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  1. I just checked to see if there was a new update but my computer (Version 1709) says I'm up to date and the Windows update site shows the latest update from Nov. 30th. Anyone have newer update?
  2. As I said I was able to use Windows Restore to get the previous version back. This time, when I uninstalled it and did the install of the version, it worked as it should and everything is fine. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Gerald. I will try as soon as I finish the flight I'm on...11hrs from PHNL to KSFO in 1947 with the Flight Replicas DC-4...boy they were slow back then. I was able to recover the old version using Windows Restore so I could finish this flight.
  4. Tried to update to in FSX/P3D. Did the uninstall from the control panel...did not remove anything manually. Now I try to install the new version by clicking on "InstallMCE.exe" and it keeps telling me it finds an older version and I need to uninstall it. Looked again in Control Panel, Uninstall MCE is shown. How can I fix? Thanks,
  5. Having the same issue with the new Flight Replicas C-54/DC-4 in FSX. I see that there has not been any post replying to this Skylane issue either. Thanks for any help.
  6. +1 on the DC-8. If you go to the JF forum you will find my post of some time ago asking for support there. Please add your request there also.
  7. Problem With GSX

    Ok...thanks for the information. At least now I know.
  8. Problem With GSX

    For me everything in GSX works except the fueling. Fuel truck (only the small one) shows up...the truck gauge shows fuel being dispensed but when you look at the load manager nothing has changed except the payload is now at max (starting from zero). Can only conclude it’s pumping passengers through that hose. So i have to go back to the load manager and enter the payload i want and the fuel i need. I posted a support request almost a month ago but have received no reply from FX DreamTeam to date.
  9. Tried as you suggested on last flight...after landing I first checked engine conditions...all green...then did "Instant Replay" of the landing told me the engines were detonating and being damaged and when I rechecked the engines they were all another overhaul.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion...I did not think about that happening. I'll give it a try on next flight.
  11. Running FSX Acceleration in a Win 10 machine. After landing I like to run "Instant Replay" of my landing to review how I did. This is usually after I do a shut down of the engines. During the replay I get the "Green Bar" notice that oil pressure is low and damaging all engines. After the replay the status of the engines changed from light yellow to orange. I assume that orange says the engines are worse than at yellow. It therefore appears that running "Instant Replay" is causing damage to the engines. Any ideas of how to fix?
  12. Simple DC-6 Checklist

  13. Simple DC-6 Checklist

    The file is now up on AVSIM at the following link: If you're like me, you will be modifying the checklist after every flight for awhile...that's why I included a Word version (PDF version also included) to make it easier. Hope it helps.
  14. Simple DC-6 Checklist

    Have never done that but I will look at their instructions and see if I can up-load the file. Thanks,