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  1. Smooth here. I did delete shadercache but left all prefs alone and no problems.
  2. Don't understand why they would provide a scaled down version? Provide the real thing and then let all decide I would have hoped. I have seen scaled down, as maybe a small radius offering, but never intentionally providing a % of autogen and other objects. I'm skeptical, but maybe after some postings I may change my mind. I love the PNW region, it is my favorite of anywhere. Bob
  3. Hey, hope all is well with you. Just curious as I also have a 1070 and doing fairly well with it. Is there an nvidia driver that you have settled in on, or do you just upgrade the drivers to stay current? Bob
  4. Lived there for 30 years. Trust me, this is absolutely unbelievable. Wow! Bob
  5. We have so many talented scenery developers, I just hope they stay active and relevant. Bob
  6. Thanks much, it looks like your off to an excellent start! Looking forward to it.
  7. I would have to see them side by side to judge. I liked them both.
  8. I wonder why there has been no comments at this time? I assumed the customer base would be pretty big but maybe not. I have not yet downloaded but will tomorrow. Bob
  9. Is there GA and can the amount of this type be controlled? The software sounds great but I normally fly the smaller airports so the GA aspect is a must. Any info or personal experience with the GA contained would be much appreciated. Bob
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