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  1. CaptainNick

    Qualitywings 757 released for P3Dv4

    Picked up it, for 15 bucks its a no brainer. I'll throw a review video up next week like I did with the Virtua Col A220
  2. for 400-500 usd you can easily swap to a ryzen setup. A decent b450 mobo is going to be 100-150, 2600 is like 160 right now, 120 will get you 16gb of decent timing 3200mhz ddr4, and a few bucks to toss at like a Coolermaster EVO 212 which will get you to 4ghz-4.2 depending on the silicon lottery. Plus the 450 mobo will fit the new ryzen 3000's coming out....
  3. I recently swapped from an old Xeon e3 1290v2 setup to an OC'd Ryzen 2600 myself running 4.4 still with a gtx 1060 6gb and saw a pretty solid improvement in the ability to turn up visual settings with the same-ish frame rates at 1920x1080, you can see it on some of the videos from the past month at my youtube link in my signature. Now the real question before everyone starts chiming in about buying a 9900k or 9700k etc is what sort of budget do you have realistically? Anything you swap to, you are going to have to go processor, motherboard and DDR4 tell us your budget and that will help anyone make a reccomendation.
  4. CaptainNick

    2019 - a great year for flying with P3D?

    Two things that would make me a happy camper in 2019: PMDG JS41 finally gets into V4. Thats not going to happen so I have to look forward to the Carenado EMB-120....which hopefully won't be terrible (it doesn't have the terrible collins pro line or g1000's so I actually have high hopes for this)
  5. CaptainNick

    ORBX May sale on

    Always love the ORBX sales. I tend to pick up an airport or 3 when they come through. Picked up BZN, will most likely pick up Bonners Ferry and the Australia region too.
  6. CaptainNick

    Is a FMC Expansion a possibility?

    Honestly the GTN does an amazing job as is (minus the database issue...) I would say focus the development team on another cool biz jet like a Hawker, or the old Falcon 20...a “gulfstream” style g4 sp would be the bees knees...
  7. I may be picking up Xplane finally when this comes out
  8. CaptainNick

    Does anyone use Track IR anymore ?

    I use it, in conjunction with the track clip pro, and chaseplane. I almost exclusively fly GA and Business GA stuff noways, a far cry from the days of every flight being for a VA in a tubeliner of some sort. One day I may return to the commercial side of things, i enjoy the TFDI 717 though. Anyhow, I would not fly without Track IR now days, No issues for me, 27" 1080p monitor. Be nice to get a 32 or a smaller 4k tv and pair it up.
  9. Brother, you will definitely be good to go. The CPU will OC to 4k with typing in two numbers, just don't use the stock cooler for that. Don't believe the naysayers that say it won't run it well. It will run it just fine. Will the higher end intel products run it a bit better? Sure, but that doesn't mean the 2600 setup won't run it well. MY only suggestion would be to pick up a set of 3200 ram and not the 3000. Ryzen likes faster ram, and get the fastest timings you can afford. I just swapped to a 2600 setup myself from a Xeon in anticipation of the 3000 series coming up. Still on a 1060 6gb, at 1080p I have no issues.