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  1. Hello, You don't need to set Custom FS and the EXE manually (that option was made if you wanted to launch the sim via another tool or via some specific scripts). Just select 'Steam fast launch' or 'MS-Store fast launch' to match the version of the sim that you have and it should be ok. Very weird that it lost the settings when electricity was cut, maybe it was writing the the configuration file when all went off and the file was not written so it got somehow lost, strange though. 🍻
  2. be sure to experiment also less known locations, with the HJET and its almost perfect autopilot (thank WT team 💗) it's a real pleasure to fly it all around the world !! 🙈😱 Little example : SKMZ PEI1B PEI IRIGI TOROL ILQ NEKEB CLO ISOPA OBDOX ANKAS MER SKPS (make sure you choose the RNP RNW 02 approach !! 👀🙃)
  3. Hello guys 🍻 unfortunately i can't really recommend it for MSFS for most users (i'm the author so i can bash it 😵 ). For P3D, i think it was a very good program fine tuned over the years and sometimes, when i see it running with the gazillion of options that were included, i'm quite proud of what i could achieve (that it for the self-esteem part of the message 😁), but in MSFS the AI system is quite bad and the SDK very limited. Despite my early efforts, i could never really get it to the point i wanted and, for the time being, i've pretty much stopped working on it waiting for some miracles. With 2024 on the horizon, there's even less chances that they will ever fix AI issues in the 2020 version so it looks like a dead-end. MSFS has several AI solutions, the probably most popular is FSLTL, that one is injecting traffic dynamically, my tool will not work with that kind of tools because there are no schedules, only the programs knows what it will spawn so it's impossible to make a board for the traffic for an external application like AIC (yeah sure AIC will show some aircraft with incomplete data in the live view, but that's just 2% of the program). to sum up : with AIG traffic it should work fine, it requires WCF communication with AIG controller which should work out of the box (huge thanks to AIG team for providing the info that allowed AIC to run with AIG) with standard BGL traffic, it should work perfectly (it was developped for BGL traffic in mind) ... oh wait NO 😱.. it's MSFS 🤑 .... in MSFS the BGL traffic is completely broken since SU10 😥, the aircraft are not spawned based the date/time that is specified in the BGL files 👿, it's just a big bug that was reported but obvously no one cares @ms/asobo and i can understand that (probably not many people are using BGL in MSFS and they have millions other things to do and unless you use a specific tool like AIC most users won't even care/notice that it doesn't work properly 👀). So the timetables in AIC will show correct data base on the BGL, but it will not match with what the sim spawns because the sim is broken and there's nothing i can do to fix, it's just a game bug. I haven't tested this in the last 1-2 months but i'm 99.99% sure that it's still broken. aerosoft simple traffic is based on BGL, so it should work but it doesn't properly due the the previous sim's bug explained above fsltl / psxt / other injectors based on 'live' traffic : those programs spawn aircraft based on data that they only know, it's not possible to do timetables for those so AIC will not work properly JF FSTraffic : i think it also spawn traffic dynamically, based on TXT files specifying when an aircraft should appear on an airport. These are not really 'schedules', it's 'airports based', not 'planes based' and it's all a bit weirdish also in the way aircraft are declared (i think the goal of that tool is just to spawn some aircraft taken randomly from a specific company at a specific time on an airport, not to simulate the real schedule of a specific plane like the bgl files or aig traffic do, it's not a really deep realistic simulation of the traffic but that's probably not a bad thing, it's probably what most people want, just see some traffic at their airport with an 'out of the box solution' that is easy to install and not too 'resource hungry', i can certainly understand that it's popular and they had probably a good idea in creating something like that) .. i have not investigated too much so AIC is not compatible with that and probably will never be because the structure of the data doesn't really match with standard scheduled based traffic. So yes the tool is there, you can try it if you want, but you're mostly going to end up disappointed unless you use AIG traffic and are a die-hard AI traffic tweaker-lover like i used to be 😁 🙄 Ok as always bit too looong boriing reply 🙈, but i just wanted to add this here because i know that it's not good enough for most people in MSFS so you've been warned 👅. Take care my friends ! 🍻
