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  1. Simplest -- yes, but perhaps not convenient, depending on space, or keeping the yoke may not fit in with plans one has for it, like passing it on to a young grandson! 😉 Al
  2. I agree. I recently upgraded my Saitek yoke to a Fulcrum yoke so needed to find a way to temporarily use the Saitek 'PS2' TQ while I wait for Fulcrum to come out with their TQ. I had an Arduino Leonardo lying around so I used that as explained here .The Leonardo is one of the few Arduinos with a built in USB signal interface. If necessary you can buy a Leonardo from Aliexpress or Banggood for less than $10. But buying a USB Saitek TQ is still the way to go unless you like playing with Arduinos, etc. Hi Jim. Since you can't lose the Saitek's TQ's cable since it is hard wired into the TQ, are you saying there are other types of Saitek controllers that are made to plug into the Saitek Yoke's PS2 port? Didn't know that. Al
  3. Yes. No. The PS2 TQ that plugs into the yoke does not have a USB interface. The PS2 TQ makes use of the USB interface that is in the yoke. That is, the electronics in the yoke reads and decodes the data signal from the PS2 TQ and converts that information into a USB signal. Al
  4. The red alternate static port switch is normally located below the Fuel Computer and SPR switches. Apparently the static port switch has not been modeled in the FSW Lear 35. Al
  5. Yes. But I wonder why DOD apparently favors MSFS over P3D -- for what purpose? Al
  6. I find one advantage of using Touch Portal (TP) 'simply' as a hotkey front end is you can assign an 'awkward' key combination, that may not be convenient to use with a regular keyboard while flying, to a single TP button, e.g, pushing a single TP button can send CTRL+SHIFT+F6 (just made that up) to the sim. With a regular keyboard that would likely take two hands. Since you can conveniently assign these awkward key combinations to TP buttons, that frees up the easy to use key combinations for your regular keyboard. You can also make one TP button conditional on the On/Off state of another button, etc. And TP buttons can also be easily programmed to act either as regular On/Off buttons, or as Toggle buttons, or as 3-way buttons, or to call programs, etc. The programming logic capability in TP is quite useful. I use FSUIPC, and TP is handy for assigning buttons to activate FSUIPC functions, or FSUIPC Lua scripts. None of this requires a TP MSFS plugin of any kind. Just FYI. Al
  7. Once you popup the GTN750 as described above, you can move it to a tablet using SpaceDesk. I have not tried flying with this setup, however. https://spacedesk.net/ Al
  8. You can move the PMS50 GTN750 to a second screen: 1. Hold down the left ALT key and left click on the GTN750 2. Grab the GTN750 popup with the mouse and slide it to your second monitor. 3. The GTN750 click spots should still work. Al
  9. Installation of the latest WT G1000 mod seems to have solved the problem. Thanks very much for the help! Al
  10. With further investigation it does seem to be a WT G1000 issue. Applying the WT G1000 mod after removing the GTN750 mod does not work. -- no MFD. Not using the WT G1000 mod does work -- the MFD lights up with the map displayed . So it seems the GTN750 mod has 'left something behind' (some change to the panel.cfg file perhaps) that clashes with the latest WT G1000 -- at least on my system. Al
  11. After removing all the GTN750 mod files from the Community folder (via the Addons Linker) the MDF in the C172 G1000 now remains black -- didn't seem to 'recover' from the GTN750 mod. Should it have? Do I have to re-download the plane? Thanks, Al
  12. The PMS50 GTN750 mod only works with certain aircraft. From the mod's documentation: Al
  13. That solved the problem -- thank you! Al
  14. I have the pms50-gtn750-base and pms50-gtn750-premium folders in my MSFS Community folder via the Add-on Linker program. I have nothing else in the Community folder. When I load the C172-1000 I get the regular G1000 MFD screen. It seems I have to at least get the basic GTN 750 display so I can enter my key to activate the Premium version of the GTN750, but I can't seem to get any GTN750 display at all Any suggestions appreciated. Al
  15. My understanding is that Custom sounds provided by a developer typically are controlled by the Win10 sound system, while default sounds use the sim's sound system. In this case it sounds (pun alert !) like the engine sound is a default sound, but the APU sound is a custom Flysimware sound. So the Falcon50's engine sounds don't mute based on the sim's 'lost focus' setting, but the APU is not controlled by the sim setting. Other thoughts welcome. A little more info here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/577885-sounds-in-p3d/?tab=comments#comment-4265302 Al
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