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  1. yeah that didn't work for me when i tried, but will try again soon
  2. I can't find any detail on this, but does MSFS simulate this? In simple words, would take-off distance and braking action be dependant on weather in the sim? Cheers!
  3. I had to restart the sim because of a performance leak and I was 20nm from T/D. When I loaded back in, the pmdg loaded in my default state (turnaround) and had to load takeoff and re program the FMC. What should I be doing differently?
  4. I feel MK are one of the best scenery developers... No crashes or instability at Dublin either..
  5. For Occlus Quest 2 owners, should we be using the (default) occulus api or switching the default to openxr runtime?
  6. What's people's opinion on the refresh rate of the headset? 120hz uses a lot more resources than 70hz for example. I see Bozdog going for both 120 and 1.3 resolution....
  7. So I haven't tired any of what you said above, but I get huge microstutters using the Occulus API (Steam api is MUCH smoother but 50% less performance). Did you experience the above before these settings? If so, i'll download the occlus tray tool and give it a go.
  8. I get much smoother experience using Virtual Desktop Steamer over the link cable.
  9. I have had no luck using the wireless virtual desktop with the occulus, When I go into the VR mode in game, the headset doesn't go into the VR environment. I see the split screen in the lens and monitor.... MSFS works fine (better) than wired, I made a post yesterday about it here.
  10. Hi all, I am getting stutters using the cable for virtual desktop (BETA) plugged into the case USB 3.0 port. As a test I bought and ran the Occulus virtual desktop which allows no cable. The stutters were significantly better using the wireless in MSFS, but I don't know how to do this in P3d? In P3d with the link cable, one just selects virtual desktop and selects the VR > Occulus and voila. However, using the wireless virtual desktop, I am having no joy. Both options (Steam / Occulus) don't activate VR in the headset, even though it's displaying VR on my monitor. So, 2 folded question, 1) Any way to improve the performance from the link cable for Virtual Deskop (different ports perhaps) 2) Is there a way to get the wireless virtual desktop working, where performance seems to be much better? Thanks all!
  11. I am seeing the performance increase but the VC's with HDR on is almost pitch black.. Really not enjoyable
  12. I had a spin around Palma in the C172 and was impressed with the smoothness and feel!!
  13. We have been followign each other for some time dude, I would argue strongly to miss the 3090.. Wait for the 3080 offering or 3080ti.. IT';s double the price and 10% more performance
  14. I want to compare people who haven't delidded if that's ok. De-lidding obviously brings down the temperatures .
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