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  1. I've never had an instabililty or OOM errors at all Rhett. Just the perfromance hit, which is no more than turning lightbloom on for me. It sure gives me an awsome VFR experience whenever I'm in bushing it in the mountains, or canyons (like GC) that benefit from this - where frame rates are never an issue anyways.I tone it down to 5.5 for areas like Van+, as a balance to see the distant mountains in thier glory while sustaining "blurries" free perfromance. I come to realize the best thing to prevent blurries in FSX is - just slow down LOL ... Truely, its one heck of a G/A VFR sim, and when I use it for that - alot of time I'm just smiling away pounding on the V key :DRegards'Garett
  2. Thanks Luis,Your input now and previous has been really good about showing the differnece between "blurries" due to over taxed harware, and this very topic.I have tried (and do use it @ 6), the mip bias tweak but for me it does not extend the inner resolution ring, however it does help clear it up the outer stuff somewhat (exp: similar to visual impact of more filtering).Running the mipbias @ 6, AF filtering in the FSX drop down, 16X AF & 8X AA by driver w/Nhancer override, 60cm textures and clamping Negbias and jacking the LOD_Radius gives me what I'm looking for.We used to be able to adjust this radius inpedendently (somewhat) in FS9, but in FSX all the following seems to be controlled internally all consolidated by one/two settings?TERRAIN_MIN_DEM_AREA=40.000000 --------TERRAIN_MAX_DEM_AREA=100.000000 ------- = MESH_COMPLEXITYTERRAIN_TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=8 ------------TERRAIN_EXTENDED_TEXTURES=1 ----------- = LOD_Radius TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS=9.50000 --------TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS=9.00000 -------TERRAIN_EXTENDED_LEVELS=232 -----------Is not a complaint, but more of an inquiry as too us being able to have an independent control of the ground tile texture resolution radius (maybe in the next version)- seperate from the rest of stuff controlled by LOD_radius then maybe then less of an perf impact as it's not all lumped together (ie: loading bgls from 1/2 way around earth etc). I'd rather have mipped out Autogen 3 miles out sitting on clear ground tiles, than the otherway around as is presently.Just a thought anyways ...Best Regards'GarettPS: Ryan, glad it helped !! Here's what it did for me at Megascnery Hawaii.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185526.jpg
  3. BTW I also changed LOD radius in the cfg, but 1. it seems to reset to default in the cfg everytime, (Mine stays as long as I don't make any changes (or load) the settings/graphics sliders within FSX.)and 2. loading takes longer and I have had lockups with higher settings.FSX RTM I could only go to 5.5, more and she'd crash. Left it through SP1 at 5.5, and now with SP2 I've gone as high as 7.5 with out having changed any hardware. And yes, load times are way longer for me as well.There's a bush flyer's forum over at (Simvation I think), where there's a good discussion about those guys tweaking this.Regards'Garett
  4. :-xxrotflmaoI think Ryan was looking for a little more input than "You have a tweaking addition, It works for me so just be happy with it" LOL While my suggestion may have not had any benefit for you, it has helped some others (myself included) in enjoying our "perception of flight" while addressing the OP's question, thus I though I'd share.I see it took you a couple of posts to explain your contempt with both the question and the suggestion, but I'm sure you feel alot better now that you got that out.:-rollGarett
  5. Yep, as long as it's not a classic "blurries" issue with them not being able to keep up.I find that even at 4.5, the radius of the texture resolution you set (slider) is a very short distance from the A/C. As stated, you don't notice it much on flat ground - but it's very noticable in the mountians.Here's two picks right at CYGE facing SE (in case you wan't to see for yourself), first with 4.5, second at 6.5. I have to drop the quality of the pics for in here - but you should still be able to make out the difference in range.Regards'GarettAT 4.5http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185512.jpgAt 6.5http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185513.jpg
  6. Hi Ryan,"Why can't we have the texture load farther away?"LOL - I've been asking that since Nov 06 - and all I have come up with is cranking up your LOD Radius in the config. But the negative with that is your loading lots of stuff you don't need just to push the texture resolution further - thus a costly "manual slider".I don't mind the default 4.5 for flatlands or cities, but I crank it to 6.5 even 7.0 when flying in the mountians. Then at least the banks/peaks on either side of you in a valley are not "pixeled" out. It looks way better - but at a cost of course.Still hoping Phil looks into seeing if the texture reslution radius can be adjusted outside of the LOD parameter, as it seams everything is tied to that one setting.Best Regards'Garett
  7. J van E nailed it, as did Bert - but this again got skipped over ...If you have problems with textures keeping up at the level you set within the confines of the FSX graphics engine - It's a harware/slider issue - period. Lower you settings until you spend some bucks. But then once you have and they keep up, you'll be asking ...How to extend the visual ring of hi res textures (Which is not the stereotypical blurries issue beat to death in this forum) - but is a seperate issue within the engine - that no harware will EVER fix. I could have a Cray supercomputer with the grapics built by Nvidia's R&D department - and you will never see 1M textures past where FSX tells it to drop off and load a lower mip etc. And by best guess that happens to be about 1 Mile from my eye at 1500 AGL. (unless you crank LOD_Radius to 6.5 or so)Phil has stated that he is "digging into" this issue, hopefully to come back and clearly tell us "IF" texture resolution can be controlled via a config seperate from LOD Radius parameter, there may be hope for those who what clearer textures out farther - and have the horsepower to have them keep up. I expect as more upgrade over time in a year or so, this query will continue - but it is still not to be confused with "The Blurries" ...I hope FS11 gives us the ability to adjust the resolution range of textures - regardless of what the mesh etc under is at.Anyways, yet another opinion on the subject ...Regards'Garett