  4. ok this is going to be the most boring post of the entire forum 🙃 ... but if you follow step by step you should get the same result as i did. I also attached a little ZIP file containing the full projet so you can see all files are done, there is nothing else than what is inside the zip so by checking the files, comparing them with the original sample, and reading below you should be able to figure it out. Very important note, as stated before, i'm not a scenery creator and my knowledge is very limited, i just did this by googling around, it might not be the accurate way to do it 🙊 Install the MSFS SDK (link is available inside the sim when you activate developper mode in one of the menu) In the sample folder, copy the 'SimpleScenery' folder somewhere else on your disk. We will now only work on that copied folder i renamed the base folder 'VOR-Addons' in the 'PackageSources' folder, delete the modellib folder in the 'PackageSources' folder, rename the objects.xml to vor_addons.xml edit the sceneryprojet.xml file -> modify the .xml file name, i rename it to 'vor_addons.xml' instead of 'mycompany-scenery-simple.xml'. At the top of the file i also changed the Name value in the 'packagedfinitions' folder rename the folder mycompany-scenery-simple with your own folder name .. i used 'vor-addons' rename the xml file with the same name that you have put in the step above, so in my case i renamed it to vor-addons.xml edit that file (PackageDefinitions\vor-addons.xml) you can remove the full 'assetgroup modellib' section and 'assetgroup marketplace' data. You can also edit the title and creator name. set the correct folder name in the AssetDir and OutputDir entries to match your new folder names (there are 2 outputdir to change) now open the packagessources\scene\vor-addons.xml files. That's the main file where you will put your all your VOR data. In the zip you'll find the example for the FRZ VOR. I left the altitude and magvar at 0 because i didn't have the info. Probably the altitude is important because at 0 it seems that my VOR receiver had sometimes a bit of dfficulty getting the signal depending on my location (not sure about all this) now you just have to compile the projet, copy the fspackagetool.exe that you can find in the SDK folder in your projet folder and call it by giving him as argument the name of your project xml -> fspackagetool "<yourpath>\VOR-Addons\SceneryProject.xml" -outputdir "<yourpath>\VOR-Addons\Packages\VOR-Addons" there should be no error and, after compilation, you will find a new folder automatically created named 'Packages' go into 'Packages\VOR-Addons\Packages' and you'll find a vor-addons folder -> that's the folder you have to copy inside your real community folder and it should be ok just by adding the package in the community folder, the VOR did not appear because i use navigraph data, i had to create an entry for my new vor package in the content.xml file just like navigraph does. If you don't have navigraph, i think it will appear without the need to edit the content.xml file <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <Priorities> <Package name="navigraph-navdata-base" priority="1"/> <Package name="navigraph-navdata" priority="2"/> <Package name="vor-addons" priority="3"/> </Priorities> Ok might sound a bit complicated reading all this at once, but actually you would just have to complete the list of VORs in the xml file, all the rest in only some 'renaming' that has to be done only once to set up the projet (and you get the modified sample in my zip as reference). So if you have a full list of VOR that were in FSX but not anymore in MSFS, we could transform that list to fill up the vor-addons.xml file and they should appear (probably better to not add duplicated so it's probably better to just add the ones that don't exist in MSFS). NDB can also be added, we just need to find the correct syntax for them. Full project, all files included including the package ready to be put in the community folder for the FRZ VOR --> https://www.filemail.com/d/wjiawjbbbtvzekv But well if you can skip all this and make it work with FSX BGL files it would certainly be a lot easier 😁 🍻
  5. Interesting post, i also like sometimes to use older aircraft and try my crappy skills and VOR navigation and i've been a bit concerned about all those VOR disappearing. Im a complete noob in MSFS file structure and SDK but i highly doubt you will be able to use old FSX BGL in MSFS. But it looks like you have done some job already and if you have some sort of list of the oldish VORs with their data (lat / lon / name / range, .....) you can probably add them inside the sim fairly easily. I did a try with the FRZ VOR that you mentioned in your original post and it's now available in my sim (pic below taken from the PMS GTN750 in MSFS). I'll gladly show you how to do it if you want, but maybe you are already aware of all that, like i said my knowledge is very limited with this and i don't even know if adding some navigation aids will interfere with navigraph or other things. Anyway something to explore that also got my attention, i'm pretty sure a few guys will be happy if we could set up an old VOR database that we can activate on demand inside the sim when flying older aircraft. Maybe littlenavmap would also pick those up when scanning so we could have a navigation map where we could see them too (haven't tried with my FRZ test).
