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  1. okupton

    ai traffic strobe lights

    I think this free tool is great for p3dv4. Makes AI lighting way more realistic https://www.fsreborn.com/ai-lights-reborn-free-edition
  2. Upgrading soon from an ancient i7 3770 but can’t decide on the i7 9700k or i5 9600k. Research ongoing...
  3. okupton

    TFDI 717?

    Great plane. Never had the ctd problem.
  4. okupton

    PMDG and P3D v4.4

    New to this pbr too. Lots of questions, but the main would be performance impact. Guess we’ll have to see tomorrow!
  5. okupton

    Iberia A340-600 MAD-LHR Blackbox

    Nice set. How do you find the bbs a340? Worth the money?
  6. okupton

    KSEA - Taxi2Gate or Drzewiecki?

    Thanks Eurowing for posting this as I was literally researching this same thing today.
  7. okupton

    KSEA - Taxi2Gate or Drzewiecki?

    How does texturing in the DD ksea compare to the DD Ny airports or DCA? Both are lower quality in my opinion.
  8. okupton

    KSEA - Taxi2Gate or Drzewiecki?

    My only concern with buying the t2g version is their lack of support in case something goes wrong or P3d v4.4 breaks it in the future and they never update it
  9. okupton

    SXAD KHOU is out

    I can’t answer that, but i do have orf and it’s pretty good. There support is good also so I recommend them as a developer if you are considering a purchase.
  10. okupton

    Blueprint KLAX V3 Opinions

    I wouldn’t consider the blueprint version. Not a good developer... at all
  11. okupton

    Good Asian Airports for P3D4.?

    In the same dilemma! Really thinking about wsss also, but don’t want to do ultra long hails from my other payware just to fly there. Looking forward to reading these comments.
  12. Nice I didn’t know that. Thanks!
  13. SKBO works in p3dv4?