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  1. Good lord this is a thing of beauty. Bye bye BS TBM, hello Meridian! Will be my new old love in FSE. Amazing job!
  2. It is there as Piper PA-46 Meridian, its OG Name prior to the M series rebrand. I have owned one in FSE for a many years. Used to fly the Carenado one in p3d with it.
  3. I get in the 50s-60s on my 4k TV. I use Track IR when in 2d, so my first concern was a higher framerate to keep up with Track IR's polling (it is trash below 40's) and then maximizing eye candy but not at the cost of keeping framerates in the 50's. As such, while I have alot of things on ultra, I do keep my LOD's at 100 and have some of the annoying post processing stuff turned off. I set it once and then forget about it. No need to babysit FPS beyond the initial setup. Same thing for VR with my G2. I put the settings to get me the best framerate first, then found a happy medium that allowed great framerate (using the toolkit etc) with decent visuals. Set it once, then I turned all the overlays etc off.
  4. Current favorites getting a lot of use in VR are the A2A Comanche and the Black Square Analog King Air.
  5. Been flying her in VR a lot. The king is back. And boy have they set a benchmark.
  6. The entire picture? VirtualCol makes trash add ons worthy of inclusion on an Abacus boxed set for fs9. You seem desperate to want a 220 no matter the quality. I think most of us here would rather not see a VirtualCol one get released, than they continue and thousands of people get duped on the marketplace by it thinking it is something it’s not. But hey, if you want trash so bad I’m sure you could reach out to them and send them some cash to finish the project…
  7. And if they include the terrible sounds from the g1000 182 we can just swap the FTSim soundpack in instead
  8. P3D: Maybe? If they do like PMDG did with the NGXU then possibly. Maybe they have gotten smart and did simultaneous dev work in MSFS.
  9. My young daughter ripped out the light switches on my Alpha somehow. Emailed them several times to enquire about paying for and ordering some replacement switches but never got a response. Honestly I like the equipment having both a launch Alpha and a launch Bravo but if my Alloy RD1 pedals ever take a dump (not very likely since they are straight metal) the Charlie pedals would not be on the list due to their lack of any support.
  10. Well I think GotFriends stopped working on theirs for msfs due to Asobo having the Diamond license. It would be an easy one for them to whip up.
  11. Pilot Controlled Lighting, and an EMB120 😛
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