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  1. Thanks for the suggestions all. When Prepar3d opens, it has the F-22 as the default aircraft. I switch that to PMDG and then select the weather/airport. Should I open the with the F-22 and default airport first, and then change to PMDG etc...? I am not using any FSUIPC. One other thing that occurs is my rudder pedals do not automatically work when I start the sim. I an forced to unplug the USB cable and then re-plug it in to get the rudder working. Every once in a while the rudder will disconnect and I will need to plug/unplug again (but this has never resulted in loss of control).
  2. Hey Guys - Not sure if this is a 737 problem or a Prepar3d issue, but in my 20 years of simming, I've never had an issue like this. I am having an issue using Prepar3d v4.2 with the PMDG 737, and while in cruise flight, for no reason, the plane disconnects from autopilot and goes into an uncontrolled bank which is unrecoverable due to overspeed trying to correct. I've never seen this issue using FSX with the same plane, same CH Products yoke and pedals. I am not using any add-on's. Sometime's I can get a short flight in without the issue occurring, but it seems on flights >150nm the issue occurs. Running on Windows 10, Core i7-4770k, no overclock, 32g ram, GTX 1070. I never really fly with any other plane, so not sure if this is plane or Prepar3d specific. Also, the plane has done this even while not in auto pilot mode, and I'm not causing the plane to go into CWS mode by hitting the yoke by mistake or anything like that. Appreciate any help as this is quite frustrating. Thanks, Kevin McCarthy
  3. Thanks all, looks like EZdok is a must. Will give it a shot.
  4. Hi All - I am about to make the jump to P3D v4 and get the 747-400, but had a question regarding the virtual cockpits. I have been used to flying the NGX with the 2D cockpit. While I played around with TrackIR, I kept coming back to the 2D cockpit. I wanted to know what the "norm" was for folks flying in 3D cockpits. Is EZDok with TrackIR the benchmark? Are there other preferences? Appreciate the feedback. -Kevin McCarthy
  5. Thanks everyone for the quick responses. Lefteris, I look forward to your report and will monitor your blog.thanks!Kevin
  6. Just wondering if anyone could share their experiences with the 747X using Visa 64?thanks!Kevin
  7. Check out this wiki by PMDG and using their 747-400x. They recommend using FSX only with XP. I was hoping to also build a new PC around DX10, but this recommendation does not help the cause.http://ops.precisionmanuals.com/wiki/747-4...%26_Performance64-bit still has many driver issues that may not make that a feasible option yet.-Kev
  8. That is very upsetting to hear about the memory issues with Vista. I was planning on building a new machine with a new Penryn processor using Vista and taking advantage of the DX10 visuals. It really stinks that Microsoft dropped the ball on us with this crappy OS. I hope FS11 will take full advantage of the DX10 capabilities and force Microsoft to address these memory problems.Thanks for your research and testing PMDG!Kevin
  9. -Removed, found a post that had answer.
  10. Finally, looks like FSX is going to get some relief for multiple core pc's. See below:"According to Intel, the service pack 1 for Microsoft
  11. This is the procedure for Delta Airlines 737-800:"At 400 ft the PF calls HDG SEL or LNAV depending on the departure. The SID or tower issued instructions will determine which one is apropriate. LNAV may be armed prior to departure if the first leg of the SID is within 5 degrees of the runway...in that case, you simply ensure that LNAV is selected at 400." Hope that helps.-Kevin
  12. Dang that's a nice machine. Thanks for sharing!-Kevin
  13. Hi Robert -Great read, thanks for sharing! On a similar note, would you mind sharing your system specs with us? I am planning on upgrading soon and just wanted to get an idea of a "well-working" setup that I can use as a benchmark. Thanks again!-Kevin
  14. Thanks for the update Robert. Can't wait!-Kev
  15. Thanks for the replies guys! I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.thanks again,Kevin
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