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  1. Sounds like your scenery is still in trial mode. Have you registered your serial number from the addons menu within P3d?
  2. With P3d it’s just removíng a bgl file. That’s not possible with these airports? I haven’t spent the time to analyze msfs files yet so no clue how they are different/similar to how things were done previously on esp platforms
  3. Didn’t realize these had static aircraft that can’t be removed. That’s annoying isn’t it
  4. Yeap agreed that it helped me too. Thanks for sharing your settings @LRBS!
  5. The FSLabs A32X planes are the best payware planes I've ever flown, systems wise at least. I'm currently flying the updated A320 on my way to Vegas and it is incredibly immersive. I do think they are a tad late to the party but I do look forward to all of the future releases that were mentioned in their post today.
  6. Was thinking the same, but also want to support RD after they’ve provided such great free dynamic lighting, tomatoshade presets, snd gsx profiles over the years. Not to mention bringing something new to P3d!
  7. Thanks I figured it out. I must have clicked on the wrong version when I looked at it initially. Thanks to the OP for the heads up!
  8. Weird. I don’t show sales at either link. They are showing regular price.
  9. I was having stutters and removed envtex/envshade and reinstalled the prepar3d client installer. That fixed the stutters for me.
  10. This is great. Thank you for still supporting this great product and P3d users! GSX and active sky have been the two constants in my sim since 2014. Pretty remarkable!
  11. I want to say that vanilla p3dv5.3 doesn’t have the waves anymore. I think beau at LM said they were removed over on the LM forum. Orbx global installs them back in. Regardless, I’m with Rob. Too many waves on the coastlines and I need to remove them.
  12. I'm currently flying the fslabs with the EFB linked to my microsoft surface tablet. I can control so many things on the ground from requesting boarding to requesting waste disposal or additional potable water. In flight, I receive incoming ACARS messages about what stand I'm to arrive at my destination and volcanic ash warnings. Not to mention the map that displays AI/VATSIM traffic around me, what controllers are online, weather systems, etc. It really is quite staggering how immersive it is. To tie this into the original post, in my opinion, there is nothing in any other sim that comes remotely close to what P3d has right now and I hope others stay/come back to the party. If LM can truly button up EA and volumetric clouds and other visuals, I don't see why I'd ever want to leave.
  13. Agree with you. Not sure what hifi did, but I think it looks great in 5.3 also.
  14. Interesting stat about the 4%, but it does not surprise me. As others have said in this post, scenery developers like DD haven't released anything new for P3d for a long time, and the reason is they see a bigger market/sales volume in MSFS. If someone wanted a DD scenery for p3d, they've likely already bought it. I think Fly Tampa's point (this is a guess) is developers expected to sell way more scenery in MSFS than they have because of the larger audience in that sim, but the majority of the MSFS market aren't the ones who migrated over from P3d and are in fact new simmers, and enjoy MSFS for the eye candy it already provides in its vanilla form. Most don't care about airport accuracy and additional features, or not enough to shell out $10-$15 for it. How well did T2G LFPGv2 and FlyTampa EHAMV2? Would be interested to know those numbers.
  15. I am seeing the same thing at KDEN. Were you able to resolve?
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