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  1. simking1

    Ok vista users

    OK time to pay the piper we were told that vista would improve FS10 so did it?
  2. simking1

    New space-simulator

    Man if you nad Mike were to get together you would have the perfect sim.your shuttle has everything orbiter lacks cockpit switches simplicity as far as the shuttle.I love your sim.On the flip side Orbiter has everything S3 lacks missions awsome textures.If you guys could put them together it would be peanutbutter and jelly time.I play them both but to be in the same sim.perfect
  3. simking1


    We should get S3's shuttle and systems together with orbiters graphics and missions..and finally have a complete space sim.for shuttle guys like me a shuttle compleate sim like the old virgin games only 100x better,and non shuttle guys get well what non shuttle guys like.orbiter looks nice but was way too complex for a dummy like me.
  4. simking1

    Space Shuttle Interest?

    Yes I had problems with the 757 got nothing but canned responces never fixed the problem.I downloaded orbiter great graphics but too complex for me.I am a space shuttle the above poster linked this is a good sim needs some spit and polish but has awsome potental.I am not happy with fsx seems like it was a bunch of empty promises.where is all the payware stuff that supposted to be in it,not even fsuipc that they had a deal with pete on that?.problem I see with CS shuttle it is like half a sim.I would pay a few bucks but not 30$.and as far as if the intrest pick up they will add on ya right like the 757 F block.Then charge another 30$ I'll wait now If we can get oribiter and S3 together that will be an awsome sim. S3's shuttle with orbiters graphics and missions.perfect You guys should be working out a deal instead of being in competition.