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  1. Well, I just did a normal flight, I alway save my flight after landing and load the flight to make another flight, four customers reported the same issue. I offered you my help to debug the issue because I doubt its a FSUIPC issue when the brakes doens't work after a turnaround.
  2. Kyle, I had the exact issue now three times, same as Phil I had to use another panel state, P3D restart and reload the affected panel state didn't work. If it helps to find a possible bug I can open a ticket and attach the saved flight.
  3. Hello Are there any plans to improve the RAAS integration to include Visual Text Annunciations on the ND? Would be a great feature. regards Patrick
  4. Make sure that you runs OBS as Admin, game capture should work then.
  5. Have exactly the same problem, tried http://support.precisionmanuals.com/kb/a111/aircraft-loads-up-dead-no-activation-window-no-landing-gear-simconnect-issue.aspx no luck. at the first time I was able to make a flight, second time, the P3D freeze, already opened a support ticket. activation was successfull, and its still activated.
  6. would be better to fix the error Kyle, instead of complain about forum rules
  7. I can acess the PMDG website, there is no firewall, WIndows firewall and defender are deacitvated, now I get this error "Unable to activate communication. Please contact PMDG Support - (50018,41145,32)
  8. I have the same problem, already opened a support ticket
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