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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if this just dropped all of a sudden in the next couple of weeks or a month. LM surely want to get the jump on MS/Asobo. The longer their product is on the market before the release of MSFS the better for them. Because if its a choice between P3D V5 and MSFS, me thinks a large majority of users, who won't buy bought, will buy MSFS.
  2. This one bucks the trend. Instead of being plausible, I was aiming at sarcastic.
  3. 1. I signed up up for alpha testing right at the beginning. 2. I haven't been selected. 3. I don't care. 4. I have 16GB of DRAM 5. I'm not upgrading to 32GB 6. I don't care.😁
  4. In an effort to out do other great developers like A2A during the global pandemic, PMDG are giving away all of their products including the NG3 for MSFS for free until midnight on April 1st! 😂
  5. I was a committed TrackIR user for may years. After I moved out of my house into an apartment I had to give up man cave and I sold my TrackIR5 and pretty much gave up the sim for a while. I then decided to give VR a go with a Sumsung Odyssey+. The being there factor is whats best about VR and the tracking is excellent in P3D and XP11 but the issue for me where 1. Performance, 2. image quality and 3. Feild of view. (Which I believe at least in my case becomes more noticeable and immersion killing after some time). I moved again and this time into a house and got a new man cave 🙂 and since I sold the Samsung Odyssey+ before the long distance move to reduce the goods I was taking with me, I ended up buying an other. I bought 2 in fact and treated myself to my first 4K big screen TV. A Samsung 55" NU6900. The 4K image in P3D blow me away! And I became disenchanted with VR. A few weeks ago I bought another TrackIR5 (two of them in fact😆). It's the first time I've used TrackIR in years and all I can say is I don't know what I was thinking! TrackIR5 is a absolute must have for Flight Sim. I find the regular reflective clip for a baseball cap more than meets my expectation. I got mine in Ebay from china. It didn't come in the regular package. More of an OEM brown box but its definitely authentic and brand new. I an quite sure that the merchants selling it will accept offers of less than a hundred buck. The add gave the impression that the Trackclip pro was included but it was not. I paid $120 each for the two I got but when I complained about the absence of the track clip pro they agreed to give me a $20 each refund. Shipping was free. I don't know where else you'll get a TrackIR5 for less than $100. TrackIR 5 - Highly Recommended!😁
  6. The Moses of Avsim. Saw the promised land but didn't get to enter it. A kind and gracious individual. RIP
  7. I'm sticking with 16gb. If and when its released and requires 32gb I'll buy it and upgrade then if the reviews are good. Hopefully there will be a demo and I can see for myself.😁
  8. How did you hold up against those guys? I used to race with GTR2. I think the races I participated in where hosted by a group called Eagle Racing or something like that. Did it on and off for a couple of years. Those guys where really good. I consistently only barely made the grade to stay in the competition. They had a minimum requirement. I cannot remember the criteria. I only ever won one race online with GTR2. It was at Monza. A gaming experience I will never forget. Took the lead on final straight of the last lap. The top contenders had all crashed and that put me in the running. That was even before iRacing was a thing. I have been eyeing my Logitech Momo sitting on the floor in the corner for a while. The great thing about sim racing is that it is so much less complex than flight sim. Time to stop eyeing the Momo. 😁😆
  9. I'm sure those giant block are supposed to just protrude out of the ground a fractions of there height. Makes me recall that shot of the pyramids in the MSFS original promo video. Yikes!
  10. That is indeed great but I'll hold out for Asobo Africa myself.😁
  11. You should try setting your Frame Rate to 24. I use TrackIR5 and i have smoothing set 50. I also use EZCA v3 and I have additional smoothing to about 400. It prevents panning of view to quickly. If the panning is to fast the smooth motion 'brakes down'. Also I couldn't care less what the naysayers say. I've been at this a long time and what I'm seeing on my screen now is far superior to anything I've seen before.
  12. Correct! and I said nothing to the contrary.😁 I have since determined that it is the TV that is delivering the smoothing effect at 24hz in conjunction with smoothing provided by TrackIR and EZCA 3. In fact it only works when the gaming mode is off. If I turn the gaming mode on and watch my own videos I can discerned the jump from one frame to the next which is indicative of a low refresh rate. I.e. the smoothness I am seeing is not captured in the videos. Its the TV producing the smoothness in the game play and the videos. So don't tell me you watched the videos and you can't see what I am taking about. I already know that. It's the end result that counts and the end result that shows what's possible. And what's possible is the appearance of 60fps synced in P3D when in fact it is running at 24fps. Unpack that! The TV is a Samsung 55" NU6900. Less than $500 at Costco. Your experience may vary!😁
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