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  1. Thanks Ray. That’s the same one right ? https://www.amazon.com/BenQ-DesignVue-Professionals-Technology-Reproduction/dp/B07X27ZYCJ/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?crid=7WPP3RA25CKA&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.Q4-FQfyhAa3A2Ksq3A4rVK15fSPZtKIRVJ5JZ7jFgYvr0mQT1o75LMQWguSbjBAp1yVdbkLXXhPrLg6hpu0pOs8Pl2mDCgjQsqOQw7zSfYeyRrWnZ6d4wMw4y4tsGXSHM8A2-OEeBY3pFgoQ9yt0EvfwRz_I8dV86PsRMzFrr2nmTAYwpgneakgPkCgqMh4YOrpCew1wGh2X6SjJHJ28Zg.PAzp6d9m2omkdKxiOOSOztuq7aiR7xBxcnP1b7xLggs&dib_tag=se&keywords=BenQ+PD3200U&qid=1710500705&sprefix=benq+pd3200u%2Caps%2C2057&sr=8-5
  2. Sorry to resuscitate this thread … I’ve been searching for a 30Hz capable monitor but without success. Could you guys recommend me one ? Thanks Eduardo
  3. Hello. Does Active Sky weather radar work with EA on ? thanks Eduardo
  4. Their website still says KDFW is next … but I guess it’s dead by now 😥
  5. Thanks for the answer. Will give it a try. Regarding the user aircraft: let’s say KDCA is operating on RNW 01 with a 2 kt tailwind. I set up ATCAPI for RNW 01, but ATC will assign me RNW19 correct ? So ATC will likely clear aircraft to takeoff from runway 01 when I’m landing right ? thanks Eduardo
  6. Hi guys. I´m still on P3Dv4.5. Does the latest version (0.6) work with V4.5 and is there a FPS loss ? I understand that v1.0.0.2 doesn´t cause the FPS loss, but it doesn´t take the user aircraft into account for the departure/landing runways correct ? Thanks Eduardo
  7. Yep, they are of decent quality. No fault here.
  8. IMO it looks very artificial. Specially the taxiways and runway textures. And the runway lights are very bad.
  9. Just installed it. The Aerosoft version is miles better.
  10. Justsim’s runway lights make me never want to fly at night into their sceneries.
  11. I wonder why can’t they fix the annoying bug of the voice metar restarting midway through all the time …
  12. Does anyone have any update on this ? I wonder what´s the point of announcing an imminent release of something and then not release it ... Eduardo
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