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  1. I'm going to hold off until/if this is added. I'd like to see some variety in the generic airport buildings and better building lighting at night as well. I seem to remember that they had this in the FSX and P3D versions and that it was quite nice.
  2. I almost waited for the 3080ti as I always manage to get a card and then the ti version comes out. But, I'm glad that I didn't in this case. For the slight performance increase and the small amount extra of VRAM in the ti, I'm happy with the 3080. We'll see what the 4000 series has to offer.
  3. I enjoyed XP11 very much but dumped it soon after MSFS came out. It's a great sim but so "last gen" to my eyes. Plus, I didn't want to mess with having two sims to keep-up-to-date.
  4. I agree and the closer the integration between the two will be better for me. I used to just buy the FMS data but just recently subscribed to the charts as well. Yes, many charts can be found online for free. But, the moving map, the ability to import plans fromor SimBrief, and the feature that allows charts to be pinned to the bottom during flights makes this an all-in-one solution that makes things easier for me and well worth the cost.
  5. Yeah, we're used to stuff being released in a beta state (although we shouldn't be). But, I would think that console folks expect stuff to just work. I was an Alpha tester and most of us were shocked when we were told the release date as we knew that the sim simply wasn't ready to go.
  6. Quite a few heads have been removed when they just won't get out of the way. I feel bad for a while but get over it quickly.
  7. I would second that. I picked The Skypark up abut a week ago and it is a lot of fun. Since I basically want to fly and not run an airline, it provides the proper balance of structure and freedom. It's still in early access so there is much more to come from what I hear.
  8. I've enjoyed all of the third-party add-ons for previous sims. So far, I glad at least that there is some traffic and that airports are generally not barren. We'll get more traffic as time goes on.
  9. The reviews from today certainly don't put the 11th gen in a favorable light so far.
  10. Either way - I'm hoping that this will be good news for all of us.
  11. Right - I wish they had a roadmap. I picked it up a few days ago and it is fun. I want less complexity but also a reason to fly. The Skypark does that for me. But, it is a little sparse in some features that I'd like to see such as more details on the map and why we make money. I know that it is "Early Access" and that is OK. But, it would be nice to see where they are going on the future.
  12. It does appear to be a random thing. I did two flights in the C172 today. The first one was fine. On the second one, activating the AP rolled the plane to the right and down. I really had hoped that they would have fixed this by now.
  13. I had only one or two Radeon (I think) over the years and that goes way back. nVidia has done the job for me for a long time so that is something to consider.
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