  6. Thanks for letting me know. The pink dots should be the ms/asobo 'handcrafted' airports and other airports in your 'official folder' and the yellow ones probably the default airports 🙄 .. Maybe they were not appearing before because it crashed with the mapdata.bin file and the loading was not complete. Note that you can change the color of the dots in the options screen ('colors' tab), you can also limit what is shown by using the 'map options' tab in the options screen, there you can hide handcrafted, official folder and default airports if you don't want to see them. Default airports are probably better left disabled because there are way too many (they can also be set to visible starting only from a certain level of zoom). 🍻
  7. Thank you guys for the feedback 🍻 @Dominique_K : That error is probably due to the fact that the mapdata.bin file was created when the tool was run as admin. Now you probably don't run it as admin anymore and so the file can't be updated (access denied message). What you can try do is to delete (or rename) the file when the tool is closed. Then, the next time you call up the map, it will rescan the addons (might take a few more seconds) and it will create a new mapdata.bin file that will be updatable and the error should not appear anymore. Let me know if that doesn't work out. The new version posted contains the request made by @guenseli so if you hide the grid below the map it should remain hidden next time you call the screen. 🍻
  8. I just downloaded it, seems the correct file to me, did you maybe download the 'older version' (both are available on fs.to) ? 😵🤞
  9. For info, i have now uploaded a new official version on the flightsim.to site, so do not grab the updated EXE from here anymore because the one on FS.TO contains a few more fixes. Thank you as always to all the friendly testers 👍🍻
  10. oh hmm, what a coincidence, i was asked last week by a user on fs.to if it was possible to do a little tool to simplify the conversion of JF analog texture. I had a little go at it and made a little something. Can't really share it here publicly yet because it's probably a bit buggy and here it's a bit too crowded to share something that might not work for all cases but, if you are interested (and not afraid to test something that might or might not work 🙊), i will gladly send you (or anyone else that might be interested) the little program i prepared for the other user. Take care 🍻
  11. Thank you all for your feedback 💗 @pmb: the presets selection list in the toolbar is only to apply automatically a preset when you launch the sim, otherwise, to apply a specific preset (standalone or cumulative) you would need to use the selection list at the bottom of the main view, so it's not exactly what you want if i understand correctly. Adding 'favorites' in the toolbar would probably be possible, i wrote that down for a future version. @Adamski_NZ : ah nice if you could get the file safely, maybe i should use google drive or something like that, probably less prone to those warnings. The 'created by' and 'update date' are never filled by the addon creator that info comes from the windows system file properties (the same you would see in Windows explorer), if you see both columns empty it's because you have not checked the option 'enable file stats' in the options screen. If you check that option, you should see them without the need to type them yourself manually. The option is unchecked by default because it can slightly increase the loading time if you have tons of addons. Let me know if that option is ok for you. @Bernard Ducret : have you tried the 'wait form simconnect' option in the 'programs launch parameters, does that help maybe ? That should launch the program only when the sim is initialized so usually everything should be ok. I have never noticed time sync issue with AIG TC but maybe i didn't pay attention. I need to check a bit more. I'm not sure if there is a way to know properly that the flight is loading though. @guenseli : oops that error 'out of memory' seems very strange if it happens when the PC wakes up, it's probably very hard to pinpoint because it seems due to internal 'components draw mechanisms' and not really to the code i wrote myself. Not sure what our PCs do when they go to sleep 🙈, I will do a little search, hopefully i'll find something. I will add a setting that remembers the 'hide grid and option panel' so if you hide it it will remain hidden until you unhide it manually, that should be quickly done and can be included in this version. Thanks again all ! 🍻
  12. nah you should only use the big blue button 'download file' don't use the other options and those install anything for sure .. those free file sharing site might add some adverts that trigger 'defender' to react. In doubt just don't download it .... Sorry for that 😟 Been using filemail to share for some time now but maybe time to change .... (unless it's really the EXE that it doesn't like because it's not digitally signed) the original zip i uploaded should not trigger any warning -> https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/96164dae9f5751f092bd19650312d99137dc46e77278dd76810fde553bb6e80e?nocache=1
  13. Hello 🍻 As some of you may remember , the AL adventure started here and was meant for a few users visiting this forum that might find it useful. It has, since then, grown up way too much and, with all possible different users configurations and available options, i need a bit of help testing before releasing a new official version 😵. I post here below a new EXE (it's just an updated EXE, you need all other files from the FS.TO site) so that maybe some of you, advanced users, might test it and tell me if i broke something. Most of you won't need the new features but, even if you use it as you always did without testing any the new stuff it would just ensure that nothing is broken. All changes are based on requests but, most requests i get, don't necessarly appeal to the masses. --> LInk : https://www.filemail.com/d/alfmhgguhormzim I will probably finish up a few little things and publish a new official version tomorrow so if a few guys have used it in advance and haven't seen any groundbreaking issues it will give me more confidence 🧐 There is no risk in testing the new EXE, if you have issue with it you can revert back to the official one, they are 100% interchangeable. Also a chance for a little last minute request 🤞 if something bothers you or if you'd like to see something added in the upcoming version (although i can't promise anything because this changes are usually not as simple as it sometimes seems). Feel free to tell me if something is just badly implemented, i have large shoulders and good ears 😁😁 Thanks you as always 🍻 ------ Quickly made-up changes list (probably hard to understand 🤑 everything just by reading it, but if something seems interesting to you and you can't figure it out just ask) : [FIX] Several fixes based on issues reported since last release [NEW] 'Program profiles' let you specify groups of programs to launch when the simulator starts (if simulator is started via AL). If you have no need for that, you can hide the 'profile selector list' visible in the toolbar in the options screen ('UI options' tab). The profiles can be created below the field where you can specify the 'programs to launch' (options screen) [NEW] New option to specify that an addon should automatically be deactivated when another one is activated (sort of 'reverse dependency'). Available in the right click menu (Dependencies -> 'Set addons to disable when this addon is enabled') [NEW] New option to disable all addons included in a preset (available in the 'presets buttons' at the bottom and in the 'preset management screen') [NEW] New option to create an empty preset (available in toolbar / right click menu / presets buttons at the bottom) [NEW] Added the 'cumulative presets apply button' and 'disable addons in preset' in the 'preset management screen' [NEW] New column 'disable' in the preset creation screen (checking it will deactivate the addon when the preset is applied) [NEW] New column 'In preset' in the main view showing in which preset(s) an addon is included [NEW] Clicking on the little 'boxes' below the community folder grid will auto filter the items matching the selected box (invalid links, external links, ...) [IMPROVED] When using the 'search box' feature, folders containing the found items will automatically be expanded [IMPROVED] In the launch programs parameters it's not possible to force 'kill the process' when the sim closes (might be useful if the standard way of closing apps doesn't work for some programs) [IMPROVED] The 'locate existing addon' option now also supports RAR and 7Zip files [IMPROVED] Launching the program when it's already launched will bring back the already opened screen back to front (previously it would just show a message box indicating that the program was already running, note that the message box if still shown if you have enabled the rarely used 'send to tray' option) [MINI] Option to hide to preset selection list in the main toolbar at the top, the preset selection list is now automatically hidden if you have enable the option 'Show preset selection screen when launching the sim' [MINI] Added a 'delete this addon' button on the 'Set custom data' screen [MISC] Probably a few more minor things i forgot about...
  14. Most people seem happy with the new patch and that's great, but for me it's still a bit of a hit and miss, i just can't trust that autopilot and i find that frustrating because i really would 'love to love' 💗 this plane as i said in a previous post simple flight if someone is bored and want to replicate maybe one day : LIMJ UNIT8K TORTU AKUTI NORKA SOUKA BISKI LFKF (RNAV-W approach) first thing, in pre-flight when selecting the approach the transitions are missing (there should be 3 to choose from : BISKI, SOUKA and VAVIT) ... no big deal, and maybe user error departure, it misses a waypoint, maybe because turn was a bit to tight, really no prob i do a little DTO .. maybe user error again since that departure is maybe a bit special but well other planes i tried have no problem with it then until TOC all fine shortly before TOD i enabled VNAV (only when i saw the indicator appearing otherwise i've read hell can breaks down 😱), i then also moved down altitude to 3000ft .. i then needed to click 5 times before the mode VPATH mode finally got enabled, really can't understand that VNAV in this plane is such a pain for me at times (other times it's okish), ok no prob let's say user error once again arriving soon at SOUKA, all seem fine in the FP (first screen) arrived at SOUKA ... haven't touched anything but planes starts to turn right and does a full 180 turns (2nd screen), then continues straight in the wrong direction (3rd screen) while still being in LNAV mode and should be trakcing the BISKI waypoint that is on the complete opposite direction. (i did the flight twice, twice the same problem but the first time it turned left, just random stuff) well as much as i would love to like it, unfortunately for me the AP is just so unreliable that it destroys my pleasure to use the plane, sometimes it works sometimes not. You have to babysit it all the time and when it goes bad you don't really understand why, if the real AP was like this no one would use it 🙃. An AP should be something you can trust in difficult situations, not something that works 'more or less'. I also tried some RNAV/RNP approaches ... sometimes fairly ok, sometimes just a bit too low, sometimes just a bit too high, sometime just a bit missaligned to the right or to the left. Most won't care obviously and will tell me to fly it by hand (which is ok but i'm testing the AP since it's there and the purpose of this post 🙈). For me just i get completely random results and nothing is 100% reliable. I know it's probably hard to program all that properly, but when you see the quality of the Working Title autopilot you can only be let down with this one. Then obviously i do the same flight with a default plane powered by Working Title and everything works 100% perfectly all the time without any of the issues above. Just a bit sad that they haven't used the WT framework for the ATR but probably adapted the one of the CRJ which is also known to be a bit 'wonky' at times. Some care about having an EFB, some care about being able to open the doors, some care about the the cabin being modelled, well i mainly just care about the AP being realistic and i hope very hard, without too much hope, that future patches will bring it up to near WT level 😁 Friendly rant off (honestly i don't care too much there's so much great stuff in MSFS, it's just that i was so eagearly waiting for the ATR), time to enjoy the weekend !! 🍻🥂
  15. no no the flight went bad, when i saw the AP path drawn, i disconnected autopilot, tried manually and pretty much crashed short of runway but my life was saved by the ESC key 😁 (that approach is really something) The screenshot were made on the runway after a reset just for illustrative purposes 🙊, Note also that on the ATR the MER transition is not available for some reason, probably some little DB issues, CRJ has it.
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