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  1. I flew around in it earlier to see. Could not get the HUD to stow, and some lighting/shadow glitches in the cockpit but it was flyable.
  2. I also have a wall mounted 55" 4k set that I use as my monitor. Its mounted over my desk so I sit just at 36" from it. Luckily I have it mounted so my desk lines up just underneath, and I have my track IR camera right there, underneath the tv. its a bit messy but you can see the camera under the Chrome icon on the taskbar.
  3. The few I have purchased have been through the marketplace. For all the downsides to it, the upside of having the majority of my stuff in 1 "download manager" is worth it imo.
  4. Picked it up at launch. It is pretty meh even by carenado standards. Some decent repaints on flightsim.to Doesn't hold a candle to the a2a one in p3d. I enjoy the analog 172 much more.
  5. Your cruise sounds about right for what it should do on average. Have to remember cruise isn’t max performance. If you want faster, make sure your super chargers are in high, and push the mp up. Of course you are going to chew through gas that way though.
  6. Here is a video of the issue. It’s intermittent and preventing me from making more videos for my channel. Sometimes it is present, sometimes not.
  7. Interesting list of locations. Some hairy legs too (that aspen to Mexico City one was the first one I went “that might be a tough departure”)
  8. I’ve spent way too much on payware over the years. With that said, I don’t mind spending for quality. If it’s cheap too, then that is a bonus. Looks like we are getting lots of trash like FSX spawned at one time.
  9. What I like about it, is that there are several ways to make a living. You can do the boring thing and just run green jobs in a network. You can make money doing this. My group has a few of these setup with hundreds of jobs at the hub's going out to the spokes. You can also hunt down the VIP jobs in faster biz jets or turbo props which you can easily make a killing with, or get something bigger and haul all the cargo jobs atm. Its a matter of how much effort you want to put into it. Greenies back and forth are easy mindless money. VIP and Cargo take the right planes in the right areas and you have to do some legwork to find and string them together.
  10. Long time FSE user here. I enjoy it immensely. But what I enjoy the most isn’t the game world, it’s the community. Specifically the flying group I’m a member of. Even if I stopped FSE I would still be active there.
  11. I love how some people..usually the same couple of culprits are so distraught with their preferred sim that they have to go to other sim's forums and try to justify to themselves through the attempted ridicule of other sim's. Gets old. Imagine if they spent all that energy on doing something positive in their lives...or an even crazier though: playing their sim of choice instead.
  12. So I have recently had an issue the past couple weeks where my entire MSFS screen in flight, gets blurry. Not the ground textures, but like the entire screen looks slightly out of focus and it goes back and forth every few seconds. I will have nice crisp screen for 5 seconds then the blurry look for a second and back. Turned dev mode on, no FPS loss so its not like a stutter. Any thoughts? 5800x, 32gb ram, rtx 2070 super. 4k with 80% render scaling. Most options on high with a couple of ultra. Consistent 45+fps just the weird off/on bluriness.
  13. Seriously, this looks amazing and a massive leap forward texture wise for Flysimware. We know the systems and flight model will be on point as they always are. This is an easy no brainer purchase
  14. Honestly the most essential are a solid yoke, throttle quadrant and rudder pedals. Next in line, and more of a want than a need would be something for the AP and Radios. Currently I use the Class Echo which you can get from https://shakeprint.com/ What is nice is it combines a touchscreen, with a rotary knob allowing it to fulfill many roles. As far as rearranging hardware for different planes, that would be a royal pita I think. We have two camps out there really. You have those that buy dedicated hardware for a single plane type (think FDS and the 737 etc) or the vast majority of other like myself who use "generic" hardware that can easily map to multiple planes. IF I had to rearrange hardware around to fly different planes I would probably not and just fly a single type then.
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