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  1. Still working on this. Again this is just for viewing at 24hz. Your millage may vary. I used good old Microsoft Movie maker for this and discovered when uploading the video the I used a much to high bit rate. The 25 min video ended up being 4gb. It to me 3 days to upload it🀣 Anyway you can judge for yourself if 24fps/hz is something that can work for you. The advantages are obvious but I acknowledge that never display is suitable. Also if you are panning with a hat switch I doubt it will work either. Smooth panning is necessary. That can be accomplished with TrackIR5 smoothing and EZCA additional smoothing. In the final analysis for me its a lot better than 30fps/hz. Not just because of higher setting but my display just handles 24hz better than it handles 30hz. Over and out!😁
  2. I dare you to yank back the yoke all the way and step on a rudder pedal
  3. Before i buy another VR headset I am looking for 3 thing. 1. A much bigger FOV (no scuba mask effect) 2. Eye tracking (so that only the area the eye is focused on need to be in sharp focus) 3. 4K resolution. Those 3 plus the standard feature already available and all for $600 or less. 😁
  4. Some TV's apparently have filters that smooth out ghosting. I can watch that video on the Samsung NU6900 and unless I move my head to fast the image stays smooth and fluid but If i watch it on the much older Samsung 1080p TV in the living room set to 24hz its does look terrible. But also leads me to another question about traffic refresh rate in FSX/P3D because one thing I noticed is that AI traffic in general seems to be to my eye on my display more fluid at 24hz/fps than it does at 30hz/fps. Which makes me wonder are the positions of AI traffic updated 24 times per second by the sim all the time no mater what the frame rate?
  5. So for motion management I am using TrackiR5 smoothing set to 50 with precision tracking. That's not enough! I am also using EZCA3 addition motion smoothing set to about 700. It goes higher than that but I really becomes aware of the the camera lagging behind my head movement above that. The trick is to make slower head movement.
  6. Oh boy! Reading between the lines there!😲 The sky will fall down and I'm no chicken little!🀣
  7. I'd rather get a Prepar3D V5 installer for NGXu and 777 or Milviz 737-200 Prepar3D V5 intaller than get into the MSFS Alpha test. 😁
  8. I guess on your Display it will but not on all displays. Mine for example!😁 On mine apart form some unrelated to refresh rate stutters its perfectly smooth and fluid. I wanted to determine who see's excessive ghosting and who doesn't. For anyone who doesn't maybe they can list there display make and model. I'm inclined to think that those using HDTVs or 4K TV's might have a better experience with this than those using PC monitors. Since Many TV's apparently have a smoothing filter for 24hz. My display is a 55" Samsung NU6900. With the refresh rate set to 24hz in NCP and Game mode off in the TV settings this video plays back perfectly smoothly and fluidly on the screen. Except when the the panning rate is too fast. Then micro stutters ensue. I wanted to determine based on poll results if it was worth posting 4K videos at 24fps to my Youtube channel
  9. If you display can do 24hz please set it to 24hz and watch thing video and let me know how it looked. Its 4K so it might take a while to be available in 4K
  10. Whahahahaaahahahaha!🀣🀣🀣 I cant believe that Costa with a K instead of the C is word not allowed. That is just hilarious. You know there is something deeply amiss with AVSIM. And then I just discovered that the balaclava emoticon is also no longer available! Good Grief! I've been thrown out of far better clubs than this one!πŸ˜’
  11. NickN doesn't post here! 🀣 Neither does Word Not Allowed!🀣 I sure you're thinking of Nickbe.
  12. I have been an EZCA user since it was released. So I have had it from way before Chase Plane even existed. I have never purchased Chase Plane. Why would I? If you are looking for advice on which to buy take it from someone who used both. But bear in mind that most who have used both will have used EZCA first. And since they purchased Chase Plane they probably had problems with EZCA to begin with. I'd suggest if you heard someone say Chase Plan hands down or EZCA hands down or some phrase to that effect. I would ask whoever makes a statement like that if they have used both. If not they are not looking to help you. They are looking for you to make a purchase that validates theirs. People are mean that!πŸ˜’
  13. That's all very well stated and I believe all that is about the norm for anyone running Prepar3D V4 or V5. I've seen all of the issues you've outlined and I believe these are the issues there are no known end user solutions for. The pauses have been put down to scenery loading, Antivirus, windows randomly accessing drives. I have had the experience of low fps at destination airport where it is normal when the same airport is the departure airport. I've also seen it be both normal or low at the same destination airport on different occasions. I also still see autogen loading in block on decent and final into destination airport and during the flight. I've seen perfect sharp tiles right next to blurred tiles. I have a 2080ti and 8086K running at 5.3ghz with 16gb of 4400mhz CL18. The only advantage anyone else could really have over me is 2 extra physical cores. My solution to it is accept it the way it is. There is always going to be some immersion killers with Prepar3D no matter what. I used to spend a lot of money on addons but I don't anymore. Probably less than $300 a year at this point. So I don't feel like I am throwing good money after bad.
  14. You wanna spin something? Spin a sailplane! Bring a spare pair of underpants with you to the airfield. 🀣
  15. Spin recovery? Piece of cake!πŸ˜’
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