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  1. Can beyond atc use the windows sapi voices? (Like Pilot2atc)
  2. Oh, the A350 is based on the simulator, not the real a350 one? is this common practice for simulated airplanes to be based on other simulators?
  3. EDDM is also a few years in the making. Have bought the simwings version instead.
  4. Looks like the A300 dont follow constraints on climb in profile mode, like the real one. Are the flaps moving speed like the real one? The extract/retract very very slowly (like the Landing Gear which is wrong (Source Takeoff Youtubevideo). Speedbrakes can be fully extended midflight. Is this working as intended? Arent they limited inflight like in the A320? Still havnt found a landing performance calculator for the A300.
  5. Ridiculously Expensive? I can’t believe someone said that. It’s cheaper than a bic Mac menu. It saves a lot of time, has many quality of life features in the app, and gets more and more features. When have you last time used their App/Website? They have done a lot updates to it on a regulary basis.
  6. Is there a Landing Performance Calculator Website/App/Excel that supports the A300?
  7. First Impressions: - Its harder on frames than the Fenix, around 10-20% lower (CPU Limited) - Graphics and Sounds are awesome - All the buttons and functions can be configured in the MSFS settings (at least the ones i tried, flaps, speedbrake, autopilot settings (hdg, height, speed), Autothrust, Toga etc) - The control settings from the A310 can be used. Except maybe the joystick and rudder curve settings. - They are a lot of standard camera views, but not very useful ones. There is no one for the pedastal, fmc etc. Only very very close up views. - the camera.cfg File from the A310 cant be copied simple over to the A300. The views are then in the wrong place. I want to do a ferry flight for Fedex from Toulouse-Blagnac (LFBO) to the Memphis (KMEM) World Super Hub. Anyone knows the route? (Non-Stop is too far says simbrief)
  8. Official Simbrief Profiles: https://forum.inibuilds.com/topic/20326-simbrief-profiles/ A GSX Profile is included with the aircraft, but im not sure if the file has to manuelly moved to the GSX Airplane Folder. Several Liverys are included, Lots of Passengers and Freight (Several UPS, DHL and Fedex). A PDF Manual is also included, 46 Pages with Pictures and Checklists.
  9. A350 and OMAA, A380 later. awesome! how many people are working at inibuilds? they release nice projects at a fast rate!
  10. What! Wait! At first, there was rumors that they are making OMDB, then they released the teasers. And didnt inibuild denied the OMDB rumors? What a surprise! Instant buy, performance will get better in further updates (like with egll, klax and jfk). I hope the "Custom low-poly static of iniBuilds A380 aircraft in numerous Emirates liveries" can be disabled in the inibuild manager. Included GSX Profile is a big plus for me. At the moment i using the asobo premium deluxe Version of OMDB with the enhancment mod, but this looks way better. Off to Dubai!
  11. Any release before Christmas? 737 max ready to release any time? come on, looks like you guys learned nothing from the past. We won’t get anything before walls and walls of text, month after month. hope for anything else just make you sad.
  12. The wingspan is 10% smaller. Does that mean that the models are 10% smaller?
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