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  1. edit I am also getting sometimes a moment where i get a freeze and the screen constantly flickers. Kind regards
  2. Cheers Michael! Yep I'm using a ultra wide with that resolution so I'll put it on their forums. Cheers!
  3. Hi there, Anyone noticed this strange artifact before (to the right)? This is with no truesky/volumetrics. If I switch between full screen, maximised window and alt tab i can get it to appear and dissapear but i've never seen it before. https://imgur.com/wh39zmo
  4. Just chipping in to say that I definitely notice a significant reduction in performance going to 4.5. And still no fix for the sound spooling engine issue... Disappointing update
  5. Sorry if this has been mentioned but is the VC getting PBR treatment also? Alex
  6. -- So for anyone wondering what happened here, it was chaseplane! An update for chaseplane came out not so long ago specifically referencing this and provided a fix.
  7. Hi all, Had a little nosey around, cannot find the EFB manual? I've looked through the introduction manual and it makes specific reference to it, but can't locate it. Alex
  8. I made my own PTA preset, happy to share if you like. I have ORBX Global and Orbx LC, REX skyforce for textures, AS p3dV4 for weather.
  9. Hi guys OP here. So, yep a lot of negative press about my video, fine. I maintain that I have a much better experience, I've tested all scenarios, weather, night time and although yes I did pick up the fps counter, I have a smoother experience less stutter. Look, I feel like I am supported by this opinion because there are a small number of specific performance improvements across a number of areas.. There's specific mention to Vc rendering, dynamic lighting etc. This would also support the interview at Las Vegas where Lockheed Martin themselves, said they have ambitons for improved performance due to VR being better at 90FPS. Apologies if the video offended a number of you, I kind of enjoyed flying low and slow across the South East of England.
  10. So I did the same on the understanding that a new client reinstall sets all the shaders to default? (However, everything does indeed look very washed out etc). Do I need to do anything now? Or simply when the pta update comes I can apply a previous config no harm done? Is the sim currently vanilla that I can do a back up of ?
  11. To be honest, to do this every single time to just be able to do a flight is a little extreme for me. Looking into the third party options like Vortex above. Is it worth asking Microsoft of is that just a waste of time?
  12. Hi guys Any tips for windows 10 virus protection I have the antimalware running with p3d and it is taking up 30-40% of my CPU usage. I've looked into disabling it without success but one of the articles recommends a different antio virus which is less power consuming? https://imgur.com/a/EsTFPzK
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