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  1. Yeah, I have to agree. I switched from another program that is payware and Little Navmap is just so much nicer to use, is updated often and looks great!
  2. ricka47

    AI Callsigns

    Good information - thanks!
  3. ricka47

    AI Callsigns

    I use MT6 with VoxATC and it's working pretty well. One thing though - where does VoxATC pick up the AI call signs that it uses? Is it in the aircraft.cfg file? I ask this because I hear some aircraft (I think it's military) being called "US" when I believe that should be "U.S." Is there a list of what airline call signs the program can recognize?
  4. ricka47

    Fatal Error on start

    I get this sometimes and it seems to happen more often when I try to start it without a flight plan loaded. It is unfortunate that the developer generally ignores his customers. I was surprised to get a quick response when I first started using the program. But, it's been completely dead since then. I would switch to something else. But, I don't know of anything that offers the same combination of features that this one has.
  5. This is a shot at KFHB on Amelia Island just to the east of the airport. I have another one at KJAX as well which is lower to the ground right by runway 28. KFHB is one of the free Orbx airports and I'm wondering if that is where they came from. Has anyone else seen these?
  6. ricka47

    Faulty Ground Textures

    How about moving MT6 further down in the scenery.cfg file? I know that it causes issues for me in its default location with sometimes having multiple towers at some airports.
  7. ricka47

    MyTraffic 6 quick question

    I currently have MT6 at the originally level in the scenery.cfg file and sometimes see two towers at some airports. I always imagine that one is the new one and the other one is the old one that is being torn down - it's easy to fool myself! I'll try moving it down to see if that fixes that issue - Rick
  8. ricka47

    Drzewiecki Design Miami City X v1.9 Released

    Thanks - I'd like to see some opinions on this. I had an earlier version but didn't like the detail of the airport buildings and how much of the autogen was replaced by flat photo realistic scenery. That scenery looked OK from higher up. But, at lower altitudes, I didn't like it and thought that the default scenery looked better. I also have the Seattle Cities X and airports and it looks so much better to me than Miami.
  9. ricka47

    AI Traffic

    I hope that they include GA and military eventually in this program or as separate releases. Smaller airports will be pretty empty. So, it looks like me good, old version of MyTraffic will still be around for awhile!
  10. ricka47

    Use of an ATC Add-on

    I think that it adds to the immersion factor and usually use it unless I'm just testing something or goofing around. I'm now using VoxATC and it's quite good.
  11. Good to see. This has been a long time coming!
  12. ricka47

    Flightplan program

    I just started using Little Navmap a day ago and really like it!
  13. ricka47

    Replacement for Flight Sim Commander

    Right Rob - that is the issue for me. FSC is working OK now. But, the fact that the database needs to manually edited and the fact that it appears that it won't be updated further makes me more inclined to move to Little NavMap.
  14. I just stumbled across Little Navmap today looking for a replacement for another program that no longer will work with P3D. This one appears to work better and looks much better as well. Very nice!
  15. ricka47

    Replacement for Flight Sim Commander

    I didn't delete any database with Little NavMap. I think that is referring to updating the program itself. You don't delete anything within P3D. I've only had this for a few hours. But, it's a much cleaner interface than FSC and has all of the same functions. This one may replace FSC!