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  1. I leave it on ultra because Im on the grass more often then the track...
  2. I know its been discussed before. if you are lucky enough to find it, it will save you time. If you cant and have fast internet, by the time someone gives you the correct answer, you probably could redownload/install it by then.
  3. microsoft knows people might need a year to save up their hobby money thats budgeted by their wives. *not applicable to me, thankfully
  4. no, so many things are this way that I think its a matter of time. I would like them to put our minds at ease faster than they did for 2020.
  5. Here are a few of my questions/concerns: Will people playing 2024 see others in 2020 in multiplayer? Will we pay a one time price or will it now be subscription only (correct me if this has been already been answered by microsoft) 2024 is a new stand alone product and we could see a different pay structure. How long will 2020 online data streaming be available for people staying with 2020? Why is this a standalone product instead of a DLC? What makes it so different from 2020 other than more planes and missions/career mode? If this is a "new simulator", I would hope that there wont be a main thread problem and its going to "feel" and perform like a new simulator. How many people besides me are gonna try flying aircraft asap into a tornado? H135 helicopter anyone? I want the inside of the funnel to look like the movie:TWISTER
  6. there are times where I like low and slow and times (during the same flight) where I wanna go fast. I have often used the IndiaFoxtEcho F-35 Lightning II. Seems crazy to some/most but with the F-35B varient, I can go from 0 to near mach 2 and all speeds in between...stable. wanna fly low at 30knots? doable.
  7. I dont see it in the market place. I see a low rated corvette c8 to keep you busy though **It is there now**
  8. Because asobo implemented that feature and its not working correctly. If they never made that feature this discussion wouldnt exist. Its just people expecting things to work as intended.
  9. im interested....i will pay a monthly subscription for it. Expected release date?
  10. absolutely after time, it even went down to 12 FPS
  11. FSLTL was the problem for me with fps degradation. I havent had the problem after not using it.
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