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  1. This is P3D V4.3 with the new Qualitywings Ultimate 146
  2. olspsd08, I found it just do this: Add these two lines //-------------------------------------------------------- [Vcockpit02] gauge36=RolAsnRadar!oRadGauge, 442,482,395,327, sweep|beam|ice|starton gauge37=QWings146!QW146_VC_WXR_Enable, 0,0,0,0
  3. Yes I did, check a before POST somewhere here 😉
  4. Roland, I waited for a couple of minutes and it works! at first it show a grey screen but after a while it show normal
  5. My panel cfg [Window07] visible = 0 size_mm=500,500 windowsize_ratio=0.75 position = 6 zorder=4 gauge00=RolasnRadar!ShellRadGauge, 0,0,,, sweep|beam|icing| and the VC [Vcockpit07] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=256,256 visible=1 pixel_size=256,256 texture=$HSI_2 //gauge00=FLYSIMWAREHSI!HSI2, 0,0,256,256 gauge00=RolasnRadar!oRadGauge, 0,0,256,256, sweep|beam|icing
  6. Funny I have the opposite version, in VC looks Ok but the 2D panel shows only grey 😒
  7. alexcunille

    RAAS for P3D V4 (64 Bit) Released!

    Does RAAS Professional (P3D 64 Bit) version works on P3D V4.3 ? I have a kernel fault when running it
  8. alexcunille

    Hawker with GTN 750

    Bert, this is what I mean two GNT,s, this is the Learjet from FLYSIM
  9. alexcunille

    Hawker with GTN 750

    Ok, I mean GTN750 Unit 2 or maybe GTN650 Unit 1 or GTN650Unit 2
  10. alexcunille

    Hawker with GTN 750

    Tks Bert I loved it, any chance to put GTN 750(2) on the square in the photo, to have let say TCAS on GTN 750 (2) that does work independent from GTN 750 (1)?
  11. alexcunille

    Hawker with GTN 750

    Hi Bert I would like a copy for install GTN 750 into carenado hawker 850 P3D V4 Message sent
  12. alexcunille

    FSTRAMP a few questions

    Does anybody knows how to show AI traffic on Fstramp V 7.1 in X Plane, on P3D I have no problem but I can not do it on X Plane however in Little Navmap it show them
  13. alexcunille

    GTN 750 - Import Flightplans

    As per Manual 1.-Flight Plan/Menu 2.-Catalog/Menu 3.-Import
  14. As Gregg said, they are "pulsing" I already found what do that, the SKY FOG TUNING value, I reset it to default value and I don not have that moving movement of the clouds