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  1. I obviously solved the problem by being angry and frustrated and pressing different settings, hahaha. Thank you so much for taking your time anyway to help me! Sincerely Axel
  2. Hi! It's not an aircraft like pmdg. It's project airbus aircraft so I cant touch any settings like that.
  3. I'm using a joystick:)
  4. Hey all! When I'm going to takeoff, my aircraft is very slow to get up to speed. It hasn't been like this before and I have exactly the same flaps set and no spoilers or brakes in. This has all of a sudden started to happend. I use aircraft from Simvitaion such as project airbus. Does anyone know what I can do? I can rotate at about 140 knots but it takes longer than usual to reach that speed. After takeoff, the speed is suddenly lowered instead of increasing and finally I get stall. I've been flying with these aircraft a lot but now all of a sudden it doesn't work very well. Sincerely Axel
  5. Hey all! I have now read everyone's comments and tested myself and tried to press "use simple control" and apparently worked then. Thank you so very much to everyone who has taken their time and helped me with this, really appreciate it. Sincerely Axel 🙂
  6. Hey! I haven't had time with it until now when I go to school and don't sit in front of my computer all the time. I will now test your tips and see if anything works!
  7. Hi! My aircraft just want to turn left, both my engines are on and have the same thrust. This is on all my aircraft. Sincerely Axel
  8. Hi Maddogz! I'cant find any electric_always_available=0. Before, everything worked fine but now all of a sudden it doesn't work.
  9. I've tried that now but it wont work 😞
  10. I've tried to switch on the APU but it won't work It's just blck
  11. Hi! The last time i've been flying the electricity have shut down. I do like this: 1- I stand whit my plan on the gate and turn of the engines to use GSX. 2- After like 5min all the panels shut down. I can't see the gps or the autopilot panels. It just turns in to black. I've tested various aircraft, all from the project airbus a380 to a "default" a350. (default i mean whit an a321 cockpit) I can't not use the atc beacuse this. It just says that i don't have any electricity. i've been loocking for an switch but don't find nothing. Can someone help me whit this!! Sincerely Axel (As i said i only use "default aircraft" from like simvitation and so)
  12. Axel c


    Thanks everyone!!
  13. Hi! I use traffic global for p3d and wonder if i can use other traffic's as well? E.g fspainter a350, jurgen's paint hangar ,etc. Or can i only use one ? Sencerly Axel
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