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  1. https://www.selfloadingcargo.com
  2. I guess not. Doesn’t make sense to me
  3. The airport did get a new runway, which they added to their msfs version but not their p3d version.
  4. If you can wait a few days, you may find some planes on sale for Black Friday. Anything PMDG, Fslabs, ifly, Leonardo maddog probably won’t have any sales, but those are the best planes out there for airliners. Cheapest of those options are the ifly 737ng and 737 max.
  5. To me, good planes are the most important aspect of a flight simulator. I am still on V5.4 and haven't purchased V6 yet. V5.4 is stable for me and I have a full hangar of compatible aircraft. If and/or when more aircraft become compatible with V6, I'll move on then.
  6. Does anyone use Self Loading Cargo in p3d? I have not been able to find a list of compatible aircraft like they have for msfs and xp on the SLC website. Curious if SLC works in P3d as it does in msfs, and what planes are fully compatible with SLC (doors, seatbelts, etc) in P3d. Thanks
  7. Nice, glad to see you picked up the ifly max. It is a great plane, and looks really good as well.
  8. Great stuff. I used to live very close to Chimborazo and went up to about 5,000 meters elevation a couple of times. Beautiful volcano, and ecuador is a beautiful country.
  9. Are you asking for a graphical comparison between the QW 787 from P3d vs the horizon mod in msfs? the horizon obviously looks miles better.
  10. The fslabs tablet in their P3d Airbus series is still the best tablet I’ve seen in any sim although someone may know of a better one. The Web browser within the fslabs tablet is definitely one of the features I like most about it. There’s really no need to tab out of the sim for any reason which makes it so immersive.
  11. Thank you. Appreciate you taking the time to post these. It does look like an improvement over the orbx lights
  12. Thanks for sharing your feedback. Been considering this one for a while. can you share photos of it here? Like you said, the photos on sim market don’t really show much in my eyes.
  13. This was a really interesting read as I too have been struggling with cpu temps and high usage in v5,4. I’ve made some of the suggested changes from this thread and am seeing some improvements so thanks all for that. Just to make sure I understand, I have a 9700K which doesn’t have HT. There is nothing I can or should do regarding affinity mask, correct? thanks
  14. May I suggest you take a look at the ifly 737 max if you are looking for a 737. It is a great plane. But as a word of caution, it was built for v5 with EA on and doesn’t work with v6 currently. edit: also interested to hear your opinion on fshud. I’ve been considering purchasing that for a while but have concerns about cpu usage since my cpu is already running at 100% in V5….
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