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  1. I first deleted the CORRECT shaders folder. Then restarted P3D, loaded default "flight". Exited P3D, restarted my system. Once restarted, manually backed up the Shaders folder and installed RealismShaderPack v1.1 Then did another backup within the program. Did all the settings in the Program as well as in P3D...me like alot! I feel this deserves the same dination value as REX Soft Clouds. Thanks for this!
  2. Hi, with the release of p3d 2.5, can somebody please advise if FS Global 2010 FTX is compatible or not? It works fine with 2.4, but am uncertain if I should install 2.5 now or wait. I know ORBX is working on their addons...but who knows how long that might still take. Thank you, Rene
  3. Hiya Golyaht, although this is a fairly old post...just wondering if by chance you have a FEDEX livey for the Quality Wings AVRO series? Cheers, Rene
  4. Hi Ryan, would be great to get your feedback/update on the newer cards and NI settings...especially in view of DX10. Best regards, Rene
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