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  1. flytriman

    Crew Voice Volume

    Ok...thanks...I'll give it a try.
  2. flytriman

    Crew Voice Volume

    Understand...just wondered if you had any other ideas. Since it's Realtek, based on what I've read in some forums, I'll try downloading new drivers (and hope they don't make things worse). If you have any other ideas let me know.
  3. flytriman

    Crew Voice Volume

    Any more assistance to this issue?
  4. flytriman

    Crew Voice Volume

    Gerald, Thanks...but that box was already checked. Also, after reading the other thread, I tried turning the Sim sound off (Q)...but made no difference. If it helps...when I start MCE the ATC voices that play on start up are fine, as they were before. I also note the GSX voices are softer than before...not as low as the MCE voices, but they used to be actually loud. I tested several aircraft and several co-pilots with same result. I also realized, I said this occurred with the latest MCE update...but I have been flying a couple of new GA aircraft for several weeks now so I haven't been using MCE. Just last week I went back to the new Aerosoft DC-8 50 and used MCE after checking for updates. Any other ideas
  5. With the latest version ( I noticed a significant lowering of the crew voice volumes. Checklist readings are intelligible and I have to read the prompts on the screen. I checked the volume control on the UI and it is set to Max. I also have not changed any volumes in my P3D v4.2 controls. Any idea of what I can do to get the volume up...other than to change the volume of my system. Thanks,
  6. For the help of others...ends up the Aerosoft Installer does not put any reference into the P3D "add-ons.cfg" file...which is where MCE looks to find the aircraft. Once I added that, and installed a ref.txt file (obtained from MCE) into the MCE reference folder, all worked.
  7. File sent to support. Thanks,
  8. I get the "Could not retrieve information for this specific aircraft..." message with the Aerosoft DC-8 50. I have the latest version of the aircraft and 2.7.63 of MCE. Thanks for your help.
  9. I understand.
  10. Found several comments that i need Steam VR if I plan to use the Odyssey. Can’t find exactly what I have to buy/download to get Steam VR. Went to the website but that is all games and hardware. Can some advise how I get “Steam VR” so I can use the Odyssey? Thamks
  11. I just checked to see if there was a new update but my computer (Version 1709) says I'm up to date and the Windows update site shows the latest update from Nov. 30th. Anyone have newer update?
  12. As I said I was able to use Windows Restore to get the previous version back. This time, when I uninstalled it and did the install of the version, it worked as it should and everything is fine. Thanks.
  13. Thanks Gerald. I will try as soon as I finish the flight I'm on...11hrs from PHNL to KSFO in 1947 with the Flight Replicas DC-4...boy they were slow back then. I was able to recover the old version using Windows Restore so I could finish this flight.
  14. Tried to update to in FSX/P3D. Did the uninstall from the control panel...did not remove anything manually. Now I try to install the new version by clicking on "InstallMCE.exe" and it keeps telling me it finds an older version and I need to uninstall it. Looked again in Control Panel, Uninstall MCE is shown. How can I fix? Thanks,