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  1. I took from the 3hr interview RR did recently that they are coding the EFB in C++ and this is giving them difficulties in the back/ forth communication with the sim, using this as it is what they know best to be able to do what they want to do when they resolve the data feed back comms issues. I would imagine other developers are using java script for the EFB as this is the sims intended method, and Fenix is likely communicating with the external pro sim element of the aircraft. Just my take away.
  2. Your CPU main thread is hammered. This is preventing performance from your GPU Open task manager, look at the cpu and view all the cores to see how they're loaded. Post an image. Also view your programs on the task manager & monitor which programs are using CPU, only msfs should show significant usage. Just to be sure something running is not eating up CPU usage. Set the terrain and object LOD to minimum, 50, 100 & 150 and report back. Post new image of Asobo developer frame counters. Looking to get your CPU timing down under 30 ms ideally under 20ms and your GPU timing up as a start.
  3. You can pause, however this does not work like track ir which pauses at the position you are looking at. Tobi pauses and moves the view back to centre. To over come this i create specific views of the controls/ dials/ switches you require for each aircraft. Pause Tobi select view adjust control unpause Tobi back to looking around. It is a hindrance at first but soon becomes second nature and makes it easier to manipulate controls and dials, than with head tracking enabled. I have re- assigned the key calls for saved views to my keyboard number pad to make changing view as simple as possible.
  4. I use it on a 49inch curved tv at 1 metre distance with no issue
  5. The TLOD slider was always there. It maxed out at 200 at launch. Later Asobo extended the slider to 400. They also added a tool in the dev mode where you can turn the trees red to visualise the effect of your changes on the visual range in TLOD. Note the setting for Trees also has an effect on the distance the trees will be drawn as well as the density. There is a window in the dev mode tree debugger that will give you the km range trees will be drawn with the tree setting and TLOD combo you are using.
  6. Good alternative is Behringer X touch mini for rotarys and buttons. With the right software e.g Spad or A&O this is a cost effective solution for many functions. Not as sophisticated as streamdeck, but with axis and ohs, i have mapped complete g1000, gns530, g3000 and 737, Nav and autopilot configs.
  7. X3d running on a 240 artic water cooler, max temps 60-64 in uk, msfs running 4k locked to 40fps with an rx6800 gpu. Case runs 2x 240 front fans and 120 exhuast. No issues with CPU CTDs.
  8. AMD FSR is not yet available for msfs. This needs to be built into the software by Asobo. FSR is a scaling technolgy like DLSS and should not be confused with the AMD sharpening slider currently in the sim. However AMD have made RSR scaling technolgy available in recent Adrenalin AMD GPU drivers. This is a driver based version of FSR that can be turned on in the GPU driver software, I currently use this for MSFS and achives good results for FPS. I use in sim resolution of 3200x1800 which RSR upscales to 4k and notice very little degradation in image quality but with a significant imptovement in frame rate and smoothness.
  9. I got this when they first introduced DX12 functionality, and have not tried DX12 since. Running Asus Tuf RX6800 at 4k.
  10. The safe mode option menu should appear at the next start after a sim crash. I see the option to start in safe mode during every start up, even without the sim crashing previously, i guess one of my addons is causing the sim to not close properly. The msfs safe mode disables not only the community folder but also your in sim market place purchases to make it easier to understand if the base sim is operating as designed and not causing your sim crash. Addon linker also has a couple of tools to check the config of your addons and can help improve compatibility by fixing some issues it finds. I have over 650 addons and run addon linker check tools around once a month after i spend some time at flightsim,to marking sure all my addons are updated to the latest version, which you can see all that have a new version to update from your downloads in your account options at .to. With all these addons and doing the above I have very few sim crashes caused by addons.
  11. Does the sim not show you the option to start in safe mode on restart after crash. This will start the sim without any addons to test the vanilla sim without having to touch the community folder?
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