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  1. To open the FSUIPC7 key, button and axis assignment tabs you need to right click on the FSUIPC7 icon which, if FSUIPC7 is running, should be in the "Show Hidden Icons" popup that on my system is in the lower right corner of the screen on the taskbar near the date and time. When you right click on the FSUIPC7 icon you should see the popup below -- left click on the tab name you want to use. Al
  2. Of the three versions (panels) of the plane, only the version with the GNS530 has the inop wx radar (I don't expect this to change). The more modern panels with the dual GTN750s and the Garmin 605 autopilot do not have a wx radar. The elevator trim is controlled by default Asobo control bindings which you can assign in the sim's control setup section to fit your particular controller hardware.* You can also use your mouse wheel directly on the large trim wheel on the side of the throttle quadrant. I would think both of these options would be more convenient then two small click spots on the yoke handle, but as they say, to each their own. Al *BTW, I expect that an updated Garmin 605 AP that supports default control bindings should be available soon from FSW. You should also be able to set target climb and descent altitudes into the AP's altitude alerter using default control bindings which will be more convenient than using a mouse to turn the altitude alerter knob.
  3. My understanding is that because of the great response to the C414 Beta, which surprised FSW, there likely will not be a future price increase. But that is certainly not my call. The three versions of the C414 currently are: 1. A panel with an Asobo GNS 530 and a Navomatic AP. This is the AP that was in the original panel of the real C414AW before the panel was updated to "glass". 2. A panel with dual PMS50 GTN750s and a Garmin 605 AP 3. A panel with dual TDS GTNxi 750s and a Garmin 605 AP Al
  4. The current version of the Lear35 is 4.3c. I don't recall what all has changed from ver 3.0, but it is usually best to update to the current version unless you have a definite reason not to do so. There is no charge to update. Al
  5. The Lear35A for P3Dv5 is available through the Flysimware store if that is what you are asking. https://www.flysimware.com/FLYSTORE_2015/en/home/35-flysimware-learjet-35a.html Al
  6. Mu understanding is REX dropped all support of the WX radar a while ago and Milviz took over. Al
  7. If you didn't get the login password from Milviz in a reasonable amount of time, check your SPAM folder if you have one. Al
  8. Glad to hear you got the WX radar working. If you don't hear back from the FS Store, I would contact Milviz with your WX radar purchase info and explain the situation. They may be willing to help you get an updated copy. Al
  9. That seems to be a very old version of the WX radar. As I recall, Milviz had to update the radar with each update of P3Dv4. I suggest you contact Milviz though their website and see what you have to do to get the latest version of the WX radar. Milviz did not update the radar for P3Dv5, but hopefully you can still get whatever the latest version was for P3Dv4 which I think is something like ver 1.50. - - - -. Al
  10. Since a variety of planes from different developers seem to be having similar problems, I would expect you are having a sim problem rather than a plane related problem. It could be a conflict between files in your Community folder. You could try taking everything out of the Community folder and see if the default a/c work. If so, then add your other files back into the Community folder "one-by-one" until the problem reoccurs. Or, if you have a lot of files in the Community folder, remove half of the files from the Community folder. If the problem is solved you know the conflict is with the removed files, or between a remaining file and a file that was removed. If the problem persists, remove half of the remaining files and see what happens, etc. Al
  11. Do the default MSFS planes, like the DA-62 or C172 work Ok? If you have any other payware planes besides Flysimware or Caenado, do they work OK? And do you have the Steam or MS Store version of the sim? Al
  12. Yes, at the Flysimware Discord Server in report-gauge-bugs under Support. …https://discord.gg/n3FM8k76Wj Al
  13. Have been trying that. The pic I want to change is labeled background_loading.jpg. I tried renaming the original and substituting my own pic, but saw no change when starting the sim. Maybe that startup screen pic is protected somehow. Thanks for the inputs, Al
  14. Thanks, was aware of that info, but unfortunately that does not seem to fit SU9 as best as I can tell. Al
  15. Anyone happen to know where the sim startup splash screens are located for a standard MS store install? Thanks, Al
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