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  1. I agree with you! The 3D cumulus clouds are looking really good, but up to now there are no other cloud types to be seen. It would be great, if we could see some shots or videos of cirrus clouds. Patric
  2. For my part I'm looking forward to the new v2 version.😀 Patric
  3. This looks so fantastic, and a very good explanation of implementing the world into the new sim. 🙂 Patric
  4. It looks really great!!! I'm looking forward to get my hands on this product. Patric
  5. It's not my setup, I use AS4+ASCA+ENVTEX+ENVSHADE, but concerning my suggestion one could use the following setup: AS4 - weather engine REX SkyForce - clouds and cloud structures ASCA - sky textures (ideally in combination with ENVTEX because it delivers far bether sky textures) ENVSHADE or REX EF - for shadows When starting P3Dv4 you can run REX SkyForce for changing cloud structures while flying. moreover you can run ASCA additionally for changing sky textures on the fly. ASCA needs to run in GLOBAL or FULL DYNAMIC mode. Patric
  6. I'm on AS4+ASCA, too. I tried REX SkyForce several times for a short time, and I always returned to the AS4+ASCA combo. I added ENVTEX to this set and everything is fine.😉 But if you want to use AS4+SF, you can use ASCA additionally for changing sky textures dynamically. Patric
  7. Then I wonder why there should be an option in EF to turn off HDR? Patric
  8. That's the practice I use at the moment, because I prefer the ASCA-clouds over the REX-clouds, too.🙂 Patric
  9. For information only regarding EF and HDR option: https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/50783-p3d-hdr-on-or-off/ Patric
  10. Hello David, for my part I can say - I'm happy with the "HDR off" setting in P3Dv4. And as you can read in the manual of EF, you can turn on/off the HDR option - so EF will also work without using HDR.😉 But I will try the HDR option, too. Patric
  11. Hello Robert, Up to now I wasn't a fan of HDR. I will check this option when I'm at home from work. Patric
  12. I'm on EF+AS+ASCA, too - and it seems to be a good combo. In ASCA I have all options turned on, theme:"Global Automatic", but I have HDR switched off (in P3Dv4). Perhaps I should try to turn on HDR in P3Dv4. Patric
  13. I just tried the combo AS+ASCA+EF. For the moment I can not use ENVTEX because there is a problem with starting ENVDIR. Btw. I'm always in "HDR off" mode in P3Dv4. The first test looks really promising. The clouds are not as big as SkyForce clouds - so I'm satisfied at the moment. If ENVTEX texture can be used again, the results will be more better. The cloud sync and sky sync is managed by AS+ASCA again, and the "lightning sync" is managed by EF. More tests are needed... Patric
  14. I've just tested SkyForce+EF. OK, EF seems to be an overall improvement in P3Dv4, but I don't understand what all the people like about the REX clouds. I've switched from REX SkyForce to ENVTEX+ASCA textures a few months ago, and I think I will deinstall SkyForce again. In my opinion the 3D-clouds are far too big. It seems like REX clouds are made to be dramatically and not to be realistically. The "Blue" of the sky looks more natural too, when using ENVTEX sky textures. So I will take a look at the combo AS+ENVTEX+ASCA+EF. Patric
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