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  1. Brent, Note there is a Dimmer Patch on the FSW website at . Al
  2. Yep, that's certainly a valid point and something to be considered. Thx, Al
  3. Jim, Thanks very much for the info -- that's what I was hoping to hear. I have already tried letting FSX rebuild the dll.xml file and have compared the fsx.cfg with fsx-se.cfg, so I will give reinstalling SP2 a try and see what happens wrt the display issue. Al
  4. Yes, that's an option, but I have not kept things (addons, etc) up to date with FSX-SE and if I have to go through a lot of reinstalling, I would probably just go over to P3D and do it there since it looks like P3D is the way to go for the future. And, I'm just curious as to what might be causing this problem with FSX. Thx, Al
  5. If I uninstall and reinstall SP2 for FSX, will I have to also reinstall most addons? I am thinking of trying this because of a strange display problem. I have FSX Deluxe(SP2) and FSX-SE on the same machine (Win10/64) and use Lua scripts with FSUIPC to display things like a/c checklists, selection menus, etc. In FSX when I activate a script to display a list of items I can see the list 'grow' in size, e.g., 10 short lines of info do not flash on the screen as a single display unit as expected, but instead you can see the list grow or scroll down (as if quickly pulling down a window shade), and sometimes there is jitter as the list builds. Once complete the display is stable, and any sublists displayed by making a selection from the original list display instantly as a single unit as expected even if the sublist is bigger than the original list. Others using the same scripts with FSX don't see this problem. And with FSX-SE on my machine when running exactly the same scripts, all displays appear instantly as a single unit, there is no scroll down effect or jitter, everything works as expected. I have experimented a bit with different Nvidia display drivers to no avail. Pete Dowson (FSUIPC developer) says FSUIPC simply passes the info for dispIay to SimConnect so I have tried reinstalling the three versions of SimConnect associated with FSX Deluxe, but the problem persists. So I'm wondering if there may be a Registry issue or some kind of a problem between SimConnect and Win10 that the reinstall of SP2 may fix. Admittedly a shot in the dark. My Win10 account is Admin, UAC is off, and FSX is elevated to 'run as administrator'. Thanks for any ideas, Al
  6. Rick, PM me an email address and I'll send you one script that will let you assign a button or key to each of about 18 L35 functions including toggling the steering mode. This script essentially incorporates the individual scripts that Scott mentioned into one script -- just more convenient to use because there are less Lua files to deal with. Al
  7. Scott -- that is a great, much needed fix!! Al
  8. I have FSX and FSX-SE on the same machine and use Lua scripts with FSUIPC to display things like a/c checklists. The Win10 1709 update has impacted the Lua displays in FSX, but not in FSX-SE. In FSX now I can see the lists 'grow' in size, e.g., 10 short lines of info do not flash on the screen as a single display unit, but instead you can see the list build up in size, and sometimes there is quite a bit of jitter as the list builds. Once complete, however, the display is stable. In FSX-SE, nothing has changed as far as I can tell. The lists display 'in a flash' as a single unit as they did before the Win10 upgrade. I have experimented a bit with different Nvidia drivers, and while some make the problem worse, none cure it. I have also reinstalled the three versions of SimConnect associated with FSX. Thanks for any ideas, Al
  9. Wow Scott -- looks great! Al
  10. Alex, I've been thinking a bit more about this. I do understand what you are saying but wonder if using a different term would reduce the possibility for confusion with ATC terminology. Perhaps something along the lines of 'Starting Fix (SF), First Fix (FF), Beginning Fix (BF), etc. Just a 'new year' thought. Thx, Al
  11. Geoff, Yes, the GTN750 is a tremendous tool -- I'm sure you will enjoy it. When I was flying RW IFR a loooong time ago, all I had was a wing leveler! I don't miss having a VNAV capability, in fact, I rather prefer it. Manual VNAV keeps me involved on SIDs, STARS and approaches -- I don't want to just sit back and watch the sim fly the L35. However, as they say, "to each his own". Al
  12. PDF Kneeboard doesn't work with P3Dv4. The whole purpose of this thread is to present an alternative that provides similar functionality. As I understand it, you use a pdf reader (or other program of your choice) to open the chart you want to view in a window, and then use the Always-On-Top program to keep the chart on top of the simulator window. And, you can even open more than one window at a time in the same way. Al
  13. Geoff, I'm not aware of a GTN750 user data tag capability, but you can display the appropriate chart (e.g., SID, STAR, Approach) in a GTN750 window. However, I use FSX and prefer to use PDFkneeboard to display charts on screen (provides a larger display for my old eyes). Unfortunately, it is a 32 bit application and I'm told it does not work in P3Dv4. Al
  14. Hi Geoff, You remark above about tracking altitudes with the stock GNS makes me wonder if you are expecting the GTN750 to do much more wrt managing altitudes. The GTN750 will do a ROD calculation for you if you enter the needed info (it is under Utilities), but it won't control a/c altitude like a typical FMS. Al
  15. Hello, A couple of thoughts.... As I recall (can't check right now), when you install the a/c you have to pick which type of GPS you will be using -- make sure you selected the GNS530 (included with the a/c) since the other choice is the GTN750 (payware). If you select the GTN750 but don't have it, you will get a blank screen. I think the '2nd' LCD screen you are talking about is for the Milviz-Advantage WX radar, which is also payware. If you do not have this wx radar you will have a blank screen (no choice). Al