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  1. you could have purchased a second monitor to play the video content with while playing msfs and follow along. Though if you needed a new printer anyways.....
  2. thats where I have thought since alpha that if someone wanted to make a better looking sim, they could use googles data. thats probably the only way msfs would not be as good. I would bet that there are more detailed, up-to-date areas in google's tiles compared to bing's tiles.
  3. this is why steam version is better. i get the same issues with all my windows store games like all the forza games. what a mess indeed
  4. yet....should be an option. I use a xbox controller when casually playing in my living room. I use a full set of saitek products when playing in my man cave. So, I would like to be able to use the dc6 wherever i want to play. It would certainly be within pmdg's interest to be able to get sales from people with a xbox and just the xbox controller, dont you think?
  5. 4k on a 43" native 4k tv about 3ft away. all settings maxed except for my preference of motion blur and bloom off. vram usage is of no concern of mine 😜
  6. ive actually recently turned it back on to the legacy one. i find that loading times arent soooooooooo boring just staring at the screen as much.
  7. KORD....3x simultaneous parallel runway arrivals + 1 additional runway for departures, yes very busy indeed. I saw this pattern in the world view but when I start a flight, I rarely get arrivals. I do get a few departures.
  8. i wish this feature worked for me. I see a lot of traffic in world view but rarely appears in game
  9. This would be outstanding if it were implemented properly. It would save people hundreds of dollars not needing all the hardware for switches, ect. I have all of the saitek panels but its kinda hard to use them with the g2 headset on as I have to go by memory of switch location.
  10. I still cant believe this feature wasnt implemented from the beginning. Its been in EVERY previous ms sim title ive used. I would love a honest answer why they thought it shouldnt be included.
  11. If you post here what your system specs are and how you use your current simulator, we could help advise. pros and cons of every sim choice at the moment.
  12. i've quit through the long process and alt+f4 with no consequences thus far. I mainly use the long sequence as I feel the sim is in a sensitive state and I dont want to be welcomed by a situation where it broke something for one reason or another. How sad would it be if it broke it so a reinstall would be required. I doubt this would occur but I take the safe route most times.
  13. for $43, it will be interesting to see why I should consider this over staying with their freeware H135. I'm all about supporting devs but this is a high price for ME to consider. Maybe $20-30 at most but not $43. If I dont buy it, maybe I will donate $$ for their H135. my opinion
  14. Study level dingy! I'm in. Seriously this looks like good fun, especially in VR
  15. paying rent/mortgage is considered a hobby to you? interesting individual......
  16. Emirates 777 livery downloads= 1,182. well, their sales are doing ok. I will be buying soon for fedex livery but also to have international 777 traffic at my own airport. worth it.
  17. @Chock do you mind taking one for the team and get a mic, go out to the tarmac and do a recording lol. Extra credit for landing and takeoff recordings
  18. Rumor is that 777 pilots just use strip clubs and night clubs for vfr reference......nothing else! I am one that will probably buy this 777. I want to get a fedex livery for it and fly memphis to o'hare. Fedex dont use 747's anymore so......
  19. well, i hope you get it back soon and it works as expected.
  20. are you saying that it is a smooth panning motion? If so, I would love to know what that key bind is called. I only get snap.
  21. you havent tried the H135 based on the popularity of this helo and the fact it is free? I'm shocked to be honest
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