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  1. Thanks that fixed it. Appreciate the quick solution!
  2. Question. I installed the P3dV4 version 1.5, but the runway lights/flood lights by the terminal seem like the same as the old version of the scenery, really bright. There is no option in the config tool to disable the terminal flood lights. Is there something I'm missing?
  3. I’ve had a lot of issues with this as well. It did not give me the nvidia control panel with the latest driver I installed, and the ms store would fail during download. Updating windows 10 fixed it for me where I could download nvidia cp from the Windows store
  4. impressed. This discovery series was worth the wait.
  5. Yes, the Flytampa version blows FSDT away. In my opinion, it's possibly the best scenery on the market.
  6. Would you rather pay $60 for a car that doesn’t work or $135 for one that does?
  7. Agree with the above. This doesn’t look appealing at all
  8. Man I am so sorry to read this.
  9. Nevermind I see it at sim market now. Not sure why it wasn’t showing for me earlier. Where is it on sale? Or did I miss it?
  10. Agreed. Want to pick up RKSI but i think it’s too expensive at the 20% off
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