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  1. I've only had one long pause (about 5 sec) when on final at about 700' AGL into Frankfurt. After she unfroze everything was fine. I still get the occasional stutter, though not from cockpit views.
  2. No doubt at all that taildraggers are preferred for handling certain types of terrain, though tricycle gear aircraft are also used in the bush. I learned to fly out of a turf field - most flying there done with tricycle gear aircraft, though there were a few taildraggers around (one of my instructors had a Cessna 140). When flying off a turf field (many of which are fairly wide) you learn how to navigate the terrain regardless of the type of gear. For instance, you learn to not land in mud puddles and ruts. Relaxing outside the hangar one day we observed a Civil Air Patrol Tri-Pacer come in to land (or for a T&G). As it was in the Spring we still had a fairly large area of mud in the center of the strip - of course, none of us would land in it. The CAP pilot was either not familiar with turf field procedures or wasn't thinking and did a beautiful flare right in the center of the strip - touching down in the middle of the mud. The aircraft just immediately stopped - period. It went right over onto its back. The 3 shocked occupants were left hanging in their straps. Everyone was OK.
  3. It was fairly close to the metar report for that time when I went in. I didn't break from cloud cover until the FAP. I flew in from Columbia, experiencing everything from high altitude turbulence to rain squalls.
  4. A pleasant surprise while navigating through some of the default airports. Give SEQM - Quito a try. The approaches are somewhat challenging with a lot of mountainous terrain, beautiful scenery and high density altitude. The airport is at 7910'.
  5. At least one person I was in conversation with reported that there is some connection btwn performance issues w 0.6.1 and flying in Europe and that WT was aware of it and working on it. Here's what happened to me: I switched to 0.6.1 but didn't engage the chart feature - everything was fine for a couple of flights. I activated the charts feature as a Navigraph subscriber and started a new flight over Europe. Halfway through my flight, the sim basically crashed (1-2 FPS then locked up). I'd never had issues before. I had to use Task Manager to close the sim. I rebooted and tried again, this time in Central America. Once again, everything went well for about half the flight, then it locked up. I then replaced the mod with a clean version of 0.6.1 (without the charts feature on) and did another flight in Europe - it locked up again. I cleaned everything out, reverted to the 0.5.1 version and everything has been OK since. When I saw you had been running 0.6.1 I thought it worth mentioning.
  6. This statement caught my eye. YES, some of us have been having issues with the latest WTg3000 v0.6.1 mod. It literally brought my flights to a crashing halt. I finally removed it, deleted and recreated my rolling cache and reinstalled the WT v0.5.1 mod. All the issues are gone and everything is smooth again - might be worth checking out in your case.
  7. Yep - it locked up once more after a clean install of the 6.1 mod. I've gone back to 5.1 and all is well again.
  8. Though there is a lot of modern functionality missing right now in portions of FS2020's systems, I'm estimating that about 5% of my sim time is VFR and 95% IFR. There isn't a type of approach that I haven't been able to fly. I've done everything from an old NDB to a modern GPS. Though I never got to fly a dual VOR approach in the RW in a glass cockpit, I must say that the glass cockpit simulations in the sim handled them surprisingly well. The most frustrating thing I've run into has been changing an RNAV approach due to changing conditions or having to go to an alternate, then not being able to always load an appropriate waypoint for that procedure. Some aircraft and systems work better for this than others. If the IF happens to be an actual navaid, then there is no issue at all. Other than that, I haven't needed any help following SIDs, STARS, IAPS, etc. I may not always be able to do a coupled approach or have the procedure automatically loaded, but that isn't really necessary (nice to have and hopefully available in the future).
  9. One of the flights I had the issue with was indeed in Europe. However, it also failed (basically locked up) in one other flight over Central America.
  10. I repeated my failed flight from yesterday using 0.5.1 and all was well. I'm going to try a fresh install of 0.6.1 one more time (without integrating Navigraph) to see if it runs properly.
  11. I agree that it doesn't always match, but the last 3 flights I've taken they've matched almost perfectly. I planned my cruising altitudes based on SimBrief and they were very close in the sim.
  12. I've noted that SimBrief provides a decent picture of winds aloft during the flight plan creation - very helpful.
  13. I appreciate the info - tells me that my experience isn't a one-off, I know that v0.6.1 has other improvements (not just charts) and she ran fine in the first flight. I attempted to turn off the charts in the next start-up but there didn't seem to be a way to do it. It could be that the option to "login automatically" then made it impossible to disconnect from Navigraph. I will reinstate 6.1 after I obtain a new download. I can do without the charts as I always have them available with Navigraph running in its own window - just thought it would be nice to have them right there in the MFD. It just occurred to me that maybe having Navigraph charts running at the same time may have created some type of conflict with the g3000 integration - I'm going to leave it be for now. I'm also looking forward to testing the PMS50-GTN 750 integration.
  14. Is anyone having any issues with this latest mod? v0.5.1 ran very well for me - the WT mods have always been great so I updated when the latest version came out. I took a flight with it before activating the charts feature and everything was good. I then activated charts and it seemed to be working well prior to takeoff. About halfway through my flight i dropped to a framerate of about 1 and couldn't do much of anything - then I couldn't even close the sim, so I had to go with the Task Manager. After rebooting my system I tried to reload the flight and couldn't even start the aircraft (TBM). I've now reloaded with v0.5.1 and all is well.
  15. I believe the latest WT g3000 mod also has this capability, therefore it would be available in the TBM. Also, the metar's accuracy would be dependent on how old it was. I still use an old free application that was designed for the Terminal Reality Fly! series - it provides me with current metar reports (if available) from around the world through the NOAA. I also use this site: https://metarreader.com/. I have found that the Live real time weather module of FS2020 is fairly accurate, matching the metar winds and other attributes a high percentage of the time. Now, the ATC has a tendency to ignore winds when assigning runways, so you need to use your head. 🙂
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