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  1. Make sure you are using the latest version of the TDS GTN 750, ver, and that it is working. A characteristic of HTML gauges is that if one breaks, others may not work as well. Another thing you can try is loading the GNS530 version of the C414 with a default livery and see if the EFB works. Al
  2. Understand, that's what makes it so hard to figure out what is going on. Wish I had some ideas but I don't at this point except to try a C414 reinstall. If there are no Community folder addon conflicts, can you think of any changes you have made to your setup since the EFB worked -- any new hardware or software, any new control bindings, etc? Al
  3. Creating a new Community folder is just a quick way to test for conflicts with Community folder addons. It is not a "trick" intended to actually fix anything. I have not been able to duplicate your problem. There are literally 1000s of C414 users and I have not seen this problem reported lately except for the two of you in this thread. So at least initially it seems to be an issue with your setups and I don't have any other ideas except to suggest trying a reinstall of the C414. If that doesn't help, suggest you raise the issue on the FSW Discord site at https://discord.gg/PHScxsyE . The #chat and #community-pc channels are very active and provide a lot of help. The C414 developer is also active there. Where did you purchase the C414, and are you using Win10 or Win11? All my testing is with Win10. Al
  4. Odds are that you have an addon in the Community folder causing this problem. For just one example, it has been known for a long time that the Heavy Division 787 addon, which modifies default Asobo code that the C414 uses, will kill the EFB. Addon liveries are another possibility. For a quick test, close the sim and rename your Community folder to back it up, then create a new Community folder and only put the necessary C414 related files in it (the C414 if a FSW or SimMarket purchase, and perhaps a GTN750 file). Then start the sim and see if the EFB works. Al
  5. Just to be clear, the HSI course only slaves when the GTN is in GPS mode. I have seen a couple of times when the GN is not really in GPS mode although it "says" so. Double clicking fixes that when it happens. I have not had this problem, and have not seen it reported either here or on the FSW Discord site. As an aside, the FSW Discord site is the best place to deal with C414 issues. You can access it here: https://discord.gg/PHScxsyE The #Chat and #community-pc channels are very active. Al
  6. I assume you have tried unplugging and re-plugging in the unit, and checked the brightness setting. Might also be worth trying a different profile. Did you make any changes to your system just before this happened? In any case, each of those buttons is actually a little LCD screen, and since all have the same problem it makes me think of a hardware circuit failure of some kind. I would contact Elgato Support if you don't find a solution soon. Al
  7. I've been using the Logitech K520 keyboard and M310 mouse for quite a few years now without any issues. Al
  8. The FMS update that addresses the above list of issues is now available from the FSW store, and should be available in a few days or so from other stores. Al
  9. What versions of the TDS GTN and C414 are you using, and from where did you purchase the C414? If you haven't tried it, suggest you rename your Community folder to back it up, then create a new Community folder and only put the C414 and TDS files in it, then restart the sim. If that works, then there is a conflict with something in your original Community folder. As I mentioned above, there are thousands of C414 users that don't have this problem, so we need to figure out why a couple of you do. Al
  10. Sorry you are having this issue -- very frustrating I'm sure. From where did you purchase the C414? One possibility is your virus software is causing a problem with the C414 download. If you are using the latest versions of the TDS GTN and C414, I can't think of anything else right now. There are literally 1000s of C414 users and I have not seen this problem reported, so at this point I think something is not right with your setup. Suggest you seek help on the FSW Discord at https://discord.gg/5UZnN3qd Go to the community-pc channel. Al
  11. Try this link: https://discord.gg/5UZnN3qd Al
  12. I am not having this problem, and I haven't seen it reported on the FSW Discord site -- at least not yet. If you haven't tried it, after powering up the aircraft cycle the Avionics switch off and on and see if that does anything. Al
  13. I'm finding that no matter what I search for the result is always FOUND 0 RESULTS even when I know different. For example, I found a post with "autopilot" in the title, but if I search for autopilot the result is no results found. Al
  14. For the record, Flysimware changed NOTHING in their update procedure as far as this latest C414 update is concerned. Except for the bugs fixes, everything else was "as always". Apparently when an enough false positives are recorded, the virus checker is updated accordingly, etc. Al
  15. Where are you looking for VOR and NDB frequencies? I've only flown in Australia a few times, but if I look on Little NavMap or Navigraph charts, I see frequencies for VORs AV (near YMAV) and ML (near YMML), and NDB MB (near YMMB). So it seems the Navaid frequencies are in the MSFS database. Al
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