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  1. Yes - there is an excellent option from PMS5 for using the GTN750 in the Comanche - the In-cockpit bezel – WTT Mode The aircraft has the GTN750 directly available in the cockpit with its bezel. The aircraft uses the Working Title Technology (WTT) to manage the autopilot and the flight plan. You will get more features. This may require a specific extra package. Some other GPS in the cockpit may be disabled in this mode.
  2. I am not using the LOD tool. I just built a new system and wanted to see what settings gave me the best performance before I experimented with LOD and frame generation.
  3. This did not work for me. After cycling the languages from English to French to English I accessed ATIS on the next startup and received the report. Then, it repeated all of the same errors as before. Another voice repeated the ATIS report while covering the Clearance. All audio on ATC communications stopped and I had to recover by switching all communications to COM2.
  4. Yes - I just posted on a similar experience (among other issues) a few days ago. Here are some things you can do: Switch to COM 2 (both on the Nav/Com and on the ATC window) New discovery - don't use ATIS or AWOS at all (at least at departure) If I don't use ATIS at departure but call up Clearance, then I get audio for ATC for the flight If I use ATIS, as soon as I request Clearance another voice repeats the ATIS recording while blocking out the Clearance response (which can now only be read, not heard). From then on I have to run off of Com 2 or get no audio responses.
  5. "Retired" is a good way to put it as I mainly flew in the 70's. 😄 FS-HUD, P2ATC and PF3 have been on my radar. Down the road, I'll probably get into VATSIM and PilotEdge, but for now I'm concentrating on diving deep into a number of great aircraft and systems - I want their operations to be second nature before I'm carrying on ATC communications at a higher level.
  6. Even if everything worked properly (as far as flight instructions/procedures) the horrible Alt+ command errors by the ATC module are making it (for me) absolutely unusable. I've been wondering if this is my old keyboard showing its wear or whether they have inadvertently made a coding error where "timing" intervals for keyboard commands are now off.
  7. All of the season files and masks (as of a couple of days ago) were separate "downloads". However, you could not download them normally - - the only choice was to run the built in installers from the simMarket website. When I did this, all of the files were placed unzipped in the CF. I moved them to my Mods folder and linked them as I had in the past, When they were selected in AddonsLinker, none of them functioned and all indicated unreadable .json files. Following the previous recommendations, I placed them back into the CF, zipped them to the Mods folder and they now function normally.
  8. It worked (at least it appears to be indicating no manifest.json file issues in AddonsLinker)! It was kind of a pain to convert and reset all of the seasons folders, so after I check that the foliage is appearing properly tomorrow, I'll set up a batch method of converting entire groups of folder and files to speed the process.
  9. Thanks for the idea. I can verify that the season files work if in the Community folder. When I move one back in, the seasons change. If I move it out, then link it, they don't work Basically, he's now designed his add-on to install directly to the Community folder with no other option. To change seasons, you're forced to move them in and out - actually physically move the folders and files. I'll try your zip method. I'll put all of them back in the CF, zip them to another location, delete the originals, unzip the archived versions and link them. Hoping for the best.
  10. There were some items in the ATC area that were improved in the last update, but now there are so many more things going wrong that it's almost unusable. These have been consistent faults in the last 5 flights: Loss of communication through COM1 immediately after ATIS playback - COM1 receives no audio for the remainder of the flight. Attempts to file the flight plan results in a new voice immediately repeating the ATIS announcement I've already received while blocking out the flight plan approval I now have to switch to COM2 or I hear no ATC responses (they are visible in the ATC window but no longer audible through COM1) Multiple times in a flight switching my custom cockpit views (Alt+1, etc.) triggers an improper ATC response. Apparently the sim is inappropriately reading my Alt+ commands as single numbers, activating commands, requests and directions I never asked for. The ATC system has responded to vector requests (that I never asked for), accepted IFR cancellation requests (that I never requested), switched to different destinations (that I never requested). Most of the other really bad issues that were issues before continue: not offering change of runway along with change of approach requests, assigning improper (ridiculous) altitudes, etc. This is crazy. I was appreciating the ability to obtain much more appropriate climb to cruise approvals, but with everything else going wrong I'm dumping it. Looks like I'll need to invest in an add-on ATC system, though it appears that all of them still have weaknesses.
  11. After a recent PC system update I had to re-download the latest version of Bijan Seasons. Bijan's setup no longer allows for downloading to anything but the Community Folder (it installs directly to that folder with no other option). I attempted to then move the folders to my chosen Mods folder and use them with AddonsLinker as I have always done in the past. When I did this they ceased to function. They now show up in AddonsLinker with the following marker: could not read the manifest.json file. This makes them non-functioning. The only way I can use them now is to move each folder physically into the Community folder before flight. Pretty clumsy. Would this be a result of something Bijan has placed into his installer? I wanted to get some input before I send him a message.
  12. Also, in the RW when I was flying out of small uncontrolled fields, we simply dialed in the altitude of the airport. The corresponding BP in the window would have been correct. In the case of Homer, was there a current metar to compare to? If there was an accurate metar, the BP should have been correct. Also, if MS/ASOBO placed the airport at the correct elevation everything should have aligned. However, if there wasn't a current metar and the weather algorithm (meteoblue) had changed, the BP may have been off. Several possibilities: No current metar Improper interpolation by metoblue Improper field elevation by creator Combinations of the above Overall, I've found Live Weather to be pretty accurate if the metar is up-to-date. If it's off, use the old method and dial in the proper field elevation. As Bob says, it may be time to get the mechanic involved.
  13. I've actually heard this for some time (through a number of Update iterations). It usually appears when you are filing from an uncontrolled airport and there is some distance from the airport and Clearance Delivery transmitter. Now, if the Clearance delivery is from a nearby controlled airport, then there is less likelihood of interference or it will be cleaner.
  14. I have deleted and reinstalled this aircraft twice. The first time (after reinstalling) she rotated normally and took lifted off at VR with no issues. About 8 flights later she was sticking again. I reinstalled again - this time, she continued to stick (including today). Very frustrating. All other portions of flight response are wonderful. Right now the problem appears about 50% of the time. For now, when I pull back and the nose doesn't rise, I immediately maintain back pressure and steer carefully - when the nose finally comes up (which can happen quickly) I immediately release a little back pressure to stay out of stall. She flies smoothly after that. On the times that she rotates normally I simply adjust trim to hold the proper climb angle and everything is fine.
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