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  1. Just completed my first flight. Overall, I really like it. Love the sounds, feels good in the air (nice and heavy) and it looks pretty amazing on the visual front too. Also, nice to see a decent prop disk animation. Did struggle on the ground after touch down as I thought I would. I had to use all my rudder authority just to keep it on the runway, even with the rudder trim set correctly and the yaw damper off. In the video posted earlier, they mentioned the sim having a ground and air mode and the transition between them is a little off right now. I get they are going for a realistic flight model, but I hope it's something they can adjust as the transition from ground to air mode and back again is making takeoffs and landings a bit difficult imho.
  2. Is there an easier way to operate the rudder trim in the sim? That looks like it could be a nightmare click spot to reach?
  3. I have the same strange refection's on the PMS GTN too. Anyone know how to set the aileron and rudder trim? I see the gauge and I cant seem to find anyway to actually adjust it.
  4. The site must be taking a big hit! I'm trying to create an account and i'm getting the dreaded error 404 page not found.
  5. Great news! Instant purchase for me, I do like a PC12! I was going to get a head start by downloading the manual now, but it seems to be linked to the kodiak manual instead.
  6. I have the steam version and it only took around 10 minutes to download with no pausing or slowing down at all, I'm in the UK. I have to say I really like the new Cirrus. Definitely looking forward to taking it out for a flight after a bit more reading up on how everything works.
  7. I agree and I have been saying this myself for a while. There was a lot of talk in their forums a few years ago regarding the MAX in P3D. When reading between the lines in a few of the posts from RSR, the MAX was essentially ready to be released for P3D and they were just waiting for the dust to settle after the very publicized accidents. Basically, they were saying it would be bad for Boeing to have the aircraft flying in a sim available to anyone and not in real life. Given the special relationship PMDG has with Boeing, it makes sense. Now with the popularity of MSFS, I doubt the P3D version will ever see the light of day. I'm sure it's the same story with the MSFS version, they are indeed just waiting for the right time to finish it and release it.
  8. I couldn't agree more. I have been almost exclusively flying the Blacksquare Kingair for months now and I'm still loving it. Add in the FTsim sound pack and it's a total winner for me. The only thing I can see that might steer me away from it is the upcoming SWS PC12.
  9. I'll definitely be getting the SWS PC12 at launch. I know there won't be any failures at first but the system depth should still be there. The sounds from the preview videos were probably the best turboprop sounds I've ever heard in a sim. I was pretty tempted by both the TBM and the M500, but I like a larger aircraft and the PC12 will fit that criteria quite nicely.
  10. Definitely tempted with this one. Has anyone tried the missions in the EFB yet? I'm wondering how that works. One thing I am hoping they fix is the sound transitions, definitely a bit of an immersion killer.
  11. Seemed to me there were less questions than previous years, anyone else think this? I agree with what others have said already about the text entry questions, definitely got a little tiresome after a while. Also, some pretty bizarre questions in there too. But as always, I'm excited to see the results.
  12. I can definitely live without failures and an EFB for a while if the core functionality is there. I agree, the sounds are amazing. I think this is certainly going to be my pick amongst the single engine turboprops.
  13. Definitely looking forward to this one. Is it true that it will be light on systems initially and be developed further after release? I seem to remember reading that before.
  14. Definitely very tempted with this one. Good to hear there's a decent TP model. What are the sounds like?
  15. My vote goes to the Blacksquare kingair. The system depth is incredible and it has excellent performance too. More than capable of 300+ knots ground speeds. Had my first failure yesterday. A battery bus tie fault which required the landing gear to be lowered manually. Overall an Incredibly immersive aircraft with lots of features.
  16. True, but in flight sims it works a little different. The pilot pretty much does everything. I'm not a user of GSX or anything that simulates the boarding process. But I do know all that stuff still has to be initiated by the user. So I think it's a good idea to have the tools available within the EFB to do that.
  17. Does look solid enough. But as others have said, slightly disappointing they couldn't include the ability to open doors, change aircraft options etc on release. Hopefully soon they can also have the failure settings on it too. Then it will almost be like an instructors console in a level-D sim.
  18. My first job after college was working for my family's painting and decorating company. 11 years later I'm still doing it and still enjoying it. Everyone has to work, so either find something you like doing or life isn't going to be much fun for the next 60 plus years.
  19. Looks really good! Wonder if the guys over at FS2Crew could work their magic on it?
  20. I have always been more than happy with the way I've been treated in the past by PMDG staff. When their support forum was hosted here, I found everyone to be open and helpful. Things changed for me a few years ago with the release of the 200ER expansion for the 777. As usual, many free liveries were released with it and made available in the operations centre. Including almost the entire fleet of 777's for a few airlines. Namely, BA, AA, and United i believe. This was a seen a great gesture and everyone was happy. A few days later, they were pretty much all removed and we were told they would be available when GFO is released. Anyone who complained or asked what happened were temporarily banned from their forum including myself. 2 years later and not a single word about GFO or any of the free content that was removed.
  21. Would be nice if they could add that EADI and EHSI plus the fancy altimeter to the Kingair too.
  22. Another vote for the BlackSquare Kingair. Picked it up about 3 months ago and been flying it almost exclusively since. Great system depth and turboprop simulation makes it very rewarding to fly.
  23. And they still won't show a proper screenshot of it! I don't get why they have to be so secretive about it. I mean, what features will it have that we haven't seen before? It's an aviation style tablet for use in a flight sim, they all do the same things! 🤣
  24. I use the PMS GTN. Having up to date navdata is a must for me.
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