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  1. Yes. I have to the maximum the effects and the distance. I have not changed the configuration, I have only updated the client to HF2.
  2. After upgrading from P3D v5.3 HF1+ to HF2 (client only), waves no longer appear on the coastline. Has anyone observed it?
  3. Thank you for your speed, but I have only received an email from my License Portal Information. There is no download link.
  4. How do you download and install an update? How do you download the program again? Thank you.
  5. No, not yet. They only sent me the email (I suppose that automatic) of reception.
  6. The same thing happens to me since the last update of windows and CP does not close automatically. I have already sent the generated file to support.
  7. Hello everyone. This has been happening to me since the last windows update. With all the aircraft.
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