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  1. ricka47

    TrackIR and X-camera

    X-Camera and TrackIR has been a good combination for me as well!
  2. I agree - I used Active Sky for many years in FSX/P3D and now use xEnviro (1.7). I'm also waiting for 1.10 but, if ASXP hits the market before that, I may have to give it a try!
  3. That fixed it - and your English is better than my French; merci!
  4. Too late for me as well. Now, I'm getting a database error when I try to start P2ATC.
  5. I do include sids/stars when exporting.
  6. I just loaded one that failed to load and with the previous build, it loaded OK with the newest one - thanks!
  7. ricka47

    Failed to Load Flight Plan

    Good info - thanks!
  8. That's good to see as I am getting those errors as well with .gfp exports. Any ETA on the next update with the fix? Thanks!
  9. ricka47

    Failed to Load Flight Plan

    Looks like it is a known issue with P2ATC- thanks!
  10. ricka47

    Failed to Load Flight Plan

    Great - I'll take a look. Thanks!
  11. I'm a new 750/650 user. I use Pro2ATC to plan flights and then they are exported for both X-Plane to use (as an .fms file) and then as a .gfp. The most recent one (see below) failed to load although the .fms version was fine for the default X-Plane systems: FPN/RI:F:KTOL:AA:KIND:A:SNKPT2(RW23R):AP:I23R.CLANG Here is the .fms version: 3 version 0 6 1 KTOL 12000 41.58681 -83.80783 11 SNKPT 12000 40.23721 -85.39423 11 BABNE 12000 40.14026 -85.61896 11 CCUUK 11000 40.05906 -85.80867 11 FEMGO 8500 40.02916 -85.87061 11 CLANG 8500 40.01773 -85.90366 11 RACEN 5000 39.88345 -86.09437 11 DRVVR 4000 39.84627 -86.14207 11 CKERD 2600 39.79404 -86.20893 1 KIND 838 39.72831 -86.29288 0 Even when they do load OK, I note that there is more detail in the .fms version than in the .gfp version which can be seen in the ones above. Should I be using another program for flight planning?
  12. ricka47

    CereProc voices on sale now!

    Picked up a few more on sale!
  13. ricka47

    Cereproc Autumn Sale

    Thanks - picked up a couple of new ones.
  14. ricka47

    P2AFPL Appended to Flight Plans

    Great - thanks!
  15. ricka47

    P2AFPL Appended to Flight Plans

    OK - thanks. I note that, if I export before getting clearance it doesn't do that. It just has the origin and destination airports. So, it's best to file, get clearance and then export?