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  1. yep thanks for the info, my main concern is maybe if one day there is an update for that addon in the marketplace. If it's linked to the official folder (with link active) the marketplace will recognize it and probably install the update correctly, if it's linked in the community folder it will not see it and it will redownload it in the official folder (and then you would need to move it again to have the latest version in your 'custom folder'). Not sure if it's very clear, probably not that important for users that have a good knowledge of how these things work 🥂
  2. for info, there is an option in AL (that very few people know about) that lets you create the links in the official folder for official addons. That's probably better than having the link created in the community folder because they get placed in their original location. The were some explanations on the link below with an example on how to set up and a pic on top of page 28 showing an example https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/586454-another-tool-to-organize-your-msfs-addons-easily/page/27/?tab=comments#comment-4445883 As always there are some limitations in moving official addons for some users (permission issue sometimes) and also if you removed it and it's not linked the sim might ask you to redownload them because it doesn't see them anymore (which is normal if not linked). Always use maximum cuation unless you are a mega specialist like Bert 😜! Just an info because maybe you don't know about that option, if all work for you without using that option, no need to change anything 🍻
  3. I have posted a new official version so you can ignore the link posted above and if you downloaded it please update to the latest version available at flightsim.to to have the latest tweaks. Thank you 🍻
  4. @JSmith2112 thanks for the precisions, oh well yeah that dpi checkbox is even mysterious to me 😱😂🙃 and not being able to test makes it even harder. Some users told me it was better, some not, so it's very experimental, the goal was to have the text and images less blurry on high DPI monitors (in the latest version the images should be fixed anyway because they got converted to scalable vectors that should resize perfectly). can you maybe please give one text that doesn't look small and one text that does look small so i can check if there's something different in the code between the two ? The themes are available in that same UI options tab if you have the new beta version from yesterday (5-6 posts before this one, link was this one -> https://gofile.io/d/qovrvq ). 🍻 @Fielder i checked that 'green folder color' option, it's an old option that was pretty much replaced by the colors in the colors tab of the options screen, so yep when i did some other changes i forget about that old option and it was not working anymore. It's an easy fix so i will restore that option if some people still use it.
  5. @Barnes Thank you 🍻 @JSmith2112 If you use both the 'fonts size' option by increasing the default one and the 'enable DPI' option do they still look tiny ? I think both options should be used together (that dpi option is a bit of a 'short in the dark' for me because i could never really test 😱😜). Thank you. 🍻 @Fielder i think the green color is an option in the options screen 'colorize (green) selected folder', i probably broke it by doing other changes in one of the more recent version since 0.13. I will check that this evening. Thank you 🍻
  6. woops sorry to bring this back up 🙊 Looks like there are some kind and friendly souls here so i take advantage of it to ask a few more testers for the new unreleased version. I have completed the UI overhaul started with the previous version (now the main menu and contextual menu have also been updated to new scalable vector images). I have also added 3 new themes based on the W11 standard (1 light, 2 dark) and a few more requests/fixes. This version also contains a new version of the base components so you are required to replace all files included in the ZIP and not only the EXE. Link --> https://gofile.io/d/qovrvq Having a few testers here makes me more confident before releasing the real official version hopefully this weekend (bit too many users now, and some get angry rather quickly if i release a version with a flagrant fault 😱😜😁) Changes (in a nutshell) finished the UI overhaul (menu are now up to par with the toolbar) 3 new more modern 'windows 11' based themes (1 light, 2 black) .. please try them .. the Themes are now in the 7th 😱 tab of the options screen (the 3 themes available in previous versions are still available) several little color fixes for dark themes several fixes in the preset en dependencies screen (windows position saved / selected elements counter were not working / colors based on the color set in the options screen / scalable red/green images) new quick preset selector near the 'launch sim' button ability to hide the community panel if you don't need to see it (little toggle button in the toolbar and in the tools menu) new little options (possibilty to show a checkbox to the first root level, possible now to auto-show the preset selector screen when launching the sim) little things With Canada WU release probably not the good time to post this but well it was a rainy week, had more time so it's ready now 😛 thank you very much 🍻😍
  7. @Bobsk8 just make sure you test first with only 1 or 2 addons (test in sim that are well working after being 'linked' to make sure everything works for you). It would be sad if you move 100's of GB at once and then find out it doesn't work for you (you might end up being angry towards the creator of the tool 😱🙈😁) For steam it should be ok 100% of the time, but for some MS-Store users sometimes moving files outside of their community folder renders them useless (some sort of Windows protection/encryption), for the majority all is well by i know from past experience that a few users had some problems moving files from that folder. 🍻
  8. ah hmm .. shouldn't need to be re-saved or anything but, i just did a quick test and it seems to work for me too, but well maybe sometimes it just does strange things 🙃
  9. oh strange, SU10 should not make any difference with that feature, i will run some tests on my end, thanks @MarcG for letting me know 🍻
  10. Thank you for your feedback, yep if you have windows scaling at 200% it's probably good enough to make everything big enough. All this is optional so in your case you can just leave default settings (the new version has new 'vector based' icons, they should probably resize better with 200% scaling than the old ones and look less 'blurry' hopefully) 🍻
  11. Thank you all for your feedback once again 🍻 For info, i have now released a new official version containing these changes 😱, if you downloaded the test version from here make sure you grab the official one as it contains a few more 'refinements'. Hopefully all will be ok 🙈 Thank you and have a great weekend 🍻
  12. yep @kaha if the monitor is very big there is probably no need to increase the size (monitor size will compensate for the large resolution, it's all about 'dots per inch'). In that case just leave the options in their default states and there will be no change. thanks @pmb for the info, just be clear it's not about the content.xml deletion (that's just an hidden feature in the INI file that most users are not even aware of), i was talking about the xml editor that is available inside Addons linker in the Tools menu (it opens a screen where you can deactivate stuff, remove old entries, or reorder addons va a graphical UI without having to mess up with the file manually). So if the structure of that file is changed with SU10, i will have to remove that option for the time being and maybe try to include an updated editor later if i can figure out the new way of working for that file and if it still makes sense. 🥂
  13. Thank you all for the feedback really appreciated 🍻🥂🍺, i will then try to finish those changes and publish all that with the next official version. It will probably be shortly after SU10 because i probably need to remove the 'content.xml file editor' option. I haven't installed SU10 beta, so not sure, but i read that that file is not used (or does not exist) anymore 😱. I'll miss it, i really like that fact that i was able to disable some of the standard MS/Asobo stuff (like for example default AI traffic) or reorder some addons (in some case it really made a difference) just by altering that file. Anyway there will be probably alternative ways to do those things (if you have some knowledge about this file in SU10 i would be interested to know). Thank you
  14. yep thank you all for the report, it should be fixed now with the new link (first post also updated) -> https://gofile.io/d/bR1pZc a DLL containing the new images was missing 😱. Thanks for your time 🍻
  15. i could reproduce the issue on another PC, some file is probably missing, need to find out which one i need to include. i will post a new ZIP as soon as it's fixed, i'll remove it from now in the first post Sorry for the trouble 🙈
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