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  1. Hi guys, have a simple (but important) questio about Tomato and default shaders of the sim, in my case p3d 4.4. Well...When install tomato first time, with fresh p3d installation, tomato create backup of shaders hlsl folder and on screen have a all functions of tomato without flag. Well, if want only (for example) enable Rayligh scattered effects, the others shaders remain on default 4.4 or disable from tomato? Thanks Gianluca
  2. gianluk81

    CaptainSim 757 P3D v4

    In my case, repeat, have issues only if show wxradar or terrain radar.
  3. gianluk81

    CaptainSim 757 P3D v4

    Hi guys, in my test the only very big problem with this bird is WX and Radar Terrain. When show on ND, fps drop and see bad stutters. Disable wx or rdr terrain in ND...fps good and no stutters. Use 1.3 on p3d 4.4 (full install, no update). My rig...I7 7700k@5ghz, 16gb ram, gtx 1080, win10 x64 pro. Anyone have same trouble?
  4. gianluk81

    Vsync without triple buffering and fps

    I guys...i have this issue after numerous test with p3d v4.3. Have a monitor with 30hz or 60hz possibility and use a gtx 1080 gpu on 7700k@5.0ghz with 16 ram on win10 x64 pro. 30hz+lock in sim at 30+tb on and vsync on in sim (no tweak on inspector), and use FFTF at 0.01=FPS stable at 30fps, autogen and ground textures load very very well also with 320fslabs (very impact on performance) but, have a constant microstutter. Same situation, only change fps lock from 30 to 31...sim ultra smooth, but lost autogen during flight. Why this? Have a same problems if set 60hz with 1/2vsync and 30 or 31fps lock...if 30 autogen ok, but costant microstutter, with 31 smooth but lost autogen. Please help!
  5. Hi, have you solved the problem? Now i have this problem...sent a ticket and standby for reply.
  6. Hi guys... with the new QW787 when exit from P3D, CP don't auto shutdown. With all other aircraft, include majestic, pmdg and problem and CP autoclose after exit p3d. Any idea?
  7. Yes...with beta .194 with disabled "Inject movements...ecc. ecc." microstutters disappears at 99%...but for me best smooth experience, expecially during panning in vc, only when disabled "advanced features".
  8. Hi, in my case... 1) Don't have any win update recently. 2) No change in my antivirus configuration and i have only windows defender, and i disabled it. 3) No change in my pc, no drivers update, no other changes. My p3d 4.2 is full reinstall, no update (but have same problems with update from 4.1 to 4.2) 4) Only way for resolve microstutters, disable advanced features in cp experimental version. For 4.1 i don't now if have a microstutters problems because always use no experimental version on 4.1. 5) Try to disable fsuipc 5.123e...but the problems remains. I don't now because experimental version cause this serious problems with microstutters. One question...When ready a no experimental version for 4.2?
  9. Hi, in 4.1 you used experimental version or stable version?
  10. Confirm (in my case), with 4.2 and with "enabled advanced features" on, i have a serious problems with microstuttering, when panning but also in vc during normal slow panning, example for switch the lights or for set a com freq...ecc. ecc. Finish now a test flight from LIMF to LIRF with bad weather on fslabs 320x, chaseplane 0.4.192, no Advanced features...and flight super smooth in any phase. Yesterday try same flight...with advanced features on...and i see orrible microstuttering during flight. question is...Please investigate to this advanced features and your trouble with p3d 4.2...but i don't now if problems are present also in 4.1 because in 4.1 i'm don't use the experimental version.
  11. ...and...try to disable "enable advanced features". In my case, disable this option and camera panning it's return to smooth. Anyone test it?
  12. Confirm this problem. On 4.1 use always normal version and not have any issue with panning. Few days ago i complete remove 4.1 and install a fresh 4.2 version. Go to cp experimental version and i see this microstutters when panning in vc, but also in external view sometimes have a microstutters with fps solid at 30...and when i have the microstutters fps is normal. I try with fsuipc 5.122a and last .123e...but don't change anything.
  13. Hi if possible disable autoload of ASCA when launch AS?
  14. gianluk81

    747/777 p3d v4 Dynamic Light FPS Dropp

    Hi...i have big issues with pmdg 777 and 747 with dynamic moment, because pmdg way don't report any legacy lights in future... Well...i try some test...and...777 works with v3 model, simple...copy 2 mdl file and...all works great and you have a normal lights, without gpu overload etc. etc. But...with 747 don't possible this, because if change model, effects with v3 version...lights don't works...i don't now because this...but don't work.