  8. Great topic and progress, really looking forward to see if these can be independently controlled. As you, I just want to increase the LOD texture rings radius- without having to load mesh & etc from the other half of the world.I've cranked my LOD-Radius parameters up to 6.5 (for mountain flying) which does extend the texture resolution rings, but your really taking a hit in FPS due to the huge increase of file activity for everything that is getting loaded with it at that 6.5 grid size. I might be wrong, but was pretty sure these where independently controlled in FS9. While most other quirks/issues I have and can live with, this one is the biggest show stopper for me in FSX.Regards'Garett
  9. That one still bugs me - and its not a blurry issue, it's the "unadjustable" LOD rings. No matter what, those rings are fixed and move with you. It's not the scenery need's to catch up (you can sit in slew all day and those resolution rings won't change), it's that the distances in which the resolution drops is fixed, and no config parameter will change it. (I sure wish there was)I posted about this before here ..http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...ing_type=searchRegards'Garetthttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185139.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185140.jpg
  10. Here's what I'm using (modified) for the Baron.Under (flight_tuning)cruise_lift_scalar = 1.0parasite_drag_scalar = 1.0induced_drag_scalar = 1.0elevator_effectiveness = 0.6aileron_effectiveness = 0.8rudder_effectiveness = 1.0pitch_stability = 2.75roll_stability = 1.5yaw_stability = 1.25elevator_trim_effectiveness = 1.0aileron_trim_effectiveness = 1.0rudder_trim_effectiveness = 1.0I got this from somewhere, just can't remember where ... I did have the DF58 going in FSX RTM (subbed gauges) but it's a no-go at all with SP2. I think I tweaked this a bit to try and match the DF58 by switching from one to the other. Give it a try if you want.I don't use the default 58 much, as I'm holding out for Dreamfleet's redo. For the light stuff, I'm mainly using the DA Cheyenne, AS Beaver, FSD Porter and my new fav - the AS Twotter ;)Regards'Garett
  11. http://www.metzgergva.de/default_e.htmAre you talking about Alexander Metzger's stuff?I believe he worked on the DA Cheyenne. I'm running all his modified configs. ;)Garett
  12. Great stuff, I'll be line (haven't moved anyways) to pick it up when she's ready !!Definitely one of my all time favorites. FSX leave's me little headroom to fully enjoy my LVLD & PDMG new gen birds - thus I think a real target for this sim would be old iron. A little easier on frames, but as much if not more enjoyment anyways. Their's alot more to do in the cockpit - and getting from a to b takes a litle bit more skill than pushing the exec button. ;)I'd love to see that baby in my hanger, along with a HQ 737-200 or redux the FS2K DF737!! ;DRegards'Garett
  13. LOL ...I'll second both of those comments Paul.After greatly missing my DF727 in FSX, I read in here about the MD-80 and went for it. Glad I did, just wish I wouldn't have waited so long !!Great perfromance, and a great bug free bird all they way around. You will not be disapointed with this aircraft that's for sure.I don't even look at CS anymore, nice eye candy - but thats about it. Add that with their refusal to even review a problem until they get 10 "properly" filled out reports - and a their policy to remove posts when a paying customer askes about announced or promised patches signed the deal a long time ago for me .. BTW - I wonder if they ever did get the Block F out for the 757 ;)Regards'Garett
  14. "You have hearts of stone, and you have a lot of company in this and other threads. I am absolutely appalled."Whatever ..., but since you directed this and responded to my quote I assume your pointing at me ...If you would like to start a new topic relevant to whatever's got your goat or your compassion for PSS - have at it, I'll guarantee you I wouldn't hijack it with blanket statements about you, no matter what I think ...If you noticed, no one made any personal attacks about PSS staff and/or its management, but simply commenting on the business practices observed (and paid for), and a few questions of the impact piracy had on it demise ...(since it was clearly highlighted as an issue within the press release) Anyways, :-rollGarett
  15. Yep - me too Bruce..I was done with them after the Airbus series. I owned everything they made up to then, and nothing after ...Every paywear addon will have its issues. It's how the company addresses them and there attitude toward thier customers that gets my money.I agree that piracy is not good as it impact's profit, but it's also been around as long at pc's have, even when I had my my TRS-80 LOL. Expect it, do your best at prevention with cost/loss evaluations - and build your business model to deal with it. To me it's its just another overhead liability, your not going to prevent it, and it will usually cost you more money and headaches to reduce it than your losing in net profit - so just do the best you can to minimise the expense.Save the money on complicated piracy prevention and put it into better customer service and or product, I'm sure you'll be farther ahead ... I have no problem having to enter/validate my serial number to be able to enter a forum for support, but put some crap like sony's or steam's brute force protection etc on - and you'll never see my coin - as I don't need the grief that usually goes with it ...Regards'Garett
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