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  1. are you saying that it is a smooth panning motion? If so, I would love to know what that key bind is called. I only get snap.
  2. you havent tried the H135 based on the popularity of this helo and the fact it is free? I'm shocked to be honest
  3. I would also like a email receipt of each purchase I made through the marketplace. I am a little worried if something goes wrong and doesnt show anything has been purchased. At the moment I don't see any proof of the purchases I have made to dispute the problem if one occurs. MS please get on this for this is common practice for a customer to get a receipt.
  4. its just a shame my immediate thought goes to how badly asobo might break other aircraft physics when trying to implement helicopters.
  5. your feet on the rudder pedals provide enough stability. There could be some ingenious ways in addition to that but its adequate for me.
  6. I use this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DIQ3168/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 it allows me to keep it aside when i'm using a racing seat for driving or when i'm using the computer for normal use. If I didnt have this, I would have not bought all the logitech gear I have because it would have taken all of my desk space.
  7. I'm new to neofly and I want a way to show the map that neofly provides because the gps does not show the flight plan. I mainly use the helicopter and like to do drop point type missions. These use coordinates so i'm not able to create flight plans in-flight on the current garmin gps. A neofly moderator stated that there are tools available to show "any" window in the vr headset (but did not mention which tool). What tool will allow me to show the neofly map in the vr session?
  8. his point is they showed something that was not available to us at the time of release. false advertising. yes, they added the advertised water masks later but that doesnt cover up the fact it wasnt there when it should have been. they did it with water masks, whats to stop them from doing it with other features?
  9. well obviously, without this the sim will be shelved.
  10. i'm not worried. they probably lose all of their logs too, just like the rest of us.
  11. you probably shouldnt be bothered because it was your actions and decision that produced that result, my loss of the log book was not my choice. Not the same so I dont see why you would compare this loss with an example like that. just saying. Pretty much everything else in the program can be redone such as settings, aircraft and scenery reinstall but losing the history of the flights that I have accomplished feels personal and what hits home.
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