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  1. flytriman

    Airline Operational Procedures Question

    Thanks much group...this was very informative. Alan's post was great...learned a lot about something I really had never thought about until now. All we normally hear about are the pilots...however it's obvious the ground crew work is highly organized, well choreographed and, especially, very efficient to turn those flight so quickly...all while maintaining a high level of safety. After reading Alan's response I think fsdt has an opportunity to create GSX V3, with more ground support people, handlers climbing the belt and disappearing into the baggage compartment, someone walking the area to inspect the aircraft, etc. For myself, I'm going to change a couple of my procedures to better fit the real world. It seems funny that we in flight siming crave realism from the developers...yet we often miss some things we have control over. I, almost always, start a flight from "cold & dark"...yet, obviously, if it's a flight that leaves, other than early morning, it's a turn around and would not be in a "cold & dark" state. Again...thanks guys...really appreciate the responses.
  2. For those of you that have Airline Experience I have the following questions concerning status of the aircraft before the crew shows up for a flight. Yesterday I did a flight from KMDW (Midway Chicago) to KDFW (Dallas, Ft. Worth). Set the flight to leave early, 6:30am, so it was dark and, if you’ve seen the news, very cold. The aircraft, B737-200, arrived that night before and was left parked at the gate all night. Now my question is, just before the pilots show up to board the aircraft…what state would the aircraft be in? · Would the jetway be attached? · Would the front passenger door be open or closed? · Would the baggage doors have been left open? · Would the external electrical power have been left connected with the aircraft battery ON? o If connected would there be any lights left on in the aircraft? When you look at our AI aircraft parked at night all the cabin and logo lights are on. · Would the external air have been left connected (or connected before the pilots arrive) with the aircom packs on to keep the aircraft warm? I know I’ve gotten on a few aircraft for 1st flights of the day and found them either chilly or warm. · Would the fueling have been completed by the ground crew? · Does any of this change depending on the temperature…i.e. if it’s mild, would there be no heat/air conditioning? Any way…thanks for any insight you can provide.
  3. Thanks Gerald, Did as suggested...still does not work. I do not use a launcher app and P3D is set to run as admin. Any other ideas...otherwise I have just added to my checklist to manually throw the switches.
  4. flytriman

    New Release: Lockheed Vegas Early Acess by wing42

    Web site forum is now showing “clearing out spam”...let’s hope this is good news.
  5. Minor I know, but with Captain Sim B737-200, the "secure aircraft procedure" has a completed reply of "aircraft secure, lets go home". The FO can't say "lets" nor "home" so all I hear is "aircraft secure, go".
  6. Thanks Gerald. Latest version however is 737 V2.2.0.0...wonder if this could be the issue? Also, after "fussing" with it a little longer, I find the aircraft responds to the "apu generator off" (FO says it as "disconnect apu generator") command correctly. Also found that FO responds to the "connect apu generator" by switching the apu bleed switch. Also...also...last month you had to send me a new file for the 64 bit aircraft as the file in your 64 bit folder in the program download would not function at all. Could something have been wrong in that file? Thanks,
  7. In the script "begin apu procedure"...there is a script item for "connect apu generator". This script does nothing...switches do not move nor does the apu generator show any load. Any idea what to do to make this work and turn on the apu generator load.
  8. flytriman

    FSPS FFTF Dynamic?

    Thanks Michael...that’s very helpful. I’ll give it a try,
  9. flytriman

    FSPS FFTF Dynamic?

    Michael, Until I read your post I was going to not buy the product but now think I will try it out. Couple of questions first: 1. What is “EXP=9? Is that a setting in FFTF Dynamic or what? 2. Is the “unlimited FPS” setting in P3D or in FFTF Dynamic? 3. What were the FPS and Altitude limit you used in FFTF Dynamic. 4. Did you make any changes in your NVI or NCP settings when you installed FFTF Dynamic? Thanks for your help. Garry
  10. ZKOKQ: Watched the video, but since I'm on a 2k LG monitor I could find none of his settings. Did note that he was on an HDMI cable (his is a TV) while I'm using DP on my monitor. I did switch mine to a HDMI port but made no difference. Thanks for the input anyway.
  11. That was the 1st place I went but could find nothing that looked like it was for HDR settings. Can you tell me what to look for in case it's called something else. Thanks,
  12. Just purchased a new LG 32" gaming monitor with HDR (previous monitor did not have that feature) and am having an issue (or I don't understand it). I have HDR activated in P3D V4.3 and in the settings for the monitor...everything looks real good...but if I go into the Windows "Display Settings" and turn on what they call "HDR and WCG" (it's on one switch) than, within P3D, my mouse goes into a very faint outline that I can hardly see while if I go outside of P3D all type is outlined and very light. So my questions I doing something wrong or do I just need to leave the "HDR and WCG" switch off in Windows 10 and am I getting the benefits of HDR within P3D with HDR activated in P3D and the monitor settings? Thanks,
  13. flytriman

    Crew Voice Volume

    Ok...thanks...I'll give it a try.
  14. flytriman

    Crew Voice Volume

    Understand...just wondered if you had any other ideas. Since it's Realtek, based on what I've read in some forums, I'll try downloading new drivers (and hope they don't make things worse). If you have any other ideas let me know.
  15. flytriman

    Crew Voice Volume

    Any more assistance to this issue?