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  1. ok. set your terrain lod at 200 and change the trees setting to Ultra. The 2 are connected and this setting will give you max tree coverage and draw distance. In developer mode, there is a vegetation visualiser and a table that will show you how the tree and terrain lod interact and lists the draw distance under various setting scenarios. With the visualiser turned on you will see the effects of your changes as the sim will show the trees as bright red. As i remember trees set at medium are cut at very short range regardless of Tlod. Once you are happy there, then play with the TLOD to get extra ground detail if your cpu has any headroom left.
  2. Tried SMT off last night, lost about 10fps at altitude, no change in fps on ground. X3d with 6800 non XT 4K TAA ultra graphics DX11 Lods 225 and 200. Obviously loaded CPU up cores more, with 3 to 4 of the 8 maxing out regularly. I'll be turning SMT back to auto tonight.
  3. Taxi ribbon and name plates, once you set a key binding for each.
  4. Just Flight preview video. (316) FS Traffic for MSFS from Just Flight - Preview Video - YouTube
  5. Might want to look in the assistance options menus, there are a lot of settings to help new pilots set on in there with a new install and may be better if you disable these until you understand the assistance options/level you might need.
  6. Works just fine on my 49inch curved 4k samsung tv at 1 metre distance. Whats the issue?
  7. Are you not submitting updates to Just Flight? It seems they are 2 updates behind now. I purchase many add ons through them as they notify me when products are updated by developers, so I don't have to constantly monitor developers announcements through other means.
  8. I have the pre flight cinematics also, they have always been there, I quite like them, and it gives the sim time to load in your surroundings before you click to go to the cockpit. I beleive there is an option to turn them off. Sounds like some of your option settings have not carried over on your new install.
  9. I believe he is back in his homeland Iran, having lost a couple of close relatives to covid and dealing with estate affairs. He has indicated in April that he will be back in a few months.
  10. Ref some of the issues noted recently. Below is a link to the developers list of known issues that includes a patch time frame. If you are suffering frame rate issues, there is a setting in the g3000 map setting on the left GTC to lower map detail, try reducing this. For those suffering flip on take off, ensure your flight model is set to Modern in Sim settings. This will be forced in an upcoming patch. Restart the sim after making this change. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BVx1ot91WbL10wZIWFcRdEEtAK9lZtGOnSOTjnNABEc/edit?usp=sharing Below is a link to the developers first mock up of a tutorial flight document to help newcomers familiarise themselves with operation, which is being refined and will be included in as part of the download of a future update. Bear in mind Marwan is Egyptian and the sole developer on this product so there are some minor language use issues in the guide, but still very usuable and useful. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VRvjF4Tt90XmvKy2bpPn96S5TPyFAokm/edit. Hope this helps some of those with issues. Mine is currently hangered until the external auto pilot bindings are resolved, which should be in a patch next week, very much looking forward to getting it back in the skies.
  11. Are you using Azure voices, I switched from offline voices to Azure and this problem seems to have gone away
  12. I believe they are doing both tje PC12, Steam gauge year end 2022, 3000 based suite mid 2023 target dates.
  13. I am running the recently added RSR (render scale resolution) in the AMD driver running at 3200x1800 which upscales to 4k almost good enough as to make no difference in visuals on my 49 inch 4k tv positioned 1 metre from my eyes. This gives me head room on the Graphics card for a smoother experience, as my limits are mostly caused being cpu bound on the ground. I can maintain 50fps (fixed in rtss) in the air 4k, from the 172 upto the PMDG 737. Settings at Ultra LODS 150 for acceptable performance on the ground. I can crank the LODS to 300 in the air and maintain 50fps with RSR enabled. This is not possible for me without RSR. RSR also alows me to run popped instruments on a second screen without dropping the frames to below 20 fps. FSR is in the works by Asobo along with DLSS for Nvidia hopefully this will bring even better performance and rendering, hopefully with SU10 end of August and the soon to be released SU10 beta.
  14. I am running a Asus tuf gaming x570 MB which is 2 years old, does me just fine. I added the water cooler as my last unit failed around a year ago and was temporarily running the standard AMD air option that came with the previously installed 3900x which is not optimal. My 3900x on the standard cooler ran around 65-70 degrees in msfs. The 5800x3d is noted to run a little hotter, with the arctic cooler it never gets above 60 degrees in msfs for me. I was considering a 120 Noctura air cooler option but my case has limited clearance.
  15. Hi Bob, I had around 70 file updates in the Content manager, and also you have to go to the market place to purchase the free World update. I had to go through 3 reboots with this update and also delete and reload the Nordics update as the sim crashed part way through updating it and corrupted it and would not fully re-install, without deleting and rebooting. This is the first time I had issues updating with any world update (Steam Version), but here we are 3 hours later and it has finally completed, so no time to fly tonight but is ready to go.
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