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  1. Just got new computer, has FSX loaded and running well. Nothing on it except the fresh FSX. Downloaded and bought fresh GNS430 and 530. Installed all with flight1 wrappers using the red jet icon downloaded. Licenses go into C:/Flight one software with proof of purchase and keys correctly. Install appeared normal but when I start FSX get 2 pop up messages couple seconds apart gray box saying "Reality XP Unable to authenticate gauge:License problem" with an OK box that has to be clicked to finish loading FSX to the free flight page. In the aircraft when I click open the gauges they are just rectangular boxes all colored snowy image with Reality XP across them. What have I done wrong, how do I correct? Thank you. Robert
  2. drskyking

    Update my GNS 530 nav data

    Is there anywhere in the world to download a 2014 or 2015 copy of the AVTN_ww_DB.bin file so I can update my FSX unit? Thank you so much. Robert
  3. drskyking


    Carenado Navajo PA 31 has the KFC-200 autopilot, works great! Doc We have a Century 41 in our Navajo..
  4. Got it, missed one step on the detailed instructions. Great product! Robert
  5. Hi Jim, Queried you years ago with original AS's. Back on with FSX after long time. Did all the above 3 installs on my client laptop, ASN working well on desktop with FSX installed. Keep getting error when I open ASN on client "ASN was not able to install/modify the ASConnect module. Please manually install ASConnect into your Simulator." See users guide for more info. Can't find how to! Then ASN keeps going until this error "A valid Simconnect managed version was not found to be correctly installed on this system. You must have SP2 Simconnect Client installed to sue FSX mode with ASN." How do I do that? Please help. Thanks, Robert
  6. Thanks Jim! I will try that tonight, looks like something I can handle. The spot I wont to more it to even shows the actual Strip, FS Genesis US Landclass! Will try to post a pic!
  7. I am trying to move the small airport I fly my Aeronca Champ out of, 0NY7, 20 miles NW of Albany, NY. I used AFCAD2004 to move the runway where I wanted it centered, 4-22, and created the grass 10-28 made last year. I save it, new height is 915 feet, not 940 also, as AF_0NY7.bgl into Addon scenery/scenery folder as I do with other airports, restart FS9 and when I try to go to KSCH about 16 miles from 0NY7, as soon as the initial load taskbar gets to 2% I get crash to desktop unless I remove AF_0NY7.bgl. ANy idea what is going wrong? I can change the stock runway width and texture and save the new bgl, but as soon as I try to move the runway, CTD!! Thanks. Robert
  8. That was it, video driver update cured it! Thanks. (After another uninstall/reinstall, waste of an hour of FS9 of course! Thanks!
  9. Can you explain what that means please? Sitting on the ground everything looks dismal but as soon as I start to climb all ground and autogen textures show up and abruptly stop in distance. Never saw anything like this.. Thanks again. My Asv6 giving me all I want now. Thanks to you!
  10. I am trying to help a friend set up his FS9 and was bragging about asv6 which he is ready to buy. Before he does anything though his sim gives him awful low vis realism! With his setup this is a shot of what we get with 1/2 mile vis 1000 foot ceiling and we are 2000 agl using stock fs9 weather.Compaq presario, amd xp 2600, Radeon 9200, RAM 1 gb, FS9.1, antialiasing off in game, 4x in ATI setup, trilinear filtering on in FS9. I never saw anything like this. Any suggestions as what he and I are doing wrong. He has 1.2 gig of virtual mem too. Thanks!http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/139078.jpg
  11. Just one more problem for us to all figure out!! The way it is is awesome!! Take care!
  12. Jim- I agree, something else must be going on. I think this must fall back to an FS9 problem. We discussed this when ASV came out. Last night I started fs9 all by itself, cleared all weather, then using the FS9 advanced weather menu, set a 600 foot AGL, 3000 foot thick solid stratus OVC at KALB (and the world I think). It looked great from the ground, nice solid low layer, as I climbed through 600 AGL got into wispy thin looking stratus and could see the ground and forward 5-10 miles, vis was 10 miles, till I got to 3600 feet, just above the layer, then I couldn't see the ground through a solid stratus looking OVC. As I descended back through, as I got to about 3000 in the layer ground again visible. Turned vis down to 2 miles then better but could still see the ground straight down. Is there a way somehow to have ASv6 automatically drop vis to about 1/2 mile when entering 7/8 BKN or OVC conditions to simulate the near 0 vis in these conditions, then have it better above and below the layer? Just a thought. Thanks again. Also, I had FSInn weather turned off. Just used VATSIM weather with updates through the ASv6 interface.
  13. Jim- Just flew in from KPIT to KALB a couple hours ago, tops 8000 or so all the way, solid OVC at KALB 4000 AGL. Booted up the sim with the above changes and this is what I still get. Is there any other way to get a solid stratus layer?http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/138085.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/138083.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/138084.jpgThanks again for all the suggestions..
  14. Will give it a try. I thought one needed increased max thickness to get accurate t-storms. Thanks again. Have a great weekend!
  15. Jim- Do the settings seem OK? You can see the OVC and how thin it is. How does ASv6 know how thick to make the layer? Is there a way I can use different settings with ASG to thicken the layer? Thanks so much again. Still is awesome what you all have done.Specs-2.5 GHz, Nvidia6800GT, 1 gB RAM, Pent IV, windows XP. Frames locked at 20.Take care!