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  1. Thanks for the suggestion...I did not think about that happening. I'll give it a try on next flight.
  2. Running FSX Acceleration in a Win 10 machine. After landing I like to run "Instant Replay" of my landing to review how I did. This is usually after I do a shut down of the engines. During the replay I get the "Green Bar" notice that oil pressure is low and damaging all engines. After the replay the status of the engines changed from light yellow to orange. I assume that orange says the engines are worse than at yellow. It therefore appears that running "Instant Replay" is causing damage to the engines. Any ideas of how to fix?
  3. Thanks.
  4. The file is now up on AVSIM at the following link: If you're like me, you will be modifying the checklist after every flight for awhile...that's why I included a Word version (PDF version also included) to make it easier. Hope it helps.
  5. Have never done that but I will look at their instructions and see if I can up-load the file. Thanks,
  6. In the middle of a project through tomorrow and after a flight last night have a few changes I want to make, where I found a couple of mistakes I made, so will get to everyone late tomorrow after I'm done with my project. Thanks,
  7. I did make a few changes to the checklist...mostly to get it down to 8 pages (including a page for my set up stuff). I also made it so it could be used with and without the AFE by using RED type for the items the AFE does not perform or that I want to verify. Finally I have deleted (and this is still a work in process) a few items that I found were not modeled in the sim. I have no way of posting it to the forum but could PM it to you is you wish. Again, thanks for making my job easier on this. Garry Lundberg
  8. Thank you +1. Saved me a lot of time. Garry Lundberg
  9. Thanks for the suggestion but the Introduction manual is still the same. I'll post a ticket and see if they can send me a replacement Introduction Manual.
  10. Thank you...but I did find the's just that the "Introduction" manual is corrupted and I need to download a new one and OC is not working to allow me to do that. Any other ideas of how to get a replacement manual?
  11. In the process of setting up my documentation before flying the DC-6 in V4. Found the "Introduction" manual was corrupted so I can't use it. Went into the OC, pulled down the DC-6 for V4 and found the tab for "Documentation" and clicked on that. It then showed me the 4 manuals for the DC-6. I clicked, then double clicked, then right clicked on the "Introduction" manual but nothing happens. Would expect it to download or open the manual but it's just dead. Would appreciate any help on getting the manual re-downloaded. Thanks, Garry Lundberg
  12. Sorry...I don't think I have made myself clear as to what is happening. Let me try to clarify: "Normally, with FSX & FS9, MCE should automatically pick-up the flight plan you loaded within FSX (assuming it's default FSX (or FS9) format" That is exactly what happens, with no problem, when I start a fight. The flight plan is loaded in FSX, AS16 and MCE...and it is in default FSX format. "Eventually, try reloading flight plan while MCE is running" This is where the issue is. Somewhere, during the flight, while MCE is running, I will get a notice in the MCE UI that it does not have a flight plan. At the top of the menu bar I will see "KMEM to ????" (KMEM as an example only) and then when I click on the "ATC" tab on the menu of the UI it shows "Destination:" as "????" with additional "????" for "Cruise Alt:" and "Alternate". I then click on the "Get Flight Plan" button and it opens up a window showing the "E:" drive...where-as the flight plans are contained in the FSX default location on my "C:" drive. I then have to navigate to my "C:" drive where the flight plans are actually located, in the default FSX location. So my question is, "How do I get MCE to open a window where my flight plans are actually located, instead of opening a window for the "E:" drive?". I did not have this issue with my old PC, but it only had one drive, and MCE always opened a window at the default FSX location for the flight plans. I guess the other part of my question is why does MCE suddenly loose the flight plan when it has it at the start and through some time during the flight? Thanks,
  13. I'm using FSX Native ATC...Not any of those others. I'm in FSX. Guess that explains why it didn't work. So how do I get it to look in my default FSX Flight Plans location instead of the "E" drive? Thanks,
  14. Did a new PC build a little ago and since then if I want to assign a Flight Plan in the UI, it goes to my "E" drive to look. All my flight plans are in their FSX default location on the "C" drive. Opened up my MCE.cfg file to see if there was a way to assign where MCE would look for the flight plans and found, under "FlightPlansPath" that it was blank. So I typed in the path to my flight plans on the "C" drive, but MCE still goes to my "E" drive. Please let me know how I can get MCE to look in the proper directory. Thanks,
  15. Good news that. All I can do is hope...guess we'll find out at some point.