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  1. I am playing them through P2A. However, I just bought the X-ATC_Chatter application and loaded their files into P2A as Controllers per instructions...now the Radio Panel Volume controls, in P2A, work as they should...go figure. Thanks anyway. Garry
  2. Still unable to change the Chatter Volume using the Radio Panel Volume control. Has no affect. Any Help? Thanks, Garry
  3. Thanks Dave, Sorry...should have been more clear. I did try the Radio Panel Volume control when I clicked the Standby Com frequency in the bottom left of the main screen...but it has no effect. I tried both Volume Up and Down but it changes nothing. It appears when I did the most recent update last night somehow the P2A to provide the ATIS got un-checked. Checked it and now works correctly. Garry
  4. Hi Dave, My Chatter volume is way to loud and if I go to the Windows Mixer Volume and turn it down (I have it at 4 to get it reasonable) then my ATC communications are to soft (with all of their volumes set to 100%). I also tried using the Volume controls on the P2A COM Frequency pop-up window but they seem to have no affect. I have all my chatter and ATC communications coming through my headset, with all other P3D v4.5 sounds playing through my SoundBlaster speakers. Also wondering if there was a way to have the P2ATC ATIS also play through my headset...it now comes through the system speakers. Thanks for the help. Garry
  5. Downloaded the AH DC-3 and went looking for the Sextant Manual they say is included...can't find it. Sent inquiry to their Help email several days ago and no reply. Can anyone tell me where I can get the manual? Thanks, Garry
  6. David, Okay...new information. As I said...even though it gives me the TOD error message I still get a green box on the validate and a green box on the file. So I went ahead and did the flight. Appears to work. I got ground to give me Flight Following, then to give me taxi instructions and pass me over to tower who gave me takeoff clearance. That's as far as I went since it is a 3+ hr. flight (you had said something about such a short flight...but it's over 3 hours) so I'm assuming it works in spite of the error message. Garry
  7. I have tried different altitudes from 5,500' to 16,500' , different Decent Rates from 500 fpm to 5,000 fpm. Did not try different airspeeds since the aircraft (Beech Duke Piston) can only do what it can do. I'll email you the .vbf file now. Thanks, Garry
  8. Thanks for looking into that for me...however, when I take the two airports/waypoints out of the flight plan I still get the TOD Calculation Error (see attached screen shot). What's strange is that even though I get the TOD error...the box still turns green. But then when I try to "File" the flight plan, once I Connect with the Sim, I again get the error message, but, again the "File" box turns green. I've tried changing my FL and Decent Rates, but no help. Only thing I haven't done is actually try to do the flight, even though I've gotten the error message. Sorry to be such a bother. Garry
  9. In P3D v4.5 HF2 flying the RealAir Duke B60. Trying a flight where I want to TKO and Land at same airport to do a Sightseeing trip, while flying over two other airports on the way (flight plan attached from Little NavMap). When try to validate I get the Error Message about changing FL, Airspeed or decent rate. So tried changing each of them...no joy. I originally imported the FP from Little NavMap but then tried creating the same plan from scratch in P2ATC...no joy. Looked at forum and saw several posts with same problem and tried turning off "Safe Enroute Alutitude"...no joy. Finally found had to delete the return to the original airport and just do the flight plan to SVCN (one of the airports I just wanted to fly over) and then do a separate FP back to my original airport. I should also say I tried deleting the other two airports from the plan and added a 4th VOR (got one message that said I needed 4 waypoints when departing and returning to same airport)...no joy. Would appreciate any help on what I'm doing wrong. Garry
  10. Thank you John...you led me to do some testing that finally got it working. Yes the aircraft is in the P3D Add-ons folder...but so are many other aircraft that Vox does recognize. So I started looking at what was different about this aircraft and the others. Focused on the "add-on.xml". As I compared what it had vs. the others, several things were vastly different. So, I made a copy of the original and started changing the entries so the format and structure looked exactly like those in the other aircraft...wal-la...it worked. So thanks for this lead...it got me looking in the right place. Garry
  11. Loaded new aircraft (MJ C-47 PBR) into P3D v4.5 HF2. Panel Setup does not recognize the aircraft (does not show up on list). Have run Indexer several times as well as restarting windows 10...no help. So I manually put in the necessary text into the panel.cfg file. When I load aircraft am able to pull of the VoxATC panel in the aircraft...it "initializes" as normal but then says "Startup failed, unknown FS aircraft type Douglas C-47 Finnair PBR" (see attached screen shot). Found previous post somewhat like this advising to use the Panel Setup to delete panels from all aircraft...did that but new aircraft still does not show up and still get the error message. Help Please.
  12. Sorry Ron...Manfred specifically stated that the older paints would not work on the new PBR version. Your PAA paint was also one of my most used on the previous version...would love to have you update so I could use on the new PBR version...please. Thanks, Garry
  13. That’s exactly what I need...thorough and fair. I consider the MJ model, and A2A, to be the gold standards so want to see where this falls. Thanks. Garry
  14. Hey Alan...looking forward to your review...not going to buy until then. Thanks, Garry
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