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  1. And like Chris I have never gotten an update notice. Have checked spam folders, etc. and asked him to check I’m on the notice list but he has never responded to that request...so I just keep checking. Garry
  2. Thanks...Bijan Studios sent me the upgrade directly. My account at SimMarket still shows only that I can get the discounted price. Garry
  3. Did as above...gave me the discounted price but not $0.00 (free). So how do I get the update for free? Garry
  4. Hi Bijan, I found the new version but I see no way to get it as a free upgrade. The note says I can get it at a discounted price (since I purchased all the previous versions). Can I get it as a free upgrade...and how? Thanks, Garry
  5. Great update...love all the new features...especially the "forward". Can now have my aircraft towed to an open hanger for repairs. Garry
  6. Hi Dai, Thank you for this. Sorry to be so dense...but I'm not quite sure I understand the installation instructions. You say: "You don't need to clean out any files from either sim ('Delete Generated Files') shortcut but you will need to uninstall the current version and reboot if requested to do so." I haven't done the update yet so maybe my confusion would be answered if I did...but as of now my confusion is "You don't need to clean out any files..." but then you say "Delete Generated Files"...that seems contradictory. Also, after saying I don't need to delete any files you say "...will need to uninstall the current version...". Also what does the reference to the "shortcut" mean. So am I correct in that I will need to uninstall the current version and then load the updated version? And, after that there will be some "Generated Files" from that install that I will need to delete? Thanks, Garry
  7. Great Mod...thanks. Question...what is the difference between the download of V2 and the Public Beta version. All dates and times appear to be the same. Thanks, Garry
  8. I can also confirm that the shell command works...however, I use the Fast Launch feature to launch MSFS and can't figure out a way to access it in your app....any ideas? Garry
  9. Hi Alex, Well...I got it fixed. Can't tell you what the cause was but, after trying several things, I ended up just doing a "Reset all settings and restart" in the "Tools" menu. If you want to know the details of what else I ended up experiencing and the details of what I tested before finally getting to the reset, let me know. Thanks, Garry
  10. Should have said that I think both are not official...although they do exist...but the codes are not real. I know they are not on the MSFS database. Garry
  11. Yes they are freeware...here are the links: https://www.msfsaddons.org/freeware/airport-machmell-fisheries-canada https://www.msfsaddons.org/freeware/airport-quatam-river-bushstrip Thanks, Garry
  12. Hi Alex, Thanks for the update. Back to my question about the two airports in the Community folder. I saw where you said the Community folder was excluded, but...now with 2.6.1 the Changelog says the Community folder exclusion can be removed...however the Community folder was never excluded on my LNM. Yet with the new update those two airports still do not show up...yes I did a new "Load Scenery Library" run. Garry
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