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  1. Wow that’s very sad news. I talked to him numerous times, and he was always very kind and eager to help. Last time I spoke to him was in February, and back then I hadn’t known of his heath issues. I sent him an email requesting some support with AFLT and he still provided it … may he rest in peace 😞 Eduardo
  2. That’s nice to know. But what I mean is that this concept pretty much solves the runway lights bug which a lot of people have been complaining since FSX days … so I wonder why nobody hasn’t come up with a commercial version of AFLT …
  3. Hi everyone. it’s a fact that P3D original runway lights suck (they float, they pop up, they look ugly…). I wonder why a comercial developer hasn’t come up with something like the amazing AFLT tool yet (http://stuff4fs.com/newpage.asp?JS=True&Folder=AFLT). For those not familiar with it, it injects runway and taxi lights into the sim. Unfortunately the developer stoped updating it due to heath issues … The tool is fantastic, and I can’t help but wonder why hasn’t any developer picked up on this yet, since this is a major issue since the FSX days … Cheers Eduardo
  5. Hi guys. Another very happy camper with UTL1 here. The only thing that annoys the hell out of me are the planes popping in at the gates. Was anyone able to solve that ? thanks eduardo
  6. Hi guys I’ve been using this tweek for a long time (with FSX and P3Dv4), and it seems to work with most lights, but it doesn’t work with the default runway and taxi lights (the city lights do turn on earlier, but the runway lights don’t). Can anybody else confirm this or is it just in my system ? thanks Eduardo
  7. Hi guys. Quick question here: has the autogen loading issue (no autogen loading when extending the drawing distance) been fixed in P3D v5 ? I´m still using P3D v4.5, and recently installed it in my new setup: Intel Core i9 11900K (5.3GHz Boost Clock) Eight Core 64GB Crucial Ballistix DDR4 SDRAM 3200MHz 24GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090, GDDR6X As expected, I´m getting stellar results. I have ORBX (global+vector+open lc), Active Sky + Rex Skyforce , UTL v1,2 (set at 80%) and I use NCP to limit the FPS at 30. Even at DRZEWIECKI DESIGN KJFK (which was the scenery that my old PC used to struggle the most to render) I get a very smooth and almost stutter free stable 30 FPS. I know that the autogen loading issue had to do with the CPU being unable to handle the autogen, so I´m really hoping that It has been fixed. I´m really looking foward to moving to P3dV5. Thanks Eduardo PS. Actually, FSDT KLAX was the one that my old setup struggled the most with, but I´ve given up on using it since it´s well known for having terrible performance in P3dV4.
  8. Hi guys Has anyone using UTL v1 or v2 managed to find good values for the takeoff and landing rolls ? Thanks Eduardo
  9. Hello guys. Has anyone been able to edit the T2G KMCO AFCAD in order to add taxi lights (blue and green lights) correctly aligned with the scenery ? I’ve been trying to do so with ADE but everything is misaligned … Thanks Eduardo
  10. I can also report that since yesterday the winds aloft are completely wrong when comparing it to what Simbrief/PFPX predicts and the real world wind charts. I know they are not supposed to match exactly, but when taking a look at the wind charts, I can affirm that ASN is not injecting the correct winds OR both Simbrief/PFPX are wrong. I flew AMS-TFS yesterday and I am flying TFS-AMS now, and where the winds are supposed to be at around 100kts, they are only at 9, 10 kts at FL360 . thanks Eduardo
  11. Hi guys. For my home cockpit, I use P3D on a I7 PC with a Geforce RTX 2080 ti graphics card. I use a HDMI splitter to split the image between my desktop monitor and an OPTOMA projector. I hadn’t updated my graphics card driver for quite some time until recently. I’ll describe what used to happen before and then after the update: BEFORE: I’ve always turned up the PC with the Optoma projector turned off. I would set up everything I needed to fly using the desktop monitor, and when everything was ready, I would turn on the projector. The image on the desktop would blink for 2 seconds and when it came back, it was much better, with very vivid colors, much better for flying in P3D. Then I’ve decided to update the driver to the latest version. Now, when I turn on the PC with the projector turned off, as soon as the Windows logo is displayed on the monitor, the image disappears and I get a “no video input” message on the monitor. When I turn on the PC with the projector already turned on, everything works ok, however the colors are very dull. One out of ten times, I get the nice colors that I used to get before the update, and upon investigating in NCP, I’ve found out that when I get the nice colors, the color display mode in the NCP is set to Accurate mode. When I get the dull colors, it is set to Enhanced mode. The thing is, when I start the PC and the mode is set to enhanced, I can’t find a way to switch it back to accurate. Even though I’ve been flying for many years, I’m no expert in video card tunings/specs, so I wonder if any of you guys could shed some light on what might be going on. thanks Eduardo
  12. Thanks. So I just have to assign “0” to AILANDINGTARGETTIME correct ?
  13. Hi guys. I'm going to start using this tool together with airflow. I've read through all the 16 pages, and the only info I found on how to avoid conflicts between the two tools was : Actually I found out that if you don’t want many go around you need to set the ai separation distance with aiflow to 3.5 it will work in cunjunction will the allowtakeoffdistance 6000 of ATCAPI. Otherwise there is a conflict between the 2 apps I'd like to ask the more experienced users if that's all ! Thanks Eduardo
  14. Hi guys Does using aiground + aiflow have a big tool on frame rates ? Thanks Eduardo
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