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  1. The GTN 750Xi is a third party payware addon that you can purchase from TDS. https://www.tdssim.com/ Al
  2. 1. Make sure you are loading a Flysimware PMS50 livery. The way you pick which GTN750 to use is by selecting the correct leveriy. 2. Make sure you have the latest version of the PMS50 GTN. 3. Make sure you are not using a third party addon livery Al
  3. There are a huge number of users of the PMS50 GTN with the Lear35 and despite the Flysimware discord being very active, I am not seeing reports similar to yours. So my initial thinking is the problem is local to your setup for some reason. So to start, please make sure your have the latest version of the PMS50 GTN (2.2.30) and that you are not using a third party addon livery. It would also be helpful if you could describe your problem in more detail. Are you saying you can't get the GTN750 to follow a flight plan even though the autopilot is on, the plane is starting on course, and the GTN is in GPS mode? Al
  4. Chris -- thanks for your devotion to producing a high quality product! Al
  5. Ray, Thanks for the update, much appreciated and helpful. One of my less than a year old Saitek TQs is already starting to have some problems, so I'm really looking forward to the Fulcrum TQ! Al
  6. One way would be to define your own XML Presets that use the needed Key Events. Another way would be to use Lua scripts that execute calculator code or a control from the FSUIPC controls list. Also, a lot of the standard FSUIPC bindings execute K events, so worth a try. Al
  7. I agree with this. PilotsDeck works very well with Stream Deck Plus (and the other Stream Decks) and lets me make use of FSUIPC7s controls and Lua scripts. Al
  8. The installer for the C414 usually includes a changelog, at least if from the Flysimware store. And a good source for info on C414 updates is the Flysimware Discord https://discord.gg/AzJKBMMU Al
  9. The Flysimware Learjet 35A comes with the Working Title MSFS GNS 530 GPS on the panel. There are also two very similar additional panels the use addon versions of the GTN 750 GPS. One panel uses a third party GTN 750 by PMS50 (both a free and payware version is available), and the other panel uses a GTN 750Xi Pro GPS by TDS (payware only) version. There are lots of videos of the Flysimware MSFS 2020 Learjet 35A on Youtube. Al
  10. Yes, you would have to do that in the aircraft.cfg file. Al
  11. The first things to do are to make sure you have the latest versions of the plane (C414, I assume) and the GTN750. Next make sure you don't have ANY third party liveries or GPS mods in your Community folder. Then start the sim, load a default Flysimware PMS50 livery, and see it the GTN 750 works. If the GTN750 still doesn't work, load a GNS530 version of the plane with a default Flysimware livery and see if that works. Or of course you can try a C414 GNS530 version first. Al
  12. There are no default MSFS bindings for the Yaw Dampers in the Lear as far as I know. You need to use FSUIPC7 or Spad.Next, etc. Al
  13. The Lvar L:GENERIC_LEAR_YAW_PRI_ENG turns the PRImary Lear yaw damper on and off (1 = on, 0 = off) if the yaw damper power is on. The Lvar L:GENERIC_LEAR_YAW_SEC_ENG does the same for the SECondary yaw damper The Lvars GENERIC_LEAR_YAW_PRI_PWR and GENERIC_LEAR_YAW_SEC_PWR turn the primary and secondary yaw damper power on and off ((1 = on, 0 = off) Al
  14. I appreciate all the above responses! Couple of questions: 1. Does Live weather with the Active Preset mode make any use of MSFS live weather? Or is it mainly based on METARS and interpolation (smoothing) between them? 2. Do all three Active Preset options make use of the many variables you can set with the AS controls, or is that only for the Live weather option? I realize these questions have likely been answered somewhere in the 60+ pages of the various AS threads, but it is not always easy to find them. Thanks very much, Al
  15. Thanks for the response and explanation. I guess I would say the correct technical term that describes how AS does what it does may not be the best term to convey to the average non-technical user what the result is. Al
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