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  1. I first deleted the CORRECT shaders folder. Then restarted P3D, loaded default "flight". Exited P3D, restarted my system. Once restarted, manually backed up the Shaders folder and installed RealismShaderPack v1.1 Then did another backup within the program. Did all the settings in the Program as well as in P3D...me like alot! I feel this deserves the same dination value as REX Soft Clouds. Thanks for this!
  2. Greetings All, Some quick, random print-screen shots (snipping tool) over EGLL a few mins ago: I shouldve saved the images as PNG instead of JPEG because they did not come out so nice in JPEG. EGLL Extended ASN All ORBX Layers Softclouds REX Overdrive PMDG 737 25% AI Really good frames in my opinion...average between 27 jumping to 32 in cockpit...external up to 59. On 3.1 usually around 24 in cockpit, on ground at EGLL extended
  3. Some quick, random print-screen shots (snipping tool) over EGLL a few mins ago: I shouldve saved the images as PNG instead of JPEG because they did not come out so nice in JPEG
  4. Just a quick flight over EGLL Extended in the 737, ASN, all FTX Global layers....I am extremely happy, cause currently it is totally overcast/foggy and usually, I attained around 24FPS in those conditions (25% AI Airlines)...now on average 27 jumping to 32
  5. Perfect, thank you! I thought I read in one of these many many many pages, that the Nvidia Inspector settings can now be basically omitted? Specfically things like 4x Sparse Grid Supersampling? Anyone here care to share their revised settings with the new 3.2 install please?
  6. Reinstall Global? I thought I could just go into FTX Central, re-apply the region and that is it? So I really have to install all FTX Global products again?
  7. Thank you, Richard. I did uninstall the old client first, then installed the latest one. Then I uninstalled content...busy installing new one now together with the new downloaded cab file...did not know I needed that too. As for the scenery...hmm, wonder if that will benefit at all. Or cause more trouble because of all my ORBX layers and REX Overdrive textures?
  8. Thank you...I have FSUIPC version 4.949 installed...I hope this will not mess up all my assignments I do not suppose a new FSUIPC version is needed now? As for updating to 3.2...I only need the Content & Client, is that correct? The scenery needs no updating? I have all ORBX layers and FS Global Mesh...not sure if that is relevant. Until ORBX has an update for us, I did edit the dll.xml : <Name>ObjectFlow</Name> <Disabled>True</Disabled>
  9. Thank you, Poppet. So I just uninstalled the old CONTENT 3.1. I tried to run the new CONTENT 3.2, but then an error came saying: cannot find cont1.cab So I dropped the new CONTENT 3.2 into my old install folder 3.1 (seperate HDD) and ran the setup again. In this folder, are all the previous files of the P3D 3.1 install, also the cont1.cab. However, now it gives me this error: the file 1A02AF92046D01F7FF0B3D1C15640E41 cannot be installed because the file cannot be found in cabinet file cont1.cab. Hmm...any suggestions on this one please? EDIT: do I by chance have to download the new CONT1.CAB file too? Hmm...logic tells me so hahaha...hope that is the case, downloading the 1.61GB file now...oh please please please let this work )))) Thank goodness its Friday...because any other day of the week, I would have to take the day off work :=)
  10. May I ask, this is the first time I am doing an update instead of an entire clean install: 1) I have downloaded the new client 2) I have uninstalled the "old" client 3.1. 3) I have run the new client installer ...that all worked fine. But what now please about the CONTENT? I cannot just install the new CONTENT without uninstalling the old one first. My only concern, is that the current (old) content 3.1 is 7.02GB in size as per my "programs & Features". The new CONTENT 3.2...is only 2.9MB in size...so seriously smaller. Thank you, Rene
  11. Gentleman, I upgraded to a GIGABYTE GTX 970 G1 GAMING graphics card. My question, which driver should I use? Should I use the one from the GIGABYTE website, which is currently version 353.62 or, can I download the drivers directly from NVIDIA, which is 361.43. Personally, I would imagine that NVIDIA is better, but I am unsure if someone may have experienced any issues with this? Thank you for your assistance.
  12. Great to see LM is, as always, continuing to fix bugs and add some extras with every release. But I too feel that this is not worth USD 200. Sure, I could go for the USD 60 version, but that would be wrong from an EULA point of view - This however is not something I want to even discuss. The way I see it, instead of forking out USD 200 for what many also consider a 2.xx update, go to a market/store/shopping centre, watch someone with kids and see if they are buying only the absolute necessities - then follow them to the cashier, let them go first, then when they have to pay, you pay the bill for them (without expecting a thank you or being a prideful xyz) AND if it comes up to let`s say USD 100, give them USD 100 in cash on top of paying the grocery bill so that they can spoil their kids/wife/husband or do whatever they need to with it...GUARANTEED, you will have 100x more satisfaction than forking out USD 200 to LM for what seems to be more of a 2.xx update. For those getting V3 on day one...I am looking forward to the videos on YouTube...for free ))
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