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  1. Great set of screenshots. I can definitely recognise some of the area's there. Dawlish and Exmouth in the 5th shot, Topsham and the Exeter ship canal in the 4th and 6th.
  2. I've just rolled back to the previous driver. I was getting major stutters and very increased GPU temps. DLSS was a disaster on my system with unreadable cockpit displays and strange visual artifacts everywhere.
  3. Just took a look at this. It says to basically removal all fps capping, but my only option in my sim is to change my monitor refresh rate between 33% 50% or 100%. Never seen this before. I tried all three options but none made a difference. Also noticed my GPU temps are way higher than usual in the high 70's. Its like my PC cant run MSFS anymore.
  4. I'm seeing a huge decrease in fames with this latest driver update. Currently flying Fenix A320 in mostly clear weather with the framerate not getting above 30. In the same scenario before the latest driver update, i would easily be able to achieve between 40 and 60 frames. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? i7-12700K (3.6GHz) 32GB Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO DDR4 3600MHz RTX 3070Ti
  5. Cant believe Fenix aren't going to bother with the WX radar, even if they can only extract basic WX info from the sim with this update. Then again, complete WX info should made available from Asobo anyway. Having a weather radar is very important and adds to the immersion for me. Really makes you appreciate Active Sky how good we had it with Active Sky.
  6. Is weather radar support due to be included in the SU10 update?
  7. Interesting to see an airliner coming from a scenery developer. Wonder what the system depth is like?
  8. Very sad indeed. She visited Exeter cathedral back in 2002 and we went out to see her. She came right up to us in the crowd with the most amazing and friendly smile on her face, never forgotten that moment. RIP.
  9. The PC12 was always one of Carenado's better offerings in FSX/P3D so I'm definitely interested to see some early reviews.
  10. They should of had pause at TOD checked 😆.
  11. After hearing those horrible robotic voices, I think I'm going to skip FS2Crew for the Fenix Airbus. The fact they recorded real human voices made FS2Crew what it was. I hope we can at least have the option to use the old voice sets for the PMDG 737NG in MSFS and eventually the 747 and 777.
  12. Indeed I am! I even keep the windows open all year round. The coldest I've ever gone out in shorts is -5 😆. I definitely favor the cold weather over the hot.
  13. I'm strange because I actually don't mind being cold. It has to be absolutely freezing before my heating goes on. I wear shorts almost all year round. I bought a small fan recently that you put water and ice inside to decrease the air temp coming out. Its actually quite effective until the ice melts. 🤣
  14. 33 degrees in Exeter today compared to 37 degrees a few weeks ago. My office at home is still reaching 30 degrees in the evening which is unbearable. I'm not really one for hot weather at all so bring on the winter I say! 🤣
  15. My office pushes 30c when I'm loading up my GPU by flight simming or gaming too. Makes the room totally unbearable. I've had to stop simming until the temperature outside cools down a bit. #firstworldproblem 😆.
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