Hot Start TBM 900. Just purchased. Outstanding simulation, very detailed! Flamed the engine on start up first rattle out of the box so you will have to learn how to start this turboprop correctly! Looks outstanding in VR, just be deliberate on where you click in the cockpit.
  6. Howdy, Just found the Carenado EMB505 Phenom 300 for P3Dv4 available for download from the Carenado website. However, the Navigraph Expansion Pack for the 300 does not appear to P3Dv4 compliant as of yet. Enjoy! Regards, Gary