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  1. James,

    Try going to:


    Let me know how it goes.

    Don't share that link.  We haven't officially release yet.




    1. james42


      That's got it, thanks Bryan. I never had the bar at the top with the links to login in to my account etc. Its there now, thanks again.  

  2. I need to download the latest version for the 777 and I cant seem to find how to login again on the legacy site. Is there a different link I need to follow to get to the login page?
  3. This looks amazing, the quality of the displays in the cockpit is crazy. I hope the guys at fs2crew can jump on this as quickly as possible.
  4. Just seen this, it does look very nice. Really hope the systems are there. I've been waiting for something to make me reinstall MSFS and this could well be it, fingers crossed!
  5. To be totally honest, ill be surprised if the 747 or the A300 ever see the light of day. I understand that they say they are still in development, but if that's how they feel about P3D now why even bother to continue developing them? Unless the release date is a few months away, is there any point? Things are moving forward very quickly in the world of flight simming these days and just flights dev times are very long.
  6. After reading through this discussion, and making a few comments of my own a few pages back one thing I would say is that I would really hate to be developer right now. Our little niche hobby is coming to quite a major crossroad. On one hand you have the people that are embracing MSFS as their current and future sim and are eagerly waiting for new aircraft, sceneries, wx engines etc. Then on the other hand, you have the guys that are happy to stick with the older more tried and tested sims. Both parties want new software developed and also older software kept updated for their respective sim. So where does that leave the developers? Move on and put more time into making things for MSFS? Or try and keep the P3D and X-plane guys happy with new and updated software? Yes, I am aware that P3D and X-plane are still actively being developed, but in terms of visuals and attracting new users they are both playing catch up.
  7. The only way I see P3D and X-Plane remaining relevant is if LM or Laminar create a new engine for each sim. MSFS has shown us what is possible with the latest developments in software and I feel that some users, epically new comers to flight sims will not accept anything less. Of course, if LM or Laminar do pull something amazing out of their hat in the near future, things could get very interesting indeed.
  8. The way I see it is that in the next 2 or 3 years, a huge percentage of the P3D community (many x-plane users too) will have moved over to MSFS. PMDG along with many other developers will want as much software as they can updated and working in MSFS. So from a business point of view, they are doing the right thing. So, how about from customer point view? Personally, when I finally make the move over to MSFS from P3D, I want as much bug-free software available to me to choose from as possible. So to me. PMDG putting more resources into developing for MSFS is a good thing. But of course, PMDG have made some promises to P3D users. 737-MAX, 777 VC update, etc, so I do hope that these projects don't get pushed aside like the promised JS41 update.
  9. I think I can kind of see why they included a basic 777 VC with 747 gauges. Back when they released the L1011 and 777 external models for FSX 2D cockpit's were still a thing, so it was easy to just get a simple free 2D panel from Avsim just to tide you over. Now with FS2020, there's no such thing as 2D panels so they had to include something. I don't necessarily agree with this practice and certainly hope its not something we see a lot of in the future.
  10. They do have a history of doing this releasing just the external model and the VC later. They did the same with the L1011 and with the original 777 for FSX.
  11. Id like to put a case forward for Ford. I've been driving for nearly 10 years now and I've always had a Ford. Two Focus's and two Mondeo's. The only thing I've ever had to replace is one power steering pump. Last year I decided I wanted a change and picked up a nice 2013 Mazda 6. Almost straight away the tyre pressure monitoring system started going crazy and now the central locking is playing up. Cant wait to get back into a Ford lol.
  12. I just read in their forum that the EFB is only available for the Sharklet model and it will be sometime before its implemented for all models. That's a little disappointing...
  13. FSLabs always simulate everything to the finest detail. Even if there is the slightest performance increase with the sharklets, it will be simulated. Didnt they even model the centre of gravity change when someone flushes the toilet? Lol.
  14. Has anyone managed to get the jump ahead feature to work? Each time I use it I end up in an unrecoverable nosedive.
  15. Ok, just finished my first flight in the 300ER since the update. LAX-MIA. Departed LAX 25R via the DOTSS2 SID, climbed to FL330 no problems at all. Later a step climb to FL350, again no problems maintaining altitude. Decent into MIA via the SSCOT5 arrival into an ILS for 8R. Decent was ok, I did have a few pitch wobbles just as I intercepted the glideslope but nothing too concerning. Autothrottle left a bit to be desired on final approach but not bad over all. However, one thing I did notice is that the autobrakes were completely useless on landing. I did my landing calculations before landing, EFB said I should stop with just under 3000 feet remaining. Had to step in with manual brakes as I would of gone off the end for sure.
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