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  1. pscharff

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    Traffic Global uses BGL-files for traffic injection.. You can take a look at the second post at this page: Patric
  2. For "Comparison 1" I think the winner is ASCA. For the other comparisons I can not decide. But ENVTEX is the worst at all comparisons for my personal taste. Patric
  3. For the moment I will stay with SF3D too, because I don't want to miss the new cloud models. Patric
  4. The clouds of SkyForce are really nice. But sometimes I think there are too much cumulus clouds on the sky when using SF. If I watch the sky in real life, I would say there are more stratocumulus and altrostratus clouds to be seen. Therefore it is possible that your screenshot of ASCA represents the real sky more then the one with SF-clouds. But I may be wrong. The REX-clouds were always well known for producing dramatic skies. Patric
  5. pscharff

    REX Sky Force Very First look

    Removed / double post
  6. pscharff

    REX Sky Force Very First look

    Too bad that the tool "Flight Environment X" wasn't further developed. I really liked these clouds. Patric
  7. pscharff

    REX Sky Force Very First look

    I'm back on AS16/ASCA, because I don't want to give up the dynamic texture replacement for sky- and cloud textures offered by ASCA. Patric
  8. pscharff

    UTL offically released

    A quote from the product page: Live AI Traffic Environment - The "Live" aspect of this latest version makes AI traffic evolve based on conditions set in the simulator. Users can expect random maintenance, foul weather, and other delays based on real world operations. Moreover AI aircraft in UTLive now use SID's and STAR's. As I know, these options were not part UT2. ;) Patric
  9. pscharff

    Ultimate Traffic Live (beta) released!

    Done.:) Thanks, Patric
  10. pscharff

    Ultimate Traffic Live (beta) released!

    I've installed the new version, but I can not remove assigned aircraft. Actually I want to delete the airline "Air Berlin", but I haven't found an option for deactivating an airline. So I wanted to delete all "Air Berlin" assigned aircraft. But every time I press the "remove"-button and select "Save Settings", all my removed aircraft reappear in the list. So, is it a bug or what I'm doing wrong? Patric
  11. pscharff

    Best Weather and Texture Add-ons for V4

    Best weather: ActiveSky P3Dv4 Best textures: ASCA/ENVTEX (when using dynamic texture replacement)
  12. pscharff

    AI Lights Reborn Free edition

    The new lights are working partly when using MT6. On the ground, and if you are not too far away from the aircraft, you can see at least the great strobe lights with reflections. Moreover you can take a look at the MT aircarft config editor, located in the MT aircraft directory. There you will find an option "Enable Effect Light". Make sure that this option is turned on. Patric
  13. pscharff

    Black Marble Base for P3Dv4 released

    @GSalden: Thanks for the info. I assume the Black Marble base product only contains lightning for the base FSX/P3D streets. If so, I just wonder if it would be possible to layer UTXv2 and Black Marble. So I could have UTX-streets and UTX-lights within all UTX-areas, and in the rest of the world I would see Black Marble lights. The rest of the world is stock P3D - I would only need to buy Black Marble Base. Patric
  14. pscharff

    Black Marble Base for P3Dv4 released

    OK, in case of using UTXv2 I would need to disable UTXv2 lights completely and all roads within the UTX interface? Patric
  15. pscharff

    Black Marble Base for P3Dv4 released

    Yes, that's a question I wonder, too. What will happen if I use UTXv2 with all roads and UTX lights? Patric