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  1. Finally! Thanks for the update. All this reminds me of the old saying, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it do the backstroke"! Al
  2. I've been able to confirm PC Aviator contacted FSW and acknowledged they are behind in updating some a/c including the Lear35 and the MU2. Supposedly other a/c, including the C402 and C441, should have finally been updated yesterday or today. Hopefully all a/c will be updated in a few days. FSW sends updates to all stores at the same time, and has to rely on the stores to make the updates available in a timely manner. When that doesn't happen it is frustrating for all concerned. Al
  3. That is not good -- thanks for checking. Al
  4. Very true! You would think they would be very careful for just that reason. And for the same reason, update their inventory when asked to do so. Very frustrating to say the least. Al
  5. In my experience I have found that sometimes a store will update the download, but not the description that goes with it. It might be worth downloading from PC Aviator and then checking the version number in the installer file name. It is because of problems like this that I always try to buy directly from the developer. And I prefer to send my money to the folks who actually did the work to developed the a/c. I've been told some resellers take up to a 40% cut. Al
  6. Hi John, Well, maybe this is the Official FSW User to User forum? Note that at the top of the Forum home page it says : Flysimware Forum Product information on upcoming projects. This is unofficial user-to-user support and developer support is provided via their official website. So yes, I would email FSW (Mark Taylor) directly. I don't have P3D so can't be of much direct help. Al
  7. Good catch, this was a bug that accidentally crept into the latest update. A 11Sept17 patch for this is now available on the FSW C441 product page under Updates. See Al
  8. Hi What GPS and what radar unit are you using ? I could not open the link for the picture you posted. The GPS 530 and the Advantage WX radar have to be turned on using the mouse. Al
  9. In addition to the above ideas, I find a switch for flaps and a push to talk switch handy. Al
  10. Just as an informational note, this is considered a User to User support forum. As such, FSW does not routinely monitor this forum. While FSW does occasionally post here, it usually is as a follow up on an issue that was raised directly through the FSW website contact page . So if no one here has an idea on the red beacon issue, your best bet is probably to contact FSW directly. Al
  11. It is not clear to me from your comment above whether you have found the patch or not. The patch was uploaded late last night in response to your original post. Al
  12. Butch, My mistake on the P3D version, but still note the version is 2.3a, not just v2.3. I believe the 'a' is what designates the latest version. Hopefully some other P3Dv3.4 users will report if they are having a problem with the GPS 530. It is very hard for a developer to fix a problem they can't replicate. And BTW, it is not my product, I don't work for FSW. I just try to help out if I can. Al
  13. A 4Sept17 patch is now available here on the Lear35A Product page under Updates. This patch fixes a P3D problem with the generator gauges AMP displays and a minor issue with the DME distance and time information displayed on the HSIs and the stand alone DME gauges for FSX and P3D. Al
  14. FSW looked at this issue and a patch is now available on the Lear35A Product page under Updates here Al
  15. Maybe not weird at all. For example, the installer for the C402 was just updated for P3Dv4 within the past week, and there have been reports that some outlets have yet to make this available. So whether you bought the C402 directly from FSW or somewhere else, I would check that you have installed v2.3a (it should be in the name of the installer exe file). Unfortunately, I don't have P3Dv4 so can't report on this issue directly myself. Hopefully some other folks can. If others with P3Dv4 are not having the same problem as you, and the developer can't replicate the problem on his P3Dv4 sim, then it would seem the problem is local to your setup for some unknown reason and trying a fresh download of the a/c seems to me like a reasonable thing to try. If others report a similar problem to yours, then that is certainly a different story that needs to be investigated further. Al