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  1. .... great news coming from AMD ... every software improvement in order to have a better graphic card experience are good news, even if it is coming from AMD, NVIDIA or INTEL ... it is so simply "competence", this is the only way you are going to benefit much better from your hardware .... today the only way to improve your frames is "brute force" so buy a new generation GC to have a better experience ... don't you think the hardware you already own is good enough to give you a nice landing in KJFK ? ... yes it is ! ... but is cheaper not to develop better software for your hardware, and to sell you a new GC ....
  2. ..... of course I am not a msfs 2020 hater (I do love it) ... of course I think msfs 2020 is the best sim ever ... of course msfs 2020 is the first flight sim in history offering constantly updates with not charge at all ... ... but that is not all, there are a lot of basic things which are not working properly or even worst than a first (I think this is the topic of this post), I do believe that last 6-8 months they have stopped working on it and leaving this job for next gen simulator (msfs 2024) .... ...., I do not have any problem and I will buy next one also ... but please let me think that nothing new from last months (last word updates are poor, last months nothing interesting has been fixed, and half (may be more) of the updates are just fixing what they have broke .... due to it I think they are stopped in today's simulator (msfs 2020) ... after that I continue thinking that Asobo did the best simulator which I do enjoy ... so is a pity that we are not going to see exciting news or serious updates until msfs 2024 .... Cheers !
  3. .... thanks Dominique ! ... I'll try to wake up (may be like that I see a better situation) Cheers
  4. ... is a pity, but Asobo is totally slept about msfs 2020 and in his dream is only one subject "msfs 2024" ...
  5. ... directx12 should be Alfa just now in msfs 2020 (may be because of most of the graphics cards are made for this standard) ...
  6. .. after reading it ... all became clear "you can continue using msfs 2020, but if you want any improve change to msfs 2024" ....
  7. .... for me the most important focus is what is going to be in msfs 2020 until the release of 2024 ? ..... because it looks "nothing new" until then
  8. ..... so with this politic when they will implement directx12 most of the graphics card will be directx13 ......
  9. ...."start like a horse to stop like a donkey" ... in my personal opinion this has been the latest development of msfs 2020 ... of course it is the best simulator ever, and hundred of features in it ... but from last year until now the improvements are poor or nothing (just patches) , we are just feed with world updates which are decreasing in content and quality also ...... so many features are just stopped (from directx 12 to AI traffic ....) .... so I hope they return to be a horse again ... anyway .. they are a great team, and today's hardware is opening to them a wide world of possibilities ... Cheers !
  10. Hi Chris, Do you think AMD is going to stay stooped watching the NVDIA frame generation technology working perfectly ? ..... about msfs 2020 implementation asobo has included all AMD technologies in the simulator (AMD is an Asobo studio partner) ..... the release date of FSR 3.0 I do not know, and about driver's implementation etc. I even know less (all I have written about it, is what the pc web's are rumoring about). But what I do really know now is what I am experiencing with an AMD card, and it is simply great, why it is going to became worst? or why it is not going to be better? ...... ... anyway this is only my experience and a personal opinion ... just this .... Cheers !
  11. In my case I have just renewed total hardware, but about the GPU I think they are really overpriced being NVIDIA the leader, so I opted to make a top computer with a middle-class GPU (less overpriced now) and with the idea to jump to a better card in a short future with more options on the table (waiting for new models and consecutively lower prices). So I said "bye bye" to NVIDIA an I got a 6750 XT which paired with top hardware in giving me a great experience in msfs getting 40-50 FPS in heavy airports FSTL ON, all in Ultra except for TLOD at 100 (which is a CPU killer and insignificant difference between 100 and 200). In my case AMD is making a great job, and they are working in its own frame generation technology witch will be deployed with the FSR 3.0 in a few month from now and the difference with NVDIA is that it will be applied not only to the new GPUs but also to old series starting from RX 6000. Conclusion: If possible get the best hardware (CPU and memory) and for the GPU there is "life" after NVIDIA (and in a few months more...). Cheers for everybody !
  12. .... totally agree 4K more resources, in my case with a 1080 no way, so my next step is to get a new GPU to jump to 4K and take advantage of all the pc. Cheers 😉
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