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  1. cougar2501

    Refuses to start/open

    Bryan That's what I was doing in the beginning, buy FSCrew would not start up. So now I start PMDG in its default state with engines running, then start FSCrew and only then select the required panel state. Works fine, every time, so far !!
  2. cougar2501

    Refuses to start/open

    Hi Bryan, got this sorted at long last. Re-installing aircraft and FSCrew did nothing to help sort the problem out, but then a brain wave struck. It occurred to me that I was setting up the PMDG 747 before starting FSCrew and therefore in getting the panel set up to follow the FSCrew tutorials I was selecting the long panel state and once everything had settled down I tried to start FSCrew. Once I stopped this and started FSCrew before selecting the panel state everything was ok. I know it has been well documented about not starting with a saved panel state, but thought it referred to those I might set up and save myself, not those already offered as part of the PMDG package. Oh well live and learn as they say !!
  3. I Have had fscrew for PMDG's 747 for just over a week now and it just refuses to start.Or should I say the main interface window refuses to open ! I have checked the config manager to enure all systems read ok, which they do. I have tried start P3D 4.1 in various ways to see if starting with a default aircraft will help, but nope it makes no difference if i start P3D with the PMDG 747 or with a Piper cub and then change. Neither does it make any difference if I start Fscrew before starting P3D I have tried re-assigning different buttons but nope it still doesn't start. I am at a loss here as to what the heck to do..
  4. cougar2501

    Autobrake no longer working ?

    Your welcome guy's. I hope this does help others find a solution to their problems, I have first hand knowledge of how frustrating this can be ! :-)
  5. cougar2501

    Autobrake no longer working ?

    OK guy's sorted it. The throttle axsis on my saitak throttle was not fully closing when you brought throttles back to idle. For some reason it was still applying some slight thrust even though the throttle lever was in the full idle position. A quick re calibration on all components soon had things back to normal. Again thank you for your suggestions.
  6. cougar2501

    Autobrake no longer working ?

    Thanks for the replies folks. Even if the brakes sign is not meant to show, braking is not taking place as the aircraft fails to slow unless I apply manual braking. This has me baffled....
  7. All has been well with the QoTS until recently when landing I noticed the although autobrakes were set to 3 nothing was happening. No brakes sign in the window, no reduction in speed, nothing. Now despite trying to remove and try a clean install with full upgrading by the operation centre each time to the current version, nothing changes. Auto brakes work fine on the B777 and the B737 ? Has anyone got any ideas what might be happening here ? Many thanks for any assistance, this is driving me nuts ! Oh I fly using P3D by the way.
  8. That's me done. I have work tomorrow, so my bed is calling. Hope all goes well for those of you who get in first for downloads. I'll pick it up tomorrow when I get in from work,, :smile:
  9. Exactly, so get to work everybody. Are you joking !! The Queen's about to arrive at our house !!
  10. cougar2501

    Flightsim was dead

    +1 here Steve. :smile:
  11. cougar2501

    Ray Smith's great scenery

    Can someone please explain to me how to get Ray Smith's great scenery packages to work in P3D v3 ? I have created a separate folder for all my addon airports and have pointed to them via the scenery library to pick up and add various airports, only problem is none of the buildings show up.? I know Ray often included an OBJ file with his sceneries which had to go in the texture folder of the global scenery file, I think ! Is it a case of just doing the same in P3D V3 or is it a different process ? It would be a great shame to lose these terrific files...
  12. cougar2501

    Fuel panel fails to open

    Hi Chris Yes all engines were shut down and bars across the gauges... I reinstalled again and doubled checked the panel config files and lo and behold...success. Now back to having to use my brains to fly and not to pushing will be a nice change for awhile until the PMDG 400 is released.
  13. Having re-installed fs9 and update, then installed RFP twice now, I still cannot for some reason open the fuel panel to carry out manual fuel loading ? The jettison panel opens and close ok, as does the quick loding shortcut. Any ideas as to whats going wrong here ?
  14. cougar2501

    Happy birthday Cpt. Randazzo

    Well you kept that quiet ! Wishing you a (belated) very happy birthday !
  15. cougar2501

    DX How To Doc? Gone?

    And Paul's new home address is where please...