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  1. Hmmm, still fails to activate. This is for P3DV4.4 and PTA version 2.65, running PTA as administrator.
  2. Hi, Probably a temporary thing, but just in case anyone should know, I just upgraded my PTA version and am unable to activate. Will try later. Cheers
  3. Hi,

    Would you be able to send all Cheyenne III mods to znatusch@gmail.com.

    Love your work - you make the Carenado planes worth flying.

    Many thanks

  4. Confounding factors aside (like updrafts from ASN, or something wrong with the sim, etc etc.) I think A2A modelled the 182 spot on. I found it oddly hard to land at first until I decided to try and approach and land like I was taught in the real world, albeit a 172. The numbers aren't that different. If you get the speed right in short final - and this varies according to how you've loaded the plane - a normal flare is almost straightforward, and very satisfying. Carry too much speed though, and it'll be evident.
  5. Looking forward to the PC-12 sounds from TSS. Quite like their work - recently started using their FSX packages for the Cap'n Sim 707, 767, and C-130 and favourably impressed.
  6. Haven't heard back from Oovee. I suppose that they no longer support their FSX sound packages and are busy with their Spintires game. Darn. On another note, the directional gyro drifts over time despite it being a slaved unit (and the DI control doesn't appear to do much). Changing the direction_indicator to "4,0" (4 = electric slaved DI, 0 = the indicator to which it is slaved, i.e. mag compass), seems to work but I haven't observed it extensively yet.
  7. Both were available on simMarket until, at the latest, last year sometime, but I see that they are not listed now. I just sent a message to Oovee and waiting for their response.
  8. Hi Les, I'm using FSX-SE, so can't say whether either the Oovee soundset or the cockpitsounds_v2 would be relatively easy to add to the Carenado Baron in P3Dv4. Probably it can be done with the use of Doug's P3Dv4 gauge, but I don't have P3Dv4 so I can't try this. The Oovee soundset is payware and for engine and cockpit environment only, and does not have any switch sounds. Cockpitsounds_v2 is freeware, and uses the Doug Dawson sound gauge for FSX. Bill mentions a few posts up that he was looking into the DD sound gauge for P3Dv4. The Oovee soundset does respond to changes in MP and RPM in a fairly plausible way - provided the engines are operated close to real-life settings. It's not perfect and not comparable to the fidelity A2A achieves (for example) with their complex aircraft, but for me still increases the immersion level with this aircraft.
  9. Hi, Got the mods working with the original interior .mdl. The 3D radio knobs can be 'disappeared' via the animation control window. Really enjoy the new flight dynamics, getting the stall horn to chirp just before t/d. On the 325 horse model, the MP gauges were both pointing to the starboard engine (i.e. number 2). I corrected this by editing ManifoldTC40_1.xml. Am using the Oovee soundset and cockpitsounds_v2 (as the original never seemed to have any switch sounds). Idly wondering now if I could jam the rolasn radar into the vc somewhere. btw, haven't flown the 310 HP Baron yet but looks like both MP gauges in that aircraft will point to number 1 engine. Cheers
  10. Bill, thanks heaps for this mod. Reckon it'll give for many a new lease of life on the old B58. I'd like to get it to work on my system but ran into the same error despite checking the installation against the procedure several times: "Visual model could not be displayed". I did a bit of searching and found out that this error comes up if the .mdl can't be read; further searching says that this could be due to a .mdl compiled for P3D rather than FSX (which I'm running). I think that might be the issue here as the .mdl files of known working aircraft on my system have MDLMXMDLH a few characters into the .mdl header; whereas the interior .mdl provided with the mod package (1PB58_interior_minusknobs_2.mdl) has PV20MDLH. My apologies if it's been stated anywhere that this mod package is only for P3D. If not, any suggestions for how to get it to work for FSX?
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