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  1. Thanks but I was expecting some new pics :)
  2. Some pics or videos for the waiting please ?
  3. watin

    EGLL-LFPG = Two problems ...

    "AIRFRANS Radar Director Niner Two Climbing to Flight Level One One Zero;". it’s not CTL ! It’s your copilot who said that : climbing and not climb ! you was instructed to climb via a star then after a specific transition to climb to FL110. I don’t think there is a mistake. Climb or descend via a Sid or a star : you have to follow Sid/star vertical and lateral paths. fly via Sid/star : you have to follow lateral path, ctrl gives you altitude restrictions.
  4. watin

    A LINDA module is on it's way

    Bought ! Waiting for your Linda module :)
  5. watin

    A LINDA module is on it's way

    Thank you guy ! So i buy this wonderful plane :)
  6. watin

    Get in contact regarding LINDA support

    Without Linda no chance I buy it even with FS2Crew already out
  7. Xmas is coming, maybe with UGCX... or at least photos or videos ?
  8. watin

    LINDA and AES

    Hi guys, is there a way to control AES with LINDA ? Precisely, is there a way to test if AES is available or not at the airport ? Thanks in advance
  9. I've noticed in the cadet training 2nd video that you underlined the poor quality of the other peformance calculators
  10. Dear Santa, I have been a good worker, a good father and a good husband this year. So, for Christmas, would you please offer me ultimate ground crew X ? Otherwise... Keep away
  11. watin


    No idea ?
  12. Ok, ok, I apologize Will use GSX until you release this awesome product ! Will it be directly interfaced with other products like fs2crew 777 and ngx reboot? If not, please release the updates at the same time.
  13. watin


    Hi ! Falling back into programming... Is there a way to "postpone" a function for a certain amount of milliseconds not freezing everything as ipc.sleep ? Thanks
  14. Just keep in mind that most of us don't care about "custom pushback route" and are waiting for the release