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  1. cropduster


    There is a private operator of a 737 at KDPA. Many gulfstreams and McDonalds has their corporate airplanes there, all Global Expresses. If you flown out of Midway you can see you don't need much runway at all to fly a 737 or 757!!! KDPA is a great airport, I use to flight instruct out of there.
  2. cropduster

    Upgrading Ram

    Well I don't see a need to upgrade. I have an I7 4790K, just upgraded to a GTX 1070. So if I am upgrading the ram for the 64bit systems I want to be prepared. Should I go with 16 or 32, price is not that much difference. Seems for 32 its around $200, 16gb would be about $50 less so might be worth the 32. Is 2133 good speed? Or should I go higher?
  3. what speed ram do you have?
  4. if going 32gb what frequency speed is good to go with?
  5. I have a gigabyte Z97X-SLI with an I7 4790K chip. Currently have 8GB of ram, want to upgrade ram for possible P3D 64 bit and XPlane 11. Anyone with suggestions and speed? Should I go with 16 or 32 and then what speed. Thanks and I am a total rookie with computeres as well.
  6. Installed new update and having some issues. On start up I am getting "Cant Init Simconnect Error". Also after selecting aircaft and airport it wont load, there is no loading screen and it goes black. No event error or shut down or CTD. Any thoughts here? Thanks in advance.
  7. is there a basic guide to over clocking, I have never done that but looking for a safe way for a newbie to OC.
  8. Ok thanks, also could I get the 1070 and leave my current 970 in as well. I am not very computer savy but will that mess everything up and not be beneficial?
  9. would going to a gtx1070 help with performance in p3d or will it not be noticable right now, this is my main sim, will try XP11 but dont think that will be my main sim anytime soon.
  10. So two 970 will not be as good as 1 1070? I also would like to prepare my computer for XP11 and the possibility of P3D at 64 bit. I know my current ram at 8gb would not suffice. Should I go to 16 or even higher?
  11. My system is coming on two years old now, below is the current specs. I mainly play P3D but will try out XP11 when it comes out. Below are the items I want to upgrade, any suggestions? 1- SSD, upgrade to a larger size 2- RAM, what speed and how much should I go with 3- Add another GTX 970 card with my existing one, would you recommend a different card to go with my GTX 970 Current System: - Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97X-SLI 2 ways SLI & Crossfirex SATA 6GB/S USB 3.0 ATX - Current SSD: Corsair 512 GB Force LX Series SATA III SSD - Current Ram: 2 sticks of ADATA XPG V3 4GB DDR3 2133 Memory - Current Graphics Card: EVGA Geforce GTX 970 FTW ACX 2.0 4GB - I7 4790K not overclock Appreciate any insight!
  12. cropduster

    Major Issue- Strong Stutters

    In joemillers post he mentioned a file by rich. Thanks rich!
  13. cropduster

    Major Issue- Strong Stutters

    Who is Rich? Where is that setting file located?
  14. cropduster

    CTD and Blue Screen

    Thanks for the help Jim, the Level D I just installed two flights ago and then had the CTD. My latest flightw as with Aerosoft Airbus. I am thinking to reinstall everything, unless there is a new version of P3D on the horizon I might stick it out. How can I tell if my ram is bad or do you believe that is not a current issue?