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  1. Hello ! Thanks for the answer ! I’ve been trying to find them but there are a lot of files ending with lm. Do you recall their names ? thanks Eduardo
  2. Sorry to dig out an old post. Do you remember what's the name of those night textures ? I'm trying to do the same ! Thanks Eduardo
  3. Hi Matt what’s the bug that 2.65 had with the urban light tweak ? thanks eduardo
  4. Thanks for your answer ! I have tried your settings but the issue persists: when I increase the value of the urban areas lightning, some ground textures (airport’s grass, taxiways ...) become brighter, which didn’t happen with p3d4.3. Thanks Eduardo
  5. Hi guys First of all, thank you for the development of PTA. It really transformed my P3D visuals ! One thing that I have noticed when upgrading from P3D 4.3 to 4.4 , is that when I increase the "Urban areas lighting at night" value, some photo-real ground textures from some addon sceneries are also "brightened". Please take a look at - https://imgur.com/PG47uHt This didn't happen with P3D v4.3. Is there a fix for this ? Thanks Eduardo
  6. Hi. P3D v4.4 has the night brightness ajusted to the moon phase, so when there’s no moon, it is darker. On a monitor it works fine for me, but since I use a projector, it was too dark. I couldn’t see the runway and taxiways even with the lights on. Without the moon phase feature, terrain will be brighter at night, so the lights will have better effect. You can also adjust the terrain lightning within PTA. cheers eduardo
  7. One more thing guys ... Should I try the Affinity mask with this pc ? I have tried to follow some tutorials on how to select a number but I couldn’t do it ... thanks eduardo
  8. Hello guys. I have just upgraded from an i7 + gt1080 with P3dv4.3 to the following: i9-9900K 3.60 Hz - Geforce RTX 2080Ti - 64GB memory - Z390 Aorus Ultra-CF Of course, I will be installing P3dv4.4. Contrary to my days with FSX, I had P3d running well and smooth without any tweaks and no NVI with FXAA ON, AA 8xMSAA, Anisotropic 8x, 2048x2048, Vsync ON, Triple Buffering and FPS set to unlimited. However, I still had the autogen loading issue ... I use the P3D PC connected to a projector which displays only the front view (I had a 3pc + 3 projectors setup for my home cockpit, but it's very demanding and troublesome to keep 3 pcs's with 3 copies of P3d updated and running at the same time). Actually, I have a HDMI divider sending the image to both a monitor and the projector. I have read a lot about performance here, but I still have some questions ... 1. I have no ideia of what's the refresh rate of my monitor. Since the image goes to both the projector and to the monitor, should I use the FPS limiter like suggested ? 2. Should I use NVI ? Thanks Eduardo
  9. I can’t believe that LM didn’t fix the autogen issue for this release ... I kind of suspected it wouldn’t be fixed because my post questioning this issue was deleted on their forum ...
  10. Hi guys Has the autogen loading issue been fixed ? Thanks Eduardo
  11. Ok ... it does work. However, I noticed that it only works for "add ons" lights. For example, at Flytampa EHAM, the building lights, taxilights and custom runway lights turn up earlier, but default taxi/runway lights set up with ADE don't. Can you guys confirm this ? For a second I was so happy haha ! Thanks Eduardo
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