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  1. Hi! When I take a look at the rex sky force weather menu (your favorite airport) it says that in London there will be clear sky, no clouds. But when I start the game, there are plenty of heavy clouds. It also says that the weather have been updated. And i also wait for a few minutes. And when i reach an 8000 meters, it´s NEVER blue sky. It is always hazy and you can´t see the ground. Even up on 10000m this is a problem. Can someone help me whit this problems? Sincerely Axel
  2. Hi! I've downloaded one of the project opensky b777 (https://simviation.com/1/search?submit=1&keywords=singapore&x=11&y=14 ,the one that says B777-300ER star alliance white package) I've notised that all the opensky b777 (or really any free b777 aircraft that you can find on the internet) extinguishes/Darkens in the cockpit when it is dark outside. No panels work like FMC etc. It's just black. Does anyone know what to do when this is repeated on several models I have downloaded? Sincerely Axel
  3. Hi! I Use REX weather for p3d. I have noticed that the weather in the game not match whit what the weather menu says in the REX app. It says that there is clear wheather in Copenhagen but when i load the game, there is heavy clouds and thunderstorms. And yes, I've been waiting for some minutes to see if something will happend, but no. Once when I flew from Stockholm to Umeå, the app said it would be thunderstorm and rain in Stockholm and so it was. And in Umeå it would be clear weather and no clouds. During the flight that took about an hour, the weather updated several times. But when I arrive at umeå, there was big hazy clouds on about 2000m height as well as some ordinary little clouds. Why is the weather not updated during the flight when it says it does? Sincerely
  4. Okay, Thanks for your help! I will try it!
  5. I´m using Alpha India Group traffic.
  6. Hi! I use rex weather and have noticed that the atc gives me and the AI traffic different landning runways. For exapmple in Rome, I was cleard for land on RWY 16L, and the ai traffic was cleard to land on RWY 34R. (The same runway but from the other side) How can i solve this problem so we don't crash. Sincerely Axel
  7. Okay, thanks for your help!
  8. Okay, so can I see which runway I will take off from whit this addons?
  9. Hi! Can someone help me to find a good weather addon for p3d? I want an addon where I can from the begining of the flight see which runway I will take off from and landning on so I can prepare my flightplan after the weather. (I fly whit the project airbus so i don't have the opportunity to make a flightplan in the aircraft) I also fly VRF. It whould be great if i could se the weather during the entire flightt from the begining. Sincerely Axel
  10. Thank you so much everyone for your opinions and suggestions, I really appreciate it very much and will take care of them. Thanks again and hope we hear again soon!
  11. Okay, thanks for all your help! I appreciate that!
  12. Okay... but do i have to make new camera angels for every new aircraft i download?
  13. Hi! I am planing on to buy the ezdok camera for p3d. I´m only using aircraft from Simvitation, so i dont have aircrafts like pmdg or aerosoft airbus. So my question is if i have to set up a new camera angels for each aircraft i download. Or if i e.g make one for an a320,or will it be saved automatically for all a320 aircraft then? Is it worth buying ezdok if I download new planes often? Sincerely Axel
  14. 379/5000 Hey! I have downloaded Alpha India traffic and have noticed that the aircraft is traveling very fast. They can be in simulator rate 16x speed. Does anyone know if I can set them up so they fly slower, because now that I fly and come in for landing, it can suddenly come across an airplane over me that gets to land before me and it is not so fun when it happens continuously. Axel
  15. Hey! I forgot to put on APU, thank you very much for your help. Axel
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