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  1. I have it, its good, but i use lorby now.
  2. Run in steam vr mode, not oculus mode. Godrays off, dynamiv reflections off. Care with tree and building shadows. i fly complex planes over dense scenery snd am very happy.
  3. Ron, the point is not about someone from a non-English-speaking background making mistakes, it is in fact the opposite - that none of us need to be correcting other posters' spelling, grammar or punctuation here! I think I've made my point, and defended the original poster adequately - I shall move on now. Cheers!
  4. I'm pretty sure the guy you were telling off for poor punctuation had a "perfectly intelligible" post as well. I am only pointing out the (many) flaws in your post because you had a go at the other guy. It's a forum, people are allowed to post on phones, in a hurry, or whatever makes them happy. I personally don't think we need a bunch of Karens here asking to speak to the manager because someone's full stop or semicolon is out of place. See you around! R
  5. Also: 1. The first sentence is missing the required pronoun, and “done installing” is completely incorrect. 2. The third sentence should also be edited to include a pronoun. 3. “It’s appeared”? Really? I think perhaps you mean “It has appeared”. 4. “for like a week”. So, we are posting in “Valley Girl” speak and critiquing other posters’ punctuation now, are we? My good man, if you are going to insist that another member write in a formal manner, you should ensure that your previous post does not, in fact, massacre the Queen’s English to this extent! 😉
  6. OK, boomer. Though I think those “.” things count as punctuation. Also, proper nouns - such as names - should be capitalised. So please change your username to “Flycin” prior to posting here again. Thank you for your understanding and compliance in this important matter.
  7. P3D v5 for 100% of flying this month. I kept v4.5 for security, but don’t plan to use it. v5 is a great sim and i recommend it to anyone who has the hardware to run it.
  8. Malcolm, if cost isn’t an issue then i think you’d be able to deal with pfpx. It’s a little strange the furst few tines you use it, but once you work out the interface its actually a quivk and simple way to generate a flight plan (1-2 minutes work). Lots of options in pfpx, but you can also adopt a KISS approach with it. I’d personally do this rather than muddling around with p3d’s in-built planner. There’s a reason that so many after-market planners exist! Simbrief is excellent as well.
  9. It’s PMDG, trust me you are going to HAVE to wait...
  10. Hey, all I was saying in my original comment was that in the two screen shots 1. the surrounding landscape was poor 2. the ocean looked bad and 3. there should ideally be grass. You have subsequently agreed with me on all three points, so I'm not sure what we are arguing about. As for Addon manager/Couatl - you've noted that it does lots of different things, and that your latest release moves closer to using standard .bgl files more and using other hacks less. Whilst I know that your long-standing (and somewhat controversial) position is that couatl does not and can not cause crashes, if you're performing hacks to get around the simulator limitations I still consider that a possibility. Back to flying for me now. Cheers!
  11. You don't need to get so defensive, V, I'm commenting in a public forum responding to 1. other people's comments and 2. the statements in the article that was linked. People were saying how good it looked in the two pictures linked, and the article was specifically praising the blend with surrounding scenery and the water. I disagree with all of those points - both screenshots are a bit "meh", the airport and surrounding scenery don't look great together and the water also falls into the "no so good" category (you say that it has a bug, so you agree with me!).. As for couatl not causing crashes - as I said, I don't know if it's responsible, just that my sim has been less stable corresponding to the time that I installed it. Having said that, a very quick google will turn up pages and pages of people talking about couatl-related crashes, so it's entirely plausible to me and with P3D v5 I really like the idea of keeping my sim as clean as possible. I'm hardly your biggest critic around the web. I just checked, and I currently own 14 of your products. Having said that, I'd be much more likely to buy more in the future if you moved away from the couatl/addon manager-in-the-sim. It should not have escaped your notice just how happy a lot of simmers were when Flightbeam changed their install method. Certainly something I would consider if I was in your position, at least as an option for customers. I've enjoyed my FSDT airports in the past, and hope that PHNL works out well for you. It's certainly a beautiful area of the world. Cheers!
  12. Hey Virtuali, I am just reacting to the comments here and the linked post on FS Elite by giving my opinion. The link says: "Simultech has shared on their Facebook page two previews of their upcoming Honolulu International Airport (PHNL) under Prepar3D V5. The first screenshot shows an overview of the airport, showcasing the blending with the surrounding terrain as well as a nice transparent seabed." As it is claimed that this is "showcasing the blending with the surrounding terrain" and the water around the airport is also mentioned as a feature, I have specifically commented on these, and I'm not impressed by either. Seeing we're talking, here's another piece of feedback from a perennially prolific purchaser of prepar3d products - it's time to move on from Coautl. Modern addons for Prepar3d should be in accordance to best practice, which is using the .xml add-on method. I don't want a bloated P3D v5 install, but if I want to use an FSDT airport for an occasional flight I am stuck with couatl running in the background every time I run the sim. Does it matter? Well, I weakened and installed GSX2 last week, and my sim is less stable now than it was. I can't prove that there's a causal link, but my experience has been similar in the past, and conceptually I don't want any addons that introduce unnecessary complexities into a sim that isn't perfect in terms of stability in the first place. I don't think I'm the only one who would be much more likely to buy an FSDT product like the new PHNL if you did what Flightbeam did and ditch couatl for a stand-alone addon manager that doesn't interfere with the running of the core sim. Cheers!
  13. For the reasons you state, a two-way momentary switch actually works better for hdg, alt, spd etc in most settings.
  14. Actually looks pretty ugly to me. First pic has some terrible landclass roads right near the airport and the water masking near the runway looks very non-realistic. Second picture shows some pretty good taxiway textures but otherwise unimpressive - how about some grass or something in your promo shot? Someone needs to do a decent photoreal rendition of Hawaii a la TrueEarth. Failing that, FSDT really should do something about the terrain, masking and objects around the airport, just like we see from a lot of other top-tier developers these days.
  15. Yes, i recommend it - using it right now. Also a big fan of AIG. MT6 not compatible. I don’t recommend Traffic Global, which i also own.
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