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  1. I come to fly a plane, not watch pedestrians walk down streets. This is how we get things like 4K ultra hi res toilets on tubeliners...or 8k hood ornaments on cars parked at an airport parking lot on top of bad performance.
  2. I pre ordered the day they announced it available, but I wasn’t “hyped” for it until Robert Randazzo made his post. I was on the fence and still am a bit skeptical about some things I have seen/heard but he seems to think it is the way forward. You may hate PMDG’s business practices...but they tend to make amazing addons and have been doing that for a long time now. And whilst my flying fastest have changed over the years from PMDG and other tubeliners to more turboprops and GA flying, if they can seemingly get excited about the platform so can I.
  3. I watched a few of his videos the other day and posted them to my FsEconomy group’s Discord. We have seen lots of people with 2080ti’s and 1080ti’s but this guy is running a bit older processor and a 1660. It is probably the most honest look at performance. We don’t see a lot of the big stutters/fps drops from the other videos. But he is also being realistic with his settings too. Something everyone had to be humbled with in V5 and most likely should do in MSFS too.
  4. If they are using a modern GPU (most are) Nvidia shadowplay takes very little overhead due to the built in encoder.....and most of the broadcast/streaming software can use that same nvenc encoder to make the cpu/gpu hit fairly limited....not having played the alpha or the preview version...I could only guess that maybe these issues they seem to almost all be having could be a hard disk issue? Maybe the streaming of scenery on top of the saving of a high quality/low or no compressed video to the same disk could be a slight issue? I’d think most ssd/nvme drives could do this relatively easy....but I’m no expert. I will say in the other major sims I don’t notice any real fps drop when recording for my channel with shadowplay. The only issue I had was in a stream once. I was bogging down....because I was streaming outside my normal hours of play and windows decided to download/prep the 2004 update. This was with OBS studio and the nvenc encoder.
  5. Clock speed doesn’t tell the whole story. We have gone from 2 cores to 6-12+ cores as mainstream and some pretty big IPC improvements. GN did a pretty interesting video a couple weeks back of the 4790k vs modern processors, and while it delivered “acceptable” performance in some modern titles it was thoroughly beat in non oc and overclocked fashion but modern (this gen and the previous gen) Intel and amd processors at stock speeds let alone overclocks.
  6. Not doubting Asobo’s skills but I think most of their stuff has been in Unreal or the Dunia engine. Like any good developer they built on top of the tools given.
  7. For VR I would think you want unlimited, give it the best possible chance of hitting the native hz of your headset before some sort of reprojection kicks in.
  8. If you can fit it in the budget go for the 2060 super then, the extra vram will be super beneficial then. Either way it’s a significant upgrade from the 580, but most of the newer stuff you really want at least 8gb of vram especially moving forward for a couple years
  9. Yes but really you should either go 2070 super or better for the significantly more hrsprs for vr or wait for the 30000 series cards coming if you can.
  10. I was pretty critical of the upcoming messiah sim: Fs2020 in my P3D V5 review video, mainly due to the rabid fans who had not played the alpha and talked it up to be the ******* of sims (probably still will be) but everything was a waste of money and trash to them unless it was fs2020. From the preview videos released in the past couple days, some of my fears have been born out. It’s clear the other content creators do not get the same “fluid” experience Asobo does in their videos...could be a mixture of their hardware, and the preview build not being optimized. Still I am excited for the release, ponied up the $120 for it, excited to see A2A on board, track ir support finally and incoming VR support. Seeing the lackluster frame rates I will probably not move over until performance is as good as I am currently getting in TE areas. clouds look very pretty though!
  11. I think that was their hope...a new well made half life game that was vr only would help stir up more index sales and then more steam vr sales in general. Not only that but it allows them to get some really good experience crafting a vr centric full title And not just the little snippets in some of the demos they released.
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