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  1. ricka47

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    I would hope so. The installer is very similar to FTX Central which is also easy to use and keep updated.
  2. ricka47

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    A vote here for MAIW - the Matrix (their global installer) makes the process so easy and it all works great!
  3. I'm tempted to give this a try to replace my old MT6 installation. I note that some were using it OK before some of the latest updates. I'm wondering how it works now with VOXATC and how does the GA traffic work? Thanks!
  4. ricka47

    Orbx Scenery Question

    Nice - I worked there from 1993 - 2005 and have not been back since to see the changes.
  5. ricka47

    Orbx Scenery Question

    Off the topic - but I worked at the FedEx Indy hub for 12 years. What is the KIND 2018 Indianapolis International scenery that you are using?
  6. Thanks Alex, I will try loading twice (loading after starting the flight doesn't appear to do it and will check out those threads that you noted - Rick PS I just tried loading twice and that seems to do the trick!
  7. Here's an example. The waypoint PO638 does not show when I load this plan to P3Dv4. However, PO638 is in the P3D flight planner (I use FsAerodata) and I can add it manually. So, I only see the origin and destination airports unless I add back the waypoints within P3D. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <SimBase.Document Type="AceXML" version="1,0"> <Descr>AceXML Document</Descr> <!-- LNMDATA _lnm=Created by Little Navmap Version 2.0.3 (revision 48a89ea) on 2018 08 10T12:14:03| cycle=1808| navdata=NAVIGRAPH| simdata=P3DV4| speed=120.0000 --> <FlightPlan.FlightPlan> <Title>SLSU to SLPO</Title> <FPType>IFR</FPType> <CruisingAlt>18000</CruisingAlt> <DepartureID>SLSU</DepartureID> <DepartureLLA>S19° 0' 30.75",W65° 17' 39.41",+000000.00</DepartureLLA> <DestinationID>SLPO</DestinationID> <DestinationLLA>S19° 32' 32.22",W65° 43' 23.95",+012923.00</DestinationLLA> <Descr>SLSU, SLPO</Descr> <DeparturePosition>PARKING 8</DeparturePosition> <DepartureName>Juana Azurduy De Padilla</DepartureName> <DestinationName>Capt Nicolas Rojas</DestinationName> <AppVersion> <AppVersionMajor>10</AppVersionMajor> <AppVersionBuild>61472</AppVersionBuild> </AppVersion> <ATCWaypoint id="SLSU"> <ATCWaypointType>Airport</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>S19° 0' 30.73",W65° 17' 39.41",+000000.00</WorldPosition> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>SLSU</ICAOIdent> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="PO638"> <ATCWaypointType>Intersection</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>S19° 19' 47.30",W65° 35' 42.03",+000000.00</WorldPosition> <ICAO> <ICAORegion>SL</ICAORegion> <ICAOIdent>PO638</ICAOIdent> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> <ATCWaypoint id="SLPO"> <ATCWaypointType>Airport</ATCWaypointType> <WorldPosition>S19° 32' 32.21",W65° 43' 23.95",+012923.00</WorldPosition> <ICAO> <ICAOIdent>SLPO</ICAOIdent> </ICAO> </ATCWaypoint> </FlightPlan.FlightPlan> </SimBase.Document>
  8. ricka47

    Mild complaint about the P3D platform

    I did switch 100% to X-Plane before P3D went to 64-bit and thought that I would never come back. But, when the 64-bit version of P3D became available, the lack of seasons, decent ATC options and other missing things in X-Plane brought me back. After making that switch a few times (I did it once before), I don't plan to do it again. However, while P3D is a nice improvement over FSX, too much of the FSX platform (as noted above) and the issues that goes with that still remains. Bottom-line, FSX is dead, XP11 isn't quite there yet (for me at least) - so here I stay.
  9. ricka47

    VoxATC and Ultimate Traffic Live

    Yeah, the progressive lights are so much nicer than the default yellow arrows. I keep using this as it is the only one that combines the major features that I want. The fact that the developer ignores his customers is very annoying. Heck, just for fun, I used the default ATC yesterday!
  10. ricka47

    VoxATC and Ultimate Traffic Live

    What would one lose by moving to Pilot2ATC? I really hate the fact that the developer is so unresponsive to his customers.
  11. ricka47

    Anyone try VoxATC with P3Dv4.3 yet?

    Oui, I have that folder in the location that you note, but there are only two .xml files in it: voicecfg.xml and voiceSettings.xml. The VASettings.xml is in c:\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Internal Workings\VoxATC P3D 4. I added the line to that one and we'll see how (if) it works later today. Merci!
  12. ricka47

    Anyone try VoxATC with P3Dv4.3 yet?

    Thanks for the clarification. I still don't have the VASettings.xml file in the VoxATC X folder only in the VoxATC P3D 4 folder (c:\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Internal Workings\VoxATC P3D 4).
  13. ricka47

    Anyone try VoxATC with P3Dv4.3 yet?

    Has anyone tried this? I don't have this file in VoxATC X but I do in VoxATC p3D 4. Plus, I don't think that last quotation mark is supposed to be there, is it? It should just be: <DescentRatio Value="3.5" />
  14. ricka47

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    Good info - thanks!
  15. ricka47

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    Thanks, I currently use MT6 with VOXATC and would like to get something that is newer and will be updated. Just curious - why did you decide to uninstall Global Traffic?