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  1. I feel MK are one of the best scenery developers... No crashes or instability at Dublin either..
  2. For Occlus Quest 2 owners, should we be using the (default) occulus api or switching the default to openxr runtime?
  3. What's people's opinion on the refresh rate of the headset? 120hz uses a lot more resources than 70hz for example. I see Bozdog going for both 120 and 1.3 resolution....
  4. So I haven't tired any of what you said above, but I get huge microstutters using the Occulus API (Steam api is MUCH smoother but 50% less performance). Did you experience the above before these settings? If so, i'll download the occlus tray tool and give it a go.
  5. I get much smoother experience using Virtual Desktop Steamer over the link cable.
  6. I have had no luck using the wireless virtual desktop with the occulus, When I go into the VR mode in game, the headset doesn't go into the VR environment. I see the split screen in the lens and monitor.... MSFS works fine (better) than wired, I made a post yesterday about it here.
  7. Hi all, I am getting stutters using the cable for virtual desktop (BETA) plugged into the case USB 3.0 port. As a test I bought and ran the Occulus virtual desktop which allows no cable. The stutters were significantly better using the wireless in MSFS, but I don't know how to do this in P3d? In P3d with the link cable, one just selects virtual desktop and selects the VR > Occulus and voila. However, using the wireless virtual desktop, I am having no joy. Both options (Steam / Occulus) don't activate VR in the headset, even though it's displaying VR on my monitor. So, 2 folded question, 1) Any way to improve the performance from the link cable for Virtual Deskop (different ports perhaps) 2) Is there a way to get the wireless virtual desktop working, where performance seems to be much better? Thanks all!
  8. I am seeing the performance increase but the VC's with HDR on is almost pitch black.. Really not enjoyable
  9. I had a spin around Palma in the C172 and was impressed with the smoothness and feel!!
  10. We have been followign each other for some time dude, I would argue strongly to miss the 3090.. Wait for the 3080 offering or 3080ti.. IT';s double the price and 10% more performance
  11. I want to compare people who haven't delidded if that's ok. De-lidding obviously brings down the temperatures .
  12. Hi all, Has anyone noticed that the maximum cpu temperatures when running P3D are much higher than any other gaming /process and even cpu stress testers?? I have a 10700k overclocked to 4.9ghz and I can easily hit a maximum temperature of mid 80s, this is with an AIO liquid cooler (NZXT Kraken). Thoughts?
  13. Gents, with all due respect, this thread is about autogen loading. Not the best AF for different systems. Can you take it to private messages and keep the discussion on subject? I doubt highly that an AF mask settings is going to fix this issue.
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