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  1. ricka47

    Holy smokes!

    I'm torn as I spent so much money on Orbx stuff before making a switch to X-Plane. But, it does look very nice!
  2. ricka47


    I uninstalled FSX to go to XP10. XP10 didn't do it for me and I went back to FSX and then on to P3D. When P3D didn't go 64-bit and XP11 came out, I made another switch only to go back to P3D when it went to 64-bit. (Yes, I am crazy!) Recently, I became tired of slow load times and other issues with P3D and came back to XP11. I really have to think that I will not do this again for quite awhile!
  3. That looks so much better!
  4. My bad - all that it took was to scroll back! Thanks!
  5. I note that when I export a flight plan in XP11 it doesn't match the one that was created within Pilot2ATC. For instance in the screen shot below, the GPS shows SILKY as the first waypoint. Yet, in the actual plan, SILKY is found after quite a few other waypoints. I'm quite new to Pilot2ATC and XP11 so I'm sure that this may just be user error - thanks!
  6. ricka47

    Microsoft voices in P2A

    Got it - picked up a few new ones. Thanks!
  7. ricka47

    Microsoft voices in P2A

    This sounds too good to be true. Is there some kind of catch to getting all of these free voices when they cost much more at CereProc and other locations?
  8. ricka47

    ILS Feathers

    Thanks for the answer Dave!
  9. ricka47

    Morse ID

    Thanks Dave, I actually do listen to the Morse ID to make sure that I'm tracking the right localizer. As one of the few folks alive today who can still copy Morse code, it can come in handy on rare occasions!
  10. ricka47

    Runway/Taxi Maintenance

    Gotcha - thanks!
  11. ricka47

    Morse ID

    OK, no big deal. I do note that Little Nav Map does display the Morse ID's for ILS approaches. So, it must be in there somewhere?
  12. They also are working on adding seasons (https://forum.thresholdx.net/topic/241-110-development-screenshots/). That won't be in the 1.10 release but it is on the table for a future release. I can't use 1.09 and had to revert to 1.07 due to a number of issues such as severe turbulence all the time. I hope they fix some of the old issues.
  13. ricka47

    Voice command cheat sheet

    Nice - thanks!
  14. I'm just coming from P3D to X-Plane and from using Little Nav Map to Pro2ATC. So, lots of new things! Am I correct, that for each and every airport, runway and taxi maintenance must be done to ensure accuracy? There is not a way to scan all scenery to get this? In practice then, if you fly to different airports on a regular basis, should this be done each time?
  15. ricka47

    Morse ID

    Thanks Tony, you certainly had an interesting career when communications was very different from today with satellites and the Internet!