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  1. Thanks for the info Pat. Your experience shows that the problem is somewhat general in that it involves aircraft from more than one developer, which is very helpful to know. Al
  2. I believe Flight1 recommends an 'All' core setting for the GTN 750, but from reading the Flight1 forums it seems what works best depends on each particular system. I currently am trying the GTN 750 core setting of 'Last Two Cores' since the Task Manager Resource Monitor shows less loading on these cores when P3Dv4 is running on my system (4 core I5 CPU). So one has to experiment a bit to see what core setting works best for their system. Regarding the GTN 750 Home and Direct To keys, there does seem to be an issue with P3Dv4.3 that cuts across a variety of aircraft. I have a post about this on the Flight1 support forum at but there has not been a response from Flight1 at this point. Hopefully others will post with a similar problem and Flight1 will take a look at the issue. Al
  3. Hi Pat, Thanks very much for the feedback. Does the 'Home' button work correctly for you in P3Dv4.3 -- i.e.,with the GTN 750 in the VC panel, it takes you to the Home page with a single click, and to the Map page if you hold it down? Thx, Al
  4. I should add to the above that I am using Win10. I've had a suggestion that the problem could be related to a Win10 - P3Dv4.3 issue of some type. So if anyone with a Win10 system and a GTN 750 equipped aircraft in P3Dv4.3 could test the Home and Direct To buttons that would be really helpful. Thx, Al
  5. A friend and I are both having the same problems with the Flight1 GTN 750 in P3Dv4.3. If the GTN 750 is popped-up into a 2D panel – everything works as expected and responds to a single click. However, when the GTN 750 is in the VC panel, we get the following behavior in the Lear35 and MU-2B. Unfortunately, I don't have any non-FSW P3Dv4.3 a/c with the GTN 750 in the panel to test. With the GTN750 in the VC panel, if with the mouse I: Hold the Home button down – nothing happens. The GTN 750 should go to the Map page. Single click the Home button - nothing happens. The GTN 750 should go to the Home page. Double click the Home button – most of the time the GTN 750 goes to the Home page, but it should not take two clicks. Sometimes nothing happens. Single click on the Direct To button – nothing happens except maybe one or two times out of 30 or 40 clicks it will open the Direct To box on a single click as it should. Double click on the Direct To button – most of the time it will open the Direct To box, but it should not take two clicks. Sometimes nothing happens. Click once on any symbol on the Home page the GTN 750 goes to the correct page. Click once on the Cancel / Return button the GTN 750 goes back to the correct spot. So the problem seems to be with just the Home and Direct To buttons. P3Dv4.3 is the only version of P3D that I have to test. In FSX and FSX-SE, the GTN 750 works as expected almost all the time. I have uninstalled and reinstalled P3Dv4.3, the GTN 750, the Garmin Trainer, and the Lear35 -- nothing has helped. Is anyone having, or not having, similar problems with the GTN750 in P3Dv4.3? If so, with what aircraft? Any ideas on a fix? Thanks, Al
  6. ark

    Learjet 35A and REX-Milviz WX Radar

    F1 GTN complete v2.06 P3Dv4.3 REX-Milviz Advantage WX radar: I'm not sure how to tell what version I have. I installed the WX radar update for P3Dv4.3 that was available in early Aug 2018. I had the FSX version for quite a while before upgrading for P3Dv4.3. Al
  7. ark

    Learjet 35A and REX-Milviz WX Radar

    I have not had a problem with the REX-Milviz WX radar and a single GTN750 in the Lear35 with Win10/P3Dv4.3. I have not tried using dual GTN750s. Al
  8. Hi, I don't know what you mean by " dial it all the way down to 25,000 feet/sea level". You didn't say what sim version you are using, but regarding the strobe light bleeding through into the cockpit, my understanding is that this is a problem that has appeared with P3Dv4.3 and is a sim problem, not an a/c problem. Al
  9. BTW, the Falcon 50 that FSW is working on will have the option for one or two GPS units in the VC (either GTNs or GNSs, user's choice). I believe there is info about this on the FSW Facebook page (I don't have a Facebook account myself). Al
  10. ark

    Lear35 P3D Frame Rates

    OK, OK, I gave in! Al
  11. ark

    Youtube Channel with Lear35 Videos

    Thanks, very interesting to see dual GTN750s in real life Lear35 action. Al
  12. ark

    Lear35 P3D Frame Rates

    Scott, I expect I will go over to P3D at some point (probably when I have to replace my computer), but right now FSX-SE is meeting my needs just fine. As they say, if it ain't broke, ..... Al
  13. ark

    Lear35 P3D Frame Rates

    Scott -- thanks for the input, appreciate it! I will pass the info on. BTW, your "...I've never used FSX" comment surprised me. A pure P3D man, eh? 😉 Al
  14. ark

    wx locked out

    I don't have P3D so can't help much except to say that since you have the same problem with a default aircraft and the Lear35, it sounds like a sim problem and not an aircraft related problem. You said you "updated something", what do you think that might of been -- P3D, or maybe a weather program? Are you using some kind of add-on weather program like Active sky, etc? Does 'weather' work with any of your aircraft? If you updated P3D and are using an add-on weather program, maybe the weather program needs to be updated as well. Al
  15. I don't have P3D but would like to get some feedback for a friend that does. With the Lear35 (using one GTN750 and the Rex WX radar with Active Sky 16) he is getting about 22FPS in the VC, and about 28-29 FPS outside the a/c. These figures are lower than he gets with FSX, especially the VC frame rate. Are these frame rates typical for the Lear35 in P3D? Did you notice a drop in frame rates moving from FSX to P3D with the Lear35? My friend does not see a comparable frame rate drop between FSX and P3D with other a/c which have a frame rate of about 33. Thx for any input, Al