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  1. I always install the latest driver with no problem. However, after installing the latest driver 546.33 , my Reverb G2 would not connect and the mixed reality says my graphic card, which is 4090 RTX can't run the mixed reality portal. I remover the driver and reinstalled the 546.29 driver. The VR is working again. Not sure why VR did not work with the latest driver
  2. do you have ASOBO 787 ? you need that for the horizon 787 to work
  3. There is a new Bijan seasons V7.2a but with manual install. Has anyone tried it yet ?
  4. Thanks I am in the xbox insider but did not get the latest release ( August 26), usually I get the update and download. I am still on previous SU10 Beta
  5. Hi I don't get the update, waiting for days but nothing, any idea ? thanks
  6. There is new update MSFS 2020 TOPGUN Maverick, just downloaded
  7. I deleted most landing challenges, extra liveries for A320, A747 and other default planes, bushtrips, training flights in Msfs 2020 content manager. I thought that might improve the loading time but I noticed that it did the opposite, the loading time increases. I also use add on linker for airports, utilities and planes I need for a flight so the community folder is not overloaded. any ideas how to improve that, thanks I use Msfs2020 deluxe, intel 9900k cpu, 32gb ram, rtx3090
  8. It happens to me when clicking the mouse anywhere on the screen
  9. Hi What about Bijan -3Trees and Gorse bushes Uk ? will they be installed with version 7 ?
  10. had same problem with map display, I clicked on the map and it loaded Ok. Try clicking on the squares.
  11. Hi I have been trying to download and install xbox insider hub for many days but unsuccessful. I always get the same error code : Code: 0x80070005. " something unexpected happened" I tried different method suggested online but always same result, error. any suggestions, please ?
  12. Hi Have you watched @BobbyFuzzy video ? that might help you. There are many instructions/suggestion for problems here in AVSIM if you do a search.
  13. OTHH to LTBA ( Istanbul) , slightly over 3hrs